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Platform Design in the Global Context
Designing in a Global Paradigm Shift.

In this week's post, we aim at re-framing and re-configuring the practice of platform design in light of the global transformation we’re living at the civilization level: a complex and continuous quest.

How can we carry on talking about the mechanics of platforms and the potential of ecosystems if we don’t contextualize it?

How can we ensure that platform-thinking becomes functional to enacting the new types of strategies and solutions that we need today and tomorrow, and not in the past?

What meaning would our work have, and what kind of monumental mistakes could platform shapers make if we don’t?

This week's issue in brief:

  • The global context is rapidly changing, entering an age of growing unpredictability
  • The story that unfolds for citizens, designers, employees and everyone else requires agency, involvement, experimentation and will transform many layers of society
  • Platform thinking is essential at all of these layers: transforming the role of global organizations and enabling a glocal hardening of the economy
Read it here.
👉 Our curated list of the best reads, videos and podcasts on Platforms (& more)
🗞️ .Reads
Nineteen Resources to Navigate Network Effects  ↴
NFX’s James Currier recap 19 top resources for understanding the dynamics of networks and the defensibility of networked products. A very good starter to explore some of the fundamental principles that build-up network growth.
Governments as a Platform – a series  
In this series (1, 2, 3) Richard Pope organizes a set of valid arguments around the opportunity governments have to transform their fragmented services in a more coherent platform strategy. Still very technological oriented but worth to follow.
Africa Continental Free Trade Area & Platforms
The AfCFTA entails an expanded set of opportunities for everyone, hopefully allowing Africa to walk on its feet outside colonizing predatory logics.  Will platforms play an instrumental to overcome the structural shortcomings of governments in harmonizing integration?
A Platform Design Lens on Bezos' Shareholder Letter
In this note, Esme González Pillado reads between the lines of Jeff Bezos'​ 2018 Letter to Shareholders with the lenses of Platform Design. A handy recap of some of the principles that Amazon has pioneered in an almost 20 years journey.
IEEE Software's Issue on Platforms & Ecosystems  ↴
This note introduces an issue of IEEE Software that provides us with an interesting overview of the current state of academic research in Platform & Ecosystems from the perspectives of computer science, information science, and economics.
Peer to Peer: The Commons Manifesto ↴
The P2P Foundation publishes a free to download book recapitulating the main pillars of the Commons-Based Peer Production approach: a fundamental shift from the structural crisis of capitalism.
🎙️  Podcast
Seven Trends in Distributed Ledger Computing↴    
In this podcast, we hear a16z Crypto Fund General Partner Chris Dixon returning to talk with Olaf Carlson-Wee of Polychain Capital in a free-wheeling conversation about the seven major trends they see happening in blockchain computing now as we shift from basic protocol design to pragmatic product launches.
📼  Video
Vinay Gupta: Merging the Physical and the Digital using blockchains↴    
In this video, Vinay Gupta explores how distributed ledger technologies represent a vital missing link required to merge the physical and the digital, in a way which will allow us to manage issues ranging from CO2 emissions through to allergies and consumer rights. An interesting outlook.
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