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Catch up with our Ask Me Anything Session on the Platform Opportunity Exploration Guide
On the 28th of April we had a terrific Ask Me Anything session to help our adopters understand better how to use the Platform Opportunity Exploration Guide, check out the video for the session by clicking here or the pic below:
In case you haven't already read here what the Platform Opportunity Exploration Guide is all about and read about the recent update here:  
👉  Check out the announcement here
👉  Walkthrough the document with Simone here
A new Live Webinar from our Growth Series:
"Driving Growth in Platforms and beyond.
Learning from Practice."

On May 13th, 6:30-8:00 CET (9:30-11:00 San Francisco Time), 
In this upcoming new Live Webinar, Manfredi Sassoli de Bianchi and Simone Cicero will meet with two exceptional Growth Practitioners, Yara Paoli, Chief Growth Officer at and former VP of Growth at Skyscanner, and Craig Zingerline, Founder and CEO at Growth University, a 6-time founder and former Chief Product Officer and Head of Growth at various organisations.
Catch up with the recordings from the previous growth-related webinars here
Have you checked: "Pricing in Platform-Marketplaces"
If you didn't already, catch up with our sensetional latest new research update, where we present how all the elements of a platform strategy relate to the key questions of pricing: it has been making rounds, don't miss out!
Catch up with all our Research on Growth!
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Our curated list of the best reads, videos, and podcasts to inform and transform your understanding 👇
🗞️ Reads
Spotify Goes Open ↴
Learn more on Spotify's embracement of the Open Web. Ben Thompson covers the recent news from multiple angles - the analyst, the podcaster, and the editor. Certainly an interesting development in Shopify's strategy and a testament to the role of openness in ensuring industry relevance (and dominance) today.
As always the Exponent FM conversation that piggybacks on the post is priceless.
Platform Leadership? ↴
In this short reflection, Peter Evans shares his preliminary thoughts on differentiating platforms' and organisations' leaderships, highlighting three key capabilities: being literate on platform logic (the underlying mechanisms), then being able to exercise platform orchestration and governance
Structuring Product Teams ↴
In this blog post Casey Winters offers a peek into how to structure product teams in a high growth organisation. More notably, team and unit structuring emerges once more as a key design and organisational development choices. Short but to the point.
Do you remember Loconomics? ↴
In this interview for STIR, Danny Spitzberg talks with Joshua Danielson - former co-founder of Loconomics, the cooperative task rabbit alternative platforms that was a sensation of the early days of the Platformcoop movement. If you're interested in the topic of platform coops check out this freshly launched podcast.
Get to know more of Web 3.0 ↴
In this reflection Packy McCormick makes the case for Web 3.0 to replace the aggregators economy. Tremendous challenges still abound, though, and Packy makes one particularly clear in one passage: "You don’t need customer service because people understand that it’s self-custody, and if you send your crypto to the wrong place, that’s on you." 
Web 3.0 penetration probably boils down to the intrinsic challenges in this paradigm shift. If paradigms such as #ExitToCommunity and #ProgressiveDecentralization might solve the entrepreneurial motivation challenge the overcoming of the de-responsibilized consumer idea needs to end to really let web 3.0 thrive.
A monumental challenge.
From Aggregation to... ↴
So, we had to put two pieces from Ben Thompson this week:
"What makes the Shopify so fascinating is that over time more and more of the e-commerce it enables happens somewhere other than a Shopify website." We had to add another post from Stratechery this week because of this incredibly valuable essay. 
In this key reflection Ben Thompson expands on the transition from an ad-based, and thus centralization based, aggregation theory towards a connect and leverage based direct monetization pattern. This allows creators on the internet to distribute their content across attention contexts, without having to sacrifice their sovereignty.
... see our videos and podcast suggestions below 
Last few weeks to join our last pre-summer Bootcamp!
  • 4 hours sessions (on two following days per each week) - 1PM/5PM CET
  • planned over three weeks (six sessions)
See all the training options
🎙️  Podcasts & Videos
Did you catch up with Boundaryless Conversation Podcast Episodes published so far?
Check them out as the podcast is also available on Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle PodcastsSoundcloudStitcherCastBoxRadioPublic, and other major podcasting platforms.
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Latest Episode: Open Ecosystem Strategies: Catalyzing Change in Industries  ↴
On our latest podcast episode with Jabe Bloom we look into how,  - increasingly - in an age of technologically powered organizations, thriving means developing the organizational capability to enable three key economies inside and outside the organization: differentiation, scale, and scope, simultaneously.
The conversation goes deep into exploring the role of platforms and ecosystems in this shift and into how social practice is an essential element of transformation.
Stay tuned for the upcoming episodes with:
  • CEO Gregory Landua about organizing for the complex challenges at scale for regeneration
  • A group conversation around the role of Software and Protocols in the enablement of ecosystemic organizing with Rob Solomon (Consensys Mesh / Cone), Bryan Peters ( and Sascha Kellert (
Hipcamp from the inside 

An amazing conversation between Patrick O'Shaughnessy and Alyssa Ravasio (Hipcamp's CEO) on creating the market for private site camping, being a CEO, and re-connecting with nature. Truly remarkable insights on the future of tourism and the challenges of building a marketplace.

Pete Flint and Erik Torenberg (can you miss it?) 

Legendary Proptech and Network Effects investor and entrepreneur Pete Flint (General Partner @ NFX) joins Erik Torenberg and the OnDeck community in this great conversation. 
Truly fantastic insights, don't miss it here.

Platform Leaders Conference ↴
On April the 15th Launchworks hosted the second edition of the Platform Leaders conference.

Catch up with all the videos here.
A Gem from Brandon Chu (Shopify) 
This week we re-watched this gem from Brandon Chu (Shopify VP Product) on platform management. So much wisdom packed in 30 minutes. The video covers the do's and don'ts of creating a developer/extension platform. Product design at another level, borderline organizational development (evolution, teams). A true classic.
As a bonus:

Brandon also started a show and the first interview with Craig Miller former Shopify CMO and CPO was terrific!

Catch up with Episode 1 here.
Flo Crivello on Moats 
In the context of their review of classic reads for founders, NFX came out with a terrific reading of Flo Crivello's "Mind the Moat: Notes on 7 Powers". In this powerful read Crivello (former Uber now Teamflow) reviews Hamilton Helmer's book  "7 Powers: covering the 7 major moats a business can build to create defensibility". Unmissable
From jewelry designer to enabler of Zero Trust ventures 
In this extremely interesting conversation Jack Du Rose, former jeweler and now co-founder of Colony, highlights his mission to "make it easy for people all over the world to build organizations together, online."
Check it out here.
Play with Platforms: Platform Design Toolkit
Enjoy Platform Design Toolkit 2.2, grown on several years of experience with startups, corporations, and institutions of all kinds. 
Highlights on this release:
  • an updated Transaction Board canvas, now more explicitly helping you to work on reducing transaction costs in interactions;
  • an updated User Guide (2.2);
  • the possibility to instantiate a virtual board for online collaboration, thanks to our partnership with Miro, a leading online collaboration software worldwide.
Download the Platform Design Toolkit Now!
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