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Designing Platforms in the Age of Institutional Failure 
Some reflections after the Chaos Communication Congress

In the age of institutional failure, we need to realize that we are all entitled to design 21st Century Institutions, Infrastructures and Critical Systems.

This week's post is a reflection from the 35th Chaos Communication Congress, and it tries to capture what to do about the impasse we face as a society between the growing power of large technology companies and the utter failure of traditional public institutions.

We argue that our only way out is to lucidly realize that —as systems designers— willingly or not, we’re all designing institutions.

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👉 Our curated list of the best reads, videos and podcasts on Platforms (& more)
🗞️ .Reads
When Amazon ask brands to change their packaging ↴
Amazon is asking brands to change the way their products are packaged. The death of the shelf will transform products: will be interesting to see what it will do to... retail business models. Guess who's going to be the first to adapt?
Sangeet's Best of Platforms 2018
How could you overlook 2018's best of from one of the leading voices in platform thinking? Read here Sangeet's selection.  From Big Tech platforms to geopolitics and the industrial platform economy, Sangeet recap some of the major topics of 2018.
An Excellent Report on The future of online marketplaces 

This report released by Dealroom in December is crazy interesting: it sheds a lot of light on where opportunities lie in the future: an excellent complement to Andrew Chen's perspective on the next 20 years of Marketplaces.

And one on... the present   ↴
If the report shared above sheds light on the present, this one is excellent at giving you an overview of the trends on Marketplaces in the past year (and more). A key read on Amazon and the dynamics it generates in its competitors and the market asa whole.
Designing in Networks (and why it matters)   ↴
We cannot design networks, but we can design IN networks. In this very interesting piece, you'll find a nice exploration of the elements and implications of the concept of designing in networks and what we can learn from it to inform our work especially in dealing with complex social issues.
📼 Videos
The Full Playlist of the #35c3 ↴
Here you find the playlist of the eye-opening talks at the 35th Chaos Communication Congress – Refreshing Memories.

Are you're interested in very low-level topics around hardware, or you're curious about how increasingly Supply Chain attacks are happening all over? Have you ever wondered how the Chinese Social Credit System works?
Maybe you just need a primer in Quantum Mechanics, understanding what is dark matter, or just curious about the state of the art of Strong Artificial Intelligence... Either way, this year's talks are already online and are one of the best ways to come out of holiday mode :)
The Documentary on the history of the Platform Organization at Haier ↴
A nice complement to Gary Hamel's busting bureaucracy perspective below, this documentary on the history of Haier - about how the Chinese giant, the poster child of the platform organization, ensure continuous value creation - will change your perspective.
Did you check our best of 2018 yet?
📻 Podcasts
Busting bureaucracy and Platform-Nations ↴    
Are you curious to understand more of how platforms now are increasingly assimilable to nations? And how nationality itself can be seen as a This new series of podcasts at UnderFutures looks very promising.
Here's an amazing interview of Gary Hamel by Lisa Gill on the death of bureaucracy (you know what comes next right?). If you're not following leadermorphosis podcasts yet, this is a starting point!
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