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Internet Trends 2019 & Platforms
An opinionated commentary of Mary Meeker's report

Following a two years tradition, Simone offers our readers his thinking on the annual Mary Meeker Internet Trends update.

This year’s update from the so-called “queen of the internet” is a 333 pages thick presentation deck, which is—surprisingly enough giving the size—not providing any really groundbreaking news. Despite the nature of this update was never that of providing shockingly new insights—but rather more important aggregated data on global trends as a ground for strategic choices—this year’s issue is, at least, smelling of peak Internet Trends, in Simone's humble opinion.

The Post in Brief

  • The Internet is definitely out of its infancy: everything is getting online and on-demand at a faster speed;
  • 5G and IoT promise to make the Internet an even more crucial place, and infrastructures will be ever increasingly exposed to cyber risk thus increasing the need for policing and controlling;
  • The role of the Internet in modern society can be seen as representative of the role of technology and should make us think about how to see it integrated within our moral and epistemological frames to be used in the turbulence of current times.
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👉 Our curated list of the best reads, videos and podcasts on Platforms (& more)
🗞️ .Reads
Supply Chain & Logistics are about to get reinvented
In an HBR release the Platform Revolution trio updates us on new bold initiatives taking advantages of distributed ledger technology to optimize many critical functions in logistics and supply chain. A sector that is definitely worth watching.
Mapping Crypto  ↴
In this series, Agost Biro applies Wardley's Maps to understand the world of crypto tech, its pitfalls and potentials. An interesting primer for folks in crypto to learn about mapping, and for those in mapping to learn about crypto.
The Many Ways Coop Networks are Organizing 
In a handy recap, John Duda lists several examples of the many ways cooperatives can pull resources together to act as shared platforms. A piece worth studying for those designing better cooperative models in the networked era.
Cutting through the noise of Facebook's Libra 
In the midst of Facebook's controversial launch of project Libra and its news coverage, we found that this piece by Rachel O'Dwyer does a great job in cutting through the noise nailing what's relevant beyond specific implementations.
The Quest for a Commons-Based Global Economy 
In a recent long read, Michel Bauwen and Vasilis Kostakis recount how emerging modes of production and organization can help us transcend many of the limitations of current industrial systems.
🎙️  Podcast
Manish Chandra: Tough Choices in Life and in Building a Marketplace ↴    
James Currier interviews Manish Chandra, Poshmark co-founder & CEO who reveals the struggles of building an iconic marketplace. Poshmark is today one of the most popular marketplaces of all time and yet it faced tremendous challenges zig-zagging its own way towards success.
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