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Looking Back and Ahead
When the pieces of our journey are coming together

The past two weeks felt particularly filled with deep conversations: hopefully, we'll be brave enough to share them soon with you.  We’re just back from gathering together for a few days of internal reflection, trying to better understand what are we doing and why we’re doing it.  To be in line with the retrospective vibe of the week we thought it was a good idea to look back at the first quarter, recapping some of the most important thoughts we shared.

We began the year with a note from the 35th Chaos Communication Congress where Eugenio attempted to capture the debate on the institutional failure of the present, bringing new questions around our responsibility and collective agency to fix systemic issues. In this age— willingly or not— everybody is designing institutions, so it’s better if we all start to feel entitled to imagine and build the 21st Century infrastructure.

Meanwhile, Simone’s invitation to deliver a speech at the annual opening meeting at Haier Group headquarter in Qingdao, China has been instrumental in setting up—in two installments (1,2)— a deeper effort in understanding the joint evolutionary nature of markets and organizations. Haier Group is certainly one of the companies leading the transformation towards Ecosystem-Organizations, with the RenDanHeyi as a model that merges management and strategy in a whole body of practices that have the aim to remove any artificial separation between the organization, its employees and the ecosystem they’re empowering.  In that occasion, Simone had also the chance to met Work Future’s Stowe Boyd with whom he shared a few sweet reflections on “Gardening” Ecosystemic-Organizations.

In February we published a provocation to challenge the obsession on data we keep seeing in large organizations, like if data were a magic wand to solve a team’s limited understanding of the ecosystem’s context.  Finding ways to de-fragment and break silos, and competition patterns are key to make strategies that can generate network effects.

Two weeks ago, in March, we invited ING platform champion and long term Platform Design Toolkit supporter Ron Kersic to interview Yolanda Martin Olivas (Farfetch's Director of Design, Service & Platform) on the struggles, failures, and success of engaging an entire organization throughout a platform transformation journey. A
brilliant interview curated by Lucia that you don’t want to miss.

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👉 Our curated list of the best reads, videos and podcasts on Platforms (& more)
🗞️ .Reads
The Road Ahead in Intermodal Shared Mobility Platform ↴
BlaBlaCar CEO and Co-Founder, Nicolas Brusson, shares an interesting note on their evolution and growth as a traditional shared mobility platform into an intermodal one. It’s inspiring to see how a steady and organic growth has brought so far such a genuine player.
Ecosystems Determine New Paradigms, Not Technology 
Satell captures what Wardley means by 'ecosystems as future sensing engine'What brings forth new paradigms is not a piece of technology, but the way ecosystems connect under a shared message to explore new value forms.
Understanding Context and Dynamics is key to 'small moves smartly made'
In these two brilliant pieces (1, 2) Hagel praises intentionality in looking deeply at the context and dynamics of the systems you want to address and acupuncturally intervene instead of reacting and blindly bring small incremental changes.
The History of a Giant Facing Mounting Complexity  ↴
Zack Kanter recounts the simple recursive guiding principles that led Amazon to unfold its one-off story: from a relentless rise to the mounting pressure of the present in which the giant is centrally policing and incentivizing their sellers to perform as much as employees.
👓@ Marketplace Conference 2019  ↴
The annual Marketplace Conference just concluded in SF. Waiting to read some more insights in the next days, we see that Battery Ventures released a Marketplace Index highlighting the growing value of marketplaces in everyday life.
📻 Podcasts
Lyft’s IPO, Uber and the Saturable Nature of Ridesharing Network Effects.  ↴    
In the occasion of  Lyft's upcoming IPO, NFX’s Partners Pete Flint and James Currier discuss the asymptotic nature of ridesharing network effects and the inherent limits of its business model. Some key differences in strategy between Lyft and Uber are presented, suggesting a few potential developments that we might expect to see in this field.
📼 Videos
Surfing Deep Changes in an Increasingly Interdependent World  ↴    
This week we share with you a very lucid conversation featuring the three-time Pulitzer winner Thomas L. Friedman and McKinsey Global Institute chairman James Manyika on the threats and opportunities of present complexity and the governability of the deep changes needed in an increasingly interdependent world.
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