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In this week's post, Stina and Simone are condensing months of research around the impacts of the new risk landscape on the perspective of platform-ecosystem organizing. In the post, the authors first outline how multi-scale risk factors require a multi scale response, explore the impact of emerging narrative threads and then end up providing a dual hypothesis in confronting the radical changes: a different approach to measuring value and a profound chance in epistemic, in search of the right mindset for the 21st century.

Read this (long) research update: it will likely change yor perception of the role of organizing in the years to come.
EEEO Evolutions — our work updates on Haier and other pioneers
Two weeks ago, our team participated to a very high-level conversation: The Haier's OpenTalk 2020. You can access to all of the conference videos here (login is required to browse videos around).

We just released the #4 Episode of our EEEO Conversations: super-insightful interviews with remarkable companies and thought leaders exploring the edges of self-management, complexity and organizational development.

You may have lost some of the conversations we had a couple of weeks ago with Michele Zanini, Doug Kirkpatrick or the last chat we had with the former director of the Center for the Edge at Deloitte, and best selling author John Hagel.
Here you find them all, and don't forget to subscribe here to not miss the next ones!

Catch-up with the EEEO Conversations:

#1 — Humanocracy co-author Michele Zanini — Busting bureaucracy to unlock human ingenuity and entrepreneurship
#2 — Self-management legend Doug Kirkpatrick — Leading the market through autonomy, peer commitments and responsibility
#3 — Best selling author John Hagel  — Learning from the edge by amplifying the passion of the explorer.
#4 — Serial organizational transformer Jabi Salcedo Bilbao — Dismantling top-down control, silos and opacity

Delve deeper into our ongoing research work on the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Enabling Organization (EEEO)
👉 If, like us, you are keen to be part of this fascinating exploration, please consider joining the upcoming public masterclass on Haier's Rendanheyi model and the EEEO Toolkit this October, 21st-23rd, online, with Prof. Bill Fischer and Simone Cicero (25% OFF using code: PDT-Community).
👉 Register now to get early access to exclusive updates and insights on this ongoing research, and massive discounts for EEEO and Rendanheyi trainings and other related experiences to not miss an episode and be informed about early releases of this ongoing research and development of a unifying framework.
👉 Experiment with the EEEO TOOLKIT— a strategic design framework unifying business model innovation with organizational development, released in Creative Commons.

Join Gary Hamel, co-author with our guest Michele Zanini, hosting an half-day event this afternoon, September 30th, around what they call Humanocracy, a way to hack management with pioneers and thought leaders such as Stuart Crainer, Bill Fischer, Kevin Nolan, Helen Bevan, Jos de Blok.
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And now enjoy our ...

Our curated list of the best reads, videos, and podcasts to inform and transform your understanding 👇
🗞️ Reads
Ben Thompson Teaches you Bundles

Ben at Stratechery offers deep reasoning around how bundles between content and other services is offered through bundling strategies. A great read on the basics of bundling and the economy of components.

The Institutionalization of Airbnb ↴
We're seeing the start of a new era of more organic regulation of platforms: First the EU Court rules that Short Term rentals always need local government approval or at least that requiring it doesn't break EU rules and then Airbnb releases City Portal a Foundation of Collaboration with Cities. A new start (post-covid).
The Nichification of Manufacturing capabilities  ↴
Alibaba unveils its new digital factory based on cloud computing infrastructure and IoT, starting to offer businesses opportunities to place small-batch orders at reasonable costs and to speed up personalization, helped by AI capturing shifts in consumer preferences.
A Couple of great reads in Platform Policymaking↴
See our videos and podcast suggestions below

📁From The Archive

On this issue we are inaugurating a new section: we will remind you of two articles from our gigantic content base that you may have lost - or simply was released before you joined our community.
From December 2017 - Design APIs for Disobedience

What’s an approach to APIs, microservices and service componentization that makes sense in an age of increasing complexity and interconnectedness? I
From March 2018 - Why Platform Strategies are all about reducing Transaction Cost

Pervasive technologies, smartphones, the widespread adoption of open-source software, the rise of the blockchain: all these shifts are continuously and radically reducing the cost of interaction among uncoordinated entities
🎙️  Podcasts & Videos
Simone and Bill on Leadermorphosis podcast
It's been a honour and a pleasure for Simone to share some more insider information about our first hand experience in working with Haier Group in the last couple of years on Lisa Gill's Leadermorphosis podcast, definitely one of the best podcast around on progressive management practices. 
Transcript also available here.
Cosmo-localism and p2p
We had an amazing time listening to two lighthouses of our thinking Michel Bauwens and Daniel Wahl discussing the core perspectives of our systemic transition from a globalized universalized culture to commons-based organizations and embedded regenerative living.
Uber as an entrepreneurial organization
Another very interesting episode thanks to the always great Torenbergs'
Venture Stories
. This time Flo Rivello—a radical and unshamed libertarian—dives deep into how Uber managed new cities growth, use case innovation and more with separate P&L, and dedicated exploration tools.
Fascinating dive into an entreprenuerial organizational structure, maybe a bit too much based on hustling :) - Bonus thoughts on the future of mobility!
Tony Seba on systems growing at the edge ↴
Listen to Tony Seba On Rethinking Disruption and the Future of Humanity: an interesting segment of the conversation points out to the future of decentralised energy production and the idea that a new system will grow from the "edges".
Stelio Verzera on Cocoon Pro and evolutionary organizations ↴
We deeply enjoyed this video podcast by SkillsForMars with Cocoon Pro's organizational evolution pioneer Stelio Verzera: lots of what is discussed we strongly believe is going to be foundational in the future of organizing. 
For the past 10 years, Stelio experimented and succeeded with a new type of organization, one that anyone can join without selection, that promotes full transparency, trust and incentivizes the right outcomes.

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Play with Platforms: Platform Design Toolkit
Enjoy Platform Design Toolkit 2.2, grown on several years of experience with startups, corporations, and institutions of all kinds. 
Highlights on this release:
  • an updated Transaction Board canvas, now more explicitly helping you to work on reducing transaction costs in interactions;
  • an updated User Guide (2.2);
  • the possibility to instantiate a virtual board for online collaboration, thanks to our partnership with Miro, a leading online collaboration software worldwide.
Download the Platform Design Toolkit Now!
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