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IMPORTANT: we published new training dates, including a new updated shorter format for those that are interested in accelerating their own projects in a sprint!
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Next month, following almost ten months of research, we are going to release our 2020 Whitepaper - New Foundations of Platform-Ecosystem Thinking: Designing Products and Organizations for a changing world. 

For this occasion, we’re planning a bunch of different opportunities for you to join us to: ask burning questions, reflect on the key takeaways of the paper, and make sense together.

The Timeline:
The Whitepaper will be publicly released in Creative Commons on 20 November:  on the same day, a short presentation of the key findings will be streamed on our Boundaryless Youtube channel (here Streaming link and Calendar placeholder).

On 18 December, we will be hosting an interactive sensemaking session, with special guests who will share their reflections on the key questions emerging from the paper (here Streaming link and Calendar placeholder). This will also be a moment for us to share some of our new pipeline projects and look for synergies with people interested in co-exploring with us. 

To register to receive all relevant updates about the Whitepaper release to your inbox, go to our Whitepaper page: 
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Find all the details in the post here "Save the Date(s) for the 2020 Whitepaper release!" 

Early Adopters — exclusive pre-release on 12 November and a special Q&A and access to the December Webinar:

To acknowledge their support to keep all our work in the Creative Commons, all the buyers of the Early Adopter Kit and Explorer package will:
  • have early access to the final draft of the paper on 12 November;
  • on 19 November, get invited to an exclusive Q&A with the Whitepaper lead author Simone Cicero (the day before the public launch webinar on the 20th);
  • get a special mention in the credits of the paper;
  • get interactive access to a 2h public discussion webinar on December 18th - otherwise only accessible through passive streaming on Youtube (link).
There is still a chance to support our research. To see all the perks that come with supporting us, check out our packages:
Buy an Early Adopters Kit or an Explorer Package
Boundaryless Conversations Podcast Season 2 is starting with a bang!
As you may have noticed, we’ve been on a couple of months break since we wrapped up the first season of the podcast with Bill Fischer and Lisa Gansky on 21 July. We’re now happy to be back with this second season, where we continue to explore the future of platform-ecosystem thinking with a new set of inspiring guests. 
The first guest of season two is platform thinking legend Sangeet Paul Choudary. In our conversation, we analyse the platform economy in-depth: the dynamics of control and commoditization, the unbundling and re-bundling of the post-industrial firm and also the geopolitical aspects of the new infrastructures of work and production.
An unmissable episode.
Stay tuned for the upcoming episodes with:
  • Professor Alicia Henning on the organizational theories of the East and their ethical roots
  • MIT Platform Summit Co-Chair Peter C. Evans on the coming platform talent age: hiring and being hired
  • Bestseller author Joe Pine on the Experience Economy, the impact of the pandemic and platforms
  • Complexity Theory legend Dave Snowden on scalable organizing in complexity
Stories of Radical Entrepreneurial Organizing

We just completed the first series of interviews (EEEO Conversations) where our EEEO Micro-Enterprise Lead Emanuele Quintarelli interviewed global thought leaders such as John Hagel (former Co-Chairman Center for the Edge at Deloitte), Doug Kirkpatrick (best selling author and former controller at Morning Star), Jabi Salcedo Bilbao (President at NER Group), Michele Zanini (Co-founder MLab and co-author of Humanocracy), Bill Fischer (Professor at MIT), and Martin Reeves (Chairman at BCG Henderson Institute).

The series will continue soon with other trailblazers from different industries and parts of the world helping us to reflect about foundational topics in search of a unified firm-market theory and practice of organizing.

We invite you to catch-up with the first batch of interviews, so make yourself comfortable and explore with us the exciting quest for the theory and practice of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Enabling Organization: link on the image below to open the youtube playlist

And now enjoy our ...

Our curated list of the best reads, videos, and podcasts to inform and transform your understanding 👇
🗞️ Reads
Strategy in the Post-fixed Costs Economy

Long and dense read by Ben Robinson on Aperture's blog brings together a great number of threads: from unbundling to niche aggregation, from SaaS growth loops to DTC, painting a picture of a digital economy accelerating. What's there after the acceleration and breakthrough?

Our guess is a landscape that is even more polarized between foundational coordination platforms and transient, super-niche, and self-governed demand aggregation.
Discerning Viral Effects from Network Effects ↴
In a quick reflection, James Currier provides readers with a comparison between two of the most talked-about growth strategies and highlights the differences: network effects are the only ones that can provide substantial defensibility.
The complexity of Ecosystem mobilization  ↴
Suggested read! A thoughtful piece by the authors of "Ecosystem Edge. Sustaining Competitiveness in the Face of Disruption" covers several key aspects of ecosystem dynamics (knowledge intensity, outside-drivenness, systemic actualization). 
Amazon Jumps into the Experience Platforms Game↴
In case you lost it, a few days ago Amazon unveiled Explore, its experience platform product. Despite rhyming with similar platform strategies from Airbnb and other travel platforms, Amazon Explore shows a significant broader potential:
that of connecting experiences with products and commerce allowing virtual travelers to buy discovered products from shops and local hosts. Look after the evolution.
How does a Democracy Innovate? ↴
Have we reached peak innovation capacity for our XXth century institutions? This seems to be the core of the provocation that Indy Johar is sharing in this post. Calling for a "multiplicity of publics" resonates with the comment that Indy, Tomas Diez, and Michel Bauwens made at our event in July. Check the videos out if you didn't already.

📁From The Archive

On every issue of the newsletter we remind you of two articles from our gigantic content base that you may have lost - or simply was released before you joined our community. Worth a read:

A reflection on why one needs to focus on understanding and enabling the business context, before thinking about data.

From September 2018 - Tokens, Platforms & Value Chain Layers

Crypto tokens and the blockchain certainly enable new design capabilities, but the question is: "how do these new capabilities help us craft better strategies when the objective is to mobilize an ecosystem?"
See our videos and podcast suggestions below
🎙️  Podcasts & Videos
What modernity is?
Ok, this may seem a bit off-topic and controversial but Jack Murphy's  is showing to be one of the most solid interpreters of today's culture wars. In this video with the very much discussed Russian Sociologist Alexandr Dugin, they explore the seemingly final battle playing out in the US: that of modernity versus postmodernity. Food for thought causes your platform strategies are not separated from our complex society. 
TikTok & Beyond: The Algorithm Question, The Future of Product
Always great to hear a great host such as Sonal Chokshi from A16z podcasting with a legend such as Eugene Wei. Such an insightful conversation on memetics, identity, and information asymmetries in platforms.

We just announced our new training dates (and a new format)! 👨🏿‍🎓

Become part of an exclusive network of experts and facilitators that master the real potential of Platform Design, beyond buzzwords: join our classic, and updated for the occasion, Platform Design Bootcamp and join the 100+ certified facilitators
Our classic and strongly appreciated Platform Design Toolkit Live Masterclass that has been delivered to hundreds of practitioners worldwide and online has been deeply updated: its's now lighter, and more effective.
It's the perfect training if you want to fast learn the Platform Design Toolkit by applying it directly to your project and create or update your platform strategy.
All info on learning opportunities available here
Play with Platforms: Platform Design Toolkit
Enjoy Platform Design Toolkit 2.2, grown on several years of experience with startups, corporations, and institutions of all kinds. 
Highlights on this release:
  • an updated Transaction Board canvas, now more explicitly helping you to work on reducing transaction costs in interactions;
  • an updated User Guide (2.2);
  • the possibility to instantiate a virtual board for online collaboration, thanks to our partnership with Miro, a leading online collaboration software worldwide.
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