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Did you catch up with our recent essay on the impacts of contracting on the nature of the firm?
Learn how ubiquitous contracting can speed up the crisis of the Industrial Age Bureaucracies
Join our upcoming Platform Design certification in Feb:
We just wrapped up our latest Platform Design Certification Bootcamp: see what Andrea and Gaurav think about it!
It was, as always, a tremendous experience and we introduced some new elements coming from our new growth landscape research.
Reviews are starting to come in and our NPS is on fire...
Book one of the four remaining Early Birds for the February Edition or use the PDT-Community (15%) discount if you don't make it on time for the early birds!
Next Gen Organizing according to Simon Wardley:
Leading Edge Forum just released Simon Wardley's report on the next generation of organization. It's an enlightening read - we followed on through the whole process as Wardley's work is so foundational to our work at Boundaryless - and we really recommend you to read on. Overall, the signal is towards a next generation of organizing that is much more outcome driven, non-hierarchical, systemic: sounds familiar right? Yes, it really resonates with our idea of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Enabling Organization (the 3EO inspired by Rendanheyi) that we're exploring together with Haier and other partners: indeed Haier is mentioned as a prominent case study in the report.
If you're concerned with how to design new types of organizations, which are more entrepreneurial, and ecosystem driven peek into our 3EO model, and join our training programs to learn how to apply it in your context:
  • join the next cohort based course coming up in November (with 20% discount) > click here
  • or do it fully self paced, at your convenience > click here
And now enjoy our ...

Our curated list of the best reads, videos, and podcasts to inform and transform your understanding 👇
🗞️ Reads
Bitcoin and Network Effects ↴
James Currier covers Bitcoin's 7 network effects, its defensibilities, and weaknesses. It compares it to the different mechanisms between it and traditional, fiat currencies. A great read
JP Morgan's take on the Platform Economy 
In this report, JP Morgan analysed data on how the platform economy fared during the pandemic, and to what extent platform economy workers have been affected

Interesting insights.
Delivery apps: their take rate, and antitrust laws ↴
“It’s not worth it. I’ll just go pick it up myself.” In this read, New Yorker's Helen Rosner explores the impacts and the hidden mechanisms that created the race to the bottom and the pressure towards restaurants in the delivery wars. Informative read.
The Braintrust model: the freelance job market running on blockchain ↴
We're actively researching the Braintrust model these very days, and we are looking forward to possibly interviewing one of its founders for our podcast Boundaryless Conversations.

Keep an eye on it!
The Platform Legitimacy struggle ↴
Again, interesting rumbling from Li Jin on the platform legitimacy struggle in the creative economy: platforms have lost it, will they regain it?

Or is this a watershed moment for the Platform-based model of production?
How Stripe defines and powers the Creator Economy ↴
Stripe gives you a peek into the Creator Economy phenomenon that it actually powers, by enabling 50+ platforms online to manage payments.

Always great to learn more from such an amazing company.
... see our videos and podcast suggestions below 
🎙️  Podcasts & Videos
Boundryless Conversations Season 3 is coming up:
Upcoming guests include: the meanwhile check out these recommendations:
Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky gives his vision for the rebirth 
Brian Chesky thinks low range tourism will grow, work evolves to remote with in-person periods, over touring landmark cities is over (and thus gentrification?).  Overall a solid, probably too optimistic vision but it won't be him otherwise. What a company anyhow...
Business Breakdown on Uber and Twilio! ↴
Don't miss these two crazy rich episodes of Patrick O'Shaugnessy's Business Breakdown on two iconic platforms. The first one is Twilio, the software that connects companies with their customers via multiple channels, such as SMS and voice. 
And the second amazing breakdown is on a company that does not need introductionsUber. Check it out!
Azeem Azhar features James Currier. How can you miss this? ↴
Exponential View's host Azeem Azhar interviews James Currier on.. you guessed it! This conversation spans from what and how important Network Effects are, to the problems they create when used by global firms and possible mitigations. 
Building "Community-first" companies ↴
Great conversation on the future of creative work with Nfx's Morgan Beller interviewing Micah Johnson (creator) and Cuy Sheffield (head of crypto at Visa). A deep dive into NFTs, Web 3.0 and the evolution of companies.
Play with Platforms: Platform Design Toolkit
Enjoy Platform Design Toolkit 2.2, grown on several years of experience with startups, corporations, and institutions of all kinds. 
Highlights on this release:
  • an updated Transaction Board canvas, now more explicitly helping you to work on reducing transaction costs in interactions;
  • an updated User Guide (2.2);
  • the possibility to instantiate a virtual board for online collaboration, thanks to our partnership with Miro, a leading online collaboration software worldwide.
Download the Platform Design Toolkit Now!
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