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They are not related, thinking and drinking. But if you can do some real work with your brain, some real wood splitting, cord stacking clean up and look at it thinking, you might just earn a space to have some kind of a drink. 

It is clearly time to think. And just as clearly, time to see. And they are not the same thing. Sometimes, they do not even sit together.


Formgiving: An Architectural Future History
Bjarke Ingels BIG, 2021, 736pp, Koln, paper, $50.

No matter how you scale it, BIG, the Danish architectural powerhouse, thinks big and bigger than that. They can make a dull city look sharp, a waste water treatment center look hip, a freeway look like a gift of the gods. At its base, this book is a monograph of their newest work but it is at its base only long enough to get the best shoes on. They pounce, really, with energy, and force and uncontained velocity no matter what they work on - they could design a city on the head of a pin.

The book is in ten parts, among them intimacy, biophilia, axis, mindpool, oxymoron. They want it all and no matter what happens, they do not want to find themselves small-minded. From their remarkable projects, they share their process - how they got there, what they see there, and what they want there. And that is when the book gets most fascinating. Formgiving is full to the brim and over with history and possibilities. What can be, what might be, what should be, spun on the rocket that is our time.


Minding the City: Field Notes on Neuroscience and the Poetics of Sustainable Public Space
Harrison Fraser, Peter Siostrom, Atanaska Foteva, 2021, 232pp, paper, $35.

A lovely smart book, also with lineage to Denmark, in the notion that boots on the ground, particularly smart ones, can get some of the ground to have much better sense. We know more than we did - they call it the multi-sensory bodily basis of cognition - and once you get that scheme alive, Katy hold the door, there is a ton to do and a ton to see.

How exciting their case studies of public space - the touch of materials, lining a courtyard, affordable and time, green shade and context. From Spain to Lincoln Center, they are new painters, really, of public space. They come with colors and textures and sense that has only just arrived.


The Masterplan: A Novel
2021, Reinier de Graaf, 318pp, paper, Holland, $28.

A book to read, a wonderful paperback from the celebrated author of Four Walls and a Roof, this a novel about an architect, a famous architect’s son, selected to design the new capital of a young African republic. 

All the quiet villains are here - the Chinese designers, the French developer, the animated protestors, nothing is what it seems and nothing seems even able to be that. It is a quietly terrifying scene, threatening the notion that the world is actively trying to get better.


The Ideal City: Exploring Urban Futures
Space10, 2021, Berlin, 256pp, cloth, $50.

There are a lot worse temptations than affordable, sustainable and desirable - they are a best race and vital pace to be in. This is a best case book, a collection of projects and solutions all over the world, some massive and some intimate. They share the brilliance of wanting to be and being better - a park in China that quietly saves a wetland - safety officers in Canada - net energy town hall in Germany- senior sustainable housing. 

It is the passion that will do the saving. Four sections: Resourceful City. Shared City, Safe City, Desirable City. 


Sparkling Wine Anytime
Katherine Cole, 2021, 288pp cloth, Abrams, $24.99.

If you can, take the short trail to sparkling wines. Most of us have the most unthoughtout notions of sparkling wine, as if it were not the time for anything that looks like fun.

Katherine Cole could turn you right around - take the trail. You could be having a glass of sparkling all over the place and the only occasion was the notion to say yes.

”If you bought this book just because you thought it would look good on your coffee table, that’s cool. I get it.” If Cole were a lawyer, she is the lawyer you would get. Instead, lucky you, she is making the case for sparkling wine, detail by detail. She will win, and you will win and a whole metaphoric village of sparkling wines, whites and reds and hues and roses, from all over the world, shall be yours, saying yes.

To learn is to learn, and then to have, for your own, and for your better sense.


Raami Wine Glasses
Jasper Morrison, Iittala, 2019, Finland, $35, set of 2, (from left to right, sparkling, red, white).

Dishwasher safe, compact and clear, these are lovely glasses. Perfect for drinking and a final thought. 

Available at the shop or to ship.

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