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Building Boundaryless Organizations
How Haier is reinventing organizational identity and management practices in the era of platforms

Last week we shared with you the first of two installments covering our recent encounter with Haier Groupcertainly one of the  companies leading the transformation towards Ecosystem-Organizations.

This second installment continues to reflect on how the concept of the organization — and the role of the employee — is changing.

We’re entering an age of boundaryless organizations that increasingly identify themselves directly with their ecosystem, and the reflections shared in this post start from Haiers’ RenDanHeyi model and from Zhang Rumin (Haier’s CEO) words.

This week's post contains a more in-depth reflection on how XXI Century boundaryless organizations might look like when they truly embrace the expression of human potential.

This week's post in brief
  • It’s no more about pleasing customers, but about eliminating the separation between the organization and the ecosystem;
  • a deep reinvention of identity is needed for organizations to survive;
  • the very concepts or company, employee and user might be obsolete.

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👉 Our curated list of the best reads, videos and podcasts on Platforms (& more)
🗞️ .Reads
A Scalable Learning Model for Mobilization Platforms ↴
During Martin Luther King Day, John Hagel shares his dream of the fundamental transformation required by contemporary institutions to shift from a scalable efficiency model to a scalable learning model. An inspiring piece.
The Relentless Evolution of DAOs Infrastructures ↴
Stefano Bernardi's focuses on how communities and tech stacks supporting the creation of decentralized organizations are evolving, regardless of a generally depressing price trend in current crypto assets markets.
How to Platformize Long Term Community Efforts
In an initial thought exercise, Bethany Crystal begins to explore why and how to platformize recurring ecosystem empowerment efforts in VC firm. Definitely something to expand and reflect in many other fields.
The Rise of Biopolitical Companies  ↴
This piece from The New School's PUBLIC SEMINAR captures from a biopolitical perspective the emergent debate on the widespread algorithmic reach of global giant platforms in everyday life and what does it mean for democratic institutions.
Re-igniting the golden age of open source  ↴
This brilliant note from Denis Nazarov analyzes why internet software services stuck the pace of innovation and how crypto is revamping the good old days of combinatorial innovation originated in open source software communities.
📻 Podcasts
Nurturing the Infinite Game Player Within ↴    
This week's podcast features the review of a well aged and oddly inspiring book. James Carse masterpiece brings us in the positively recursive nature of certain behaviors through a clear set of lenses that helps us understand many fundamental aspects of reality.

The author outlines the difference between finite and infinite games: the former being played for the sake of winning, the latter for the sake of keep playing.
📼 Video
The Messy, Funny and Powerful Quest for Decentralization ↴    
To accompany Denis Nazarov post above, we couldn't help but posting this Blockstack’s Decentralizing the World conf video. Here USV's Nick Grossman highlights the major frictions between the immutable nature of the blockchain and acquiring product market fit

Grossman points to a potential way out to reach sustainability, and therefore adoption, of some fundamental layers that will bring forth the decentralized space.
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