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A New Cosmology of Organising
Platforms as cosmo-techno-organizing

Dear community,

We’re just back from the first Platform Design Bootcamp in Milan, where we widely explored the practice of platform design in all its facets - from the basics to network effects, from how to design a workshop to the future of platforms.
It seems clear from the interactions we had with our community, that Platform Design is seen as a force of transformation for the world and the society we share globally.

We feel we're at a pivotal moment of transition in the way we approach the narrative on platform and ecosystem thinking. We believe it's time to transcend industrial narratives of platform design, of conquering, and that there's a strong emerging convergence with the necessity to rethink the meaning of the platform designers' work in today's world.

This week's issue goes in the direction of putting back the organization and the economic discourse within and all-around landscape and community. Not outside of it.

We feel it is the moment to look at our organizing beyond any simplistic or mechanistic framework and to develop such a relationship with our organizing that makes us able to see, through it, the beauty of the universe and—just as a part of it—of all humans. Our organizing needs to become an act of co-existence.

It’s time for a new cosmo-techno-organizing movement.

If you look deeply at the set of posts we share there's quite often a subtle recurrent line of continuity that you can notice. That thread is an invitation to live our lives with all ourselves in integrity. In our fragmented world, this integrity might seem a luxury and yet we believe that—if we walk together—the path to integrity it’s a joyful and much-needed work that is expecting to be done. 

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Whether you're aiming to get a full and deep understanding of our framework to facilitate platform design experience over the world or you just want to learn the PDT and applying it to your project(s) we got you covered!

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👉 Our curated list of the best reads, videos and podcasts on Platforms (& more)
🗞️ .Reads
Why Sharetribe Go shifted from open-source to source-available ↴
Juho Makkonen shares the eight-years journey into open licensing Sharetribe and the considerations that made them shift to a license that disincentives direct competition. A nice peek into the licensing debate around SAAS, open-source, platform-coops and markets.
Re-imagining Organizations as Ecosystems ↴
In these wise words, Sahana Chattopadhyay invites us to radically go beyond fear: "on the edge of tremendous opportunity as well as heart-shattering loss ... our organizations can wreak havoc or heal the planet."
Mazzuccato: a digital economy that serves collective ends ↴
A substantially direct opinion by economist Marianna Mazzucato on the responsibility and right of the public to control, regulate and reclaim power back, from the private sector digital behemoths. 
The Endless Opportunities in a World of Creators 
Li Jin from a16z provides us with an updated overview of how the platform economy around creative workers is evolving powerfully, beyond the commoditization of suppliers of first gen. marketplaces.
This post should be seen as a continuation of the conversation started with Andrew Chen's and this recent one, again from Li Jin. A nice complement to this piece could be this lovely note by Esko Kilpi .
A Pathway to Redefining Work ↴
What are the conditions for massive organizational learning shifts in today's world of work? At Deloitte, John Hagel, John Seely Brown and Maggie Wooll point to a way to go outside the beaten path.
 Learn with us 🤓
🎙️  Podcast
V. Gupta: The Quest for Indexing the World ↴
As usual Vinay Gupta weaves our current state of affairs in society while updating us on what he's on. In this interview, he explores what led him into Ethereum first and Mattereum later, the challenges of socializing a clear language for a powerful technological landscape that is still very much on the making. In this podcast, he digs into some details of Mattereum's interface and how non-fungible tokens are vital for modeling unique things in the physical world.
A. Virtanen and D. Bryan: Can capitalism short itself? ↴
In these two conversations, economists Akseli Virtanen and Dick Bryan explore ECSA's vision around rethinking the role of finance in an age where the 'governments are bound to finance'. In this age of 'crypto-economics,' many more things can be measured in different ways and is therefore possible for people to get out of the structural issues of coarse-grained centralized risk infrastructures embedded in today's welfare, finance, and entrepreneurship.
Sam Mickey on Co-Existentialism ↴
In this powerful weaving podcast, Sam Mickey - professor in the Theology and Religious Studies at the University of San Francisco - engages in a deep conversation, on many topics, including the concept practicing life as transformation. We believe this conversation connects with Simone's post on embedding an intentional cosmology in organizing, and with the new focuses we'll ned to aim for on in an age of institutional breakdown.
📹  Video
A conversation leading up to the Choice Conference ↴    
In preparation for The Choice Conference 2019, Simone speaks with Emanuele Quintarelli about the returns and risks introduced by platform design in pre-figuring the transition towards entirely different values, expectations, and behaviors at the personal and societal level. Beyond colonialist extractivity, towards ecosystemic organizations that reconnect humanity at scale. Check the other amazing talks and join us in Madrid next week!
Where to Meet us
We are exploring the deep and ecosystemic meaning that any choice in business has. It will inspire and challenge a new understanding of the world of work. Here you can find the speakers' digital talks

We’ll meet in Madrid, the 18th and 19th of October.
On November 22nd meet Simone in Vienna at the 11th Global Drucker Forum where he'll speak about Ecosystems dynamics with management innovation legend Bill Fischer.
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