Summer 2015 : Turks & Caicos Islands
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Press Release August 2015

We are delighted to announce the opening of our North Caicos office in Major Hill, and look forward to serving you there. The walls host a collection of aerial maps, local photographs and watercolour prints....come and visit soon! We are also delighted to bring the island of Salt Cay under the Forbes, Forbes & Forbes real estate banner, welcoming Debbie Manos to our firm as the on island real estate consultant!

Turks & Caicos Islands : Land Banking Opportunities.

Summer 2015 in the Caribbean and all is well! This has been a good year in TCI, with stable political scene, stable visitor base and stable real estate market. While many folk think that growth is the only good news, we firmly believe that a calm and stable economy is better for solid investment value and security. Turks & Caicos Islands will indeed continue to grow and develop, with several interesting projects ongoing or in the pipeline, yet the growth pattern will be slow and steady - bringing excellent long term value to your investment over the years. Indeed "land banking" has become a popular term for buying quality land to hold in a secure location with no annual property taxes...better than any savings account on offer. Across the Caribbean the range of real estate alternatives is vast and diverse, yet TCI stands out, clearly demanding attention. Significant positive factors driving investment here include excellent & widespread airlift to TCI, economy based in US dollars, no annual property taxes, no capital gains or income taxes and British government control. As a high end tourism destination the growth and development to come will bring solid development to all the islands, each with unique advantages and lifestyles. Forbes, Forbes & Forbes is at the forefront of the movement to "Go Beyond Provo" and show investors the truly exceptional real estate opportunities on Pine Cay, North Caicos, Middle Caicos and Salt Cay!!

Kings Landing, North Caicos
Eastwind, Middle Caicos

"Go Beyond Provo!"

Opening our new office on North Caicos has been a great experience and addition to our services for real estate clients, bringing the "Go Beyond Provo" dream ever closer. The central location make sit very convenient for all, and the excellent visibility brings ever more traffic to our door. North Caicos has four major developments with lots for sale, several condominium units for sale, lots of land parcels and houses at all prices. Middle Caicos has six home sunder construction and an undiscovered wealth of excellent properties available. It is so easy to come and go with the ferry services and major cargo shipping is fast and convenient thru Bellefield Landing.

Please do visit our website and let us help you find the perfect investment for you!

SALT CAY, Turks & Caicos Islands : The island time forgot!

Forbes, Forbes & Forbes is at the forefront of the movement to "Go Beyond Provo" and show investors the truly exceptional real estate opportunities on Pine Cay, North Caicos Middle Caicos and Salt Cay!! To bring the special realty and investment opportunities of Salt Cay forward, we are delighted to announce that Debbie Manos, long time resident and expert business woman has joined our firm as a real estate consultant, dedicated to this special island. It is our firm belief that islands are best marketed and sold by professionals with personal experience and local knowledge of the island - and Debbie brings 20 years of profound involvement with Salt Cay to the table. The commercial, residential and vacant lot opportunities on Salt Cay offer outstanding possibilities from $79,000 to $ 950,000. Check out the website at and contact Debbie soon :

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