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July 2016
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Dear all,

WeLive project is back after 7 months from the last newsletter! During this period, we have been working hard on the integration, set-up and population of the WeLive framework giving birth, as result, to the first version of the WeLive environment which has been deployed in order to enable the four project trial sites (Bilbao – Spain, Trento – Italy, Novi Sad – Serbia and Helsinki-Uusimaa – Finland).  Together with the framework implementation and setting-up, we have prepared and defined common technical and methodological guidelines and collected best practices on the setup and population of the WeLive framework with the purpose of easing and simplifying the process for the adoption of the framework outside the project by new municipalities.
In parallel, new public services applications (urban apps) for Pilot Phase 1 have been developed for all cities. These public services and the WeLive framework components are currently being tested by a set of Alpha testers in each pilot site (alpha testers are technically experienced users that will help us to recognize and fix potential issues related to applications)!
Another activity where the project consortium has focused on was related to the preparation, planning and execution of several dissemination and engagement activities in order to ensure a high involvement and participation of city stakeholders at the trials’ execution. The first phase of the pilots is planned from mid July 2016 to end of December 2016. The involvement of end-users or citizens is highly critical for the WeLive project success. Thus, we have been working on the design of the general and specific engagement plans in order to include and increase the participation of stakeholders in each pilot site. In that activity we have also identified and described the Ethics aspects that should be taken into account during the project lifespan and the data protection policy.
Finally, WeLive project partners launched the preparation of a feasible business model to ensure the business impact of the project and to define a step by step plan describing how to direct the project results into the market.
We have also been very active in promoting the project methodology and results, which is provided in the last section of this newsletter. 
Our partners from Bilbao have many interesting things to share! Bilbao’s pilot will start with 3 applications: Bilbozkatu is a service that encourages citizens to suggest and vote for good ideas that aim to improve their neighbourhood; BilbOn focuses on tourists informing them about points of interest based on city’s open data and citizen/tourists generated data, while Auzonet is a social network enabling people from the same neighbourhood to share and exchange goods. Read more
Novi Sad latest updates: 3 pilot applications are ready for first pilot phase! Safe city trip will optimize city trip planning, Relocation advisor will speed up planning and conducting relocation, while Public procurement transparency and Public Procurement Follower applications will allow citizens transparency, accountability and public participation in government. Read on
Trento’s task force developed three apps for the WeLive project pilot phase No.1: Trento Transport Timetables – an app that will display info on the bus and trains timetables, reporting at the same time real-time info about delays; Trento Street Cleaning app and Trento Bike Sharing real-time check over the number of available bicycles.
Read more
The latest news regarding Helsinki-Uusimaa WeLive pilot project are announcing that the project is starting three applications that view and update a common database of location based information from different perspectives. They are: My Polls, My Opinion and My Neighbourhood. How will these services make a city great? Find out more here.
Let’s know the first of the WeLive partner cities and its services: Trento. The city has been selected (by the IEEE) as one of the 10 top in the world as a standard of excellence within the Smart Cities initiative.
Trento is hosting the Smart City Week – an event that aims at spreading information about the Smart City initiative in general and it will take place from 10th to 15th September 2016. Read more about the activities in Trento and the get familiar with the project here.

Future events

Smart City Week, 10-15 September 2016

IODC, 6-7 October 2016 

Smart City Expo World Congress, 15-17 November 2016

TELFOR 2016, 22-23 November 2016       

Past events

H2020 Forum - Accelerating the digital transformation of Government

30 June 2016, Networking event

Major Cities of Europe Conference
1 June 2016, Project presentation and tables discussion  

IoT Week 2016, Belgrade 
31 May - 2 June 2016, Project presentation

Net Futures 2016: Driving Growth in the #DigitalSingleMarket
20 - 24 April 2016, Project presentation

Smart Cities Conference
13 April 2016, WeLive conference paper

IoT to Europe
25 February 2016, Project presentation and panel discussion about smart cities

Policy and Networking Meeting on ICT-enabled public sector innovation

19 February 2015, Project presentation and tables discussion

WeLive Seminar - The open data of cities into better use!
16 December 2015, Project meeting and seminar
“Let’s make the open data provided by cities into better use”

9th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Intelligence
1 December 2015, Conference paper

SSR-SSI 2015: International Conference on Social Sciences and Information
29-30 November 2015, Conference paper
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