The New Details

It is the new year, the new season, the 2021 Autumn , and the new details arrive each day, making room for themselves, adjusting everything just a bit.

I came out early this morning, the low clouds and the north, it was all dark, for the first time in months and to my full surprise, a naked butt brushed my shoulder, flying by, whoa. You can worry about early morning peeping toms but not naked, short haired butts. It was three full grown deer, here for Tim the neighbor's bright red ready apples.

Shipping, world wide, is a mess, but things have come.  Lovely new things.
Calendars are coming
Phases of the Moon 2022
Wall calendar, Irwin Glusker, MOMA, tubed, $20.
The most famous lunar calendar, 18"x32" long, black and white, quick to read, easy to carry or ship. We have carried this for forty years - conservatively, we have consulted it 60,000 times. It is the only calendar we have that has as many devotees in their teens as seniors. Once you know it is on the wall, then you expect it on the wall.
Moon Calendar, Tokyo, color, $36.
This is a very lovely calendar and a brilliant surprise. From its first moment, last year, it was quite the star, selling out several times until even the publisher had sold every copy. Its pages are embossed with separate colors for each month. Measuring 12" x 14", it is an elegant composition as a calendar - showing clearly, and calmly, the date and the phase of the moon.
Redstone 2022 Calendar: In Another World
Weekly desk calendar, from the editors of Redstone Press London.
Spiral Bound, 10"x7", $25.
It is a quiet cult, the people who know to use and wait for this desk calendar. There is a different theme, each year, but always the theme is brilliantly graphic and travels from Calif to Tokyo, from Sicily to Bath, from Futurist to cave, from Shaker to Paris. There are multiple lined blank pages at the start, then an illustration and page per week, clear and fresh as can be. An address book at the back. People keep this calendar long after the dates are a factor. For notes, and the lift of it.
I see the moon,
And the moon sees me;
God bless the moon,
And God bless me.
The Nursery Parnassus: A Choice Collection of Pretty songs and Verses for the Amusement of all little Good Children Who Can Neither Read nor Run ( from Redstone 2022).
Tivoli Pal Bluetooth Radio, in Blue, 2021
Cambridge MA, boxed, $220.
The Pal Tivoli, a brilliant portable radio, and as brilliant a bluetooth speaker, has been not available for months, tied up in all the difficulties. But there is now some stock - we have the red and black and chrome versions - and now, BLUE, all the way around it, with white lettering. Tivoli has added a pairing button to make blue toothing even easier. But it is the speaker, and the tuner, and the look, that hold the day. Rechargeable battery, going for 14 hours or so, or leave it plugged in. AM + FM and a treat.
New Books In
Sverre Fehn : Nordic Pavilion Venice
2021, Lars Muller, Oslo, trade edition, $50.
From a new series, Voices from the Archives, a comprehensive presentation and study of the famous Nordic Pavilion that Fehn designed in 1962. It has always been a quiet legend, with many details of its construction and design, of its historic significance and even political turmoil. Above all, it was the building itself, for the design is its own beloved legend. It is difficult to bring archives to life - this volume is a rather brilliant example of the best possible enactment., smart and handsome.
El Croquis 177 + 178, Lacaton & Vassal
2021, Barcelona, cloth. 
This is the hardcover reprint, combining the two paperback volumes published a few years ago. Since that time, Lacaton & Vassal have won the Pritzker Prize and have made perfectly clear the brilliance, intuition and intricacy of their work.
They are the futurists of the utterly present - their client is the great stack of failed housing projects, of abandoned industrial centers, of university buildings. Their weapons are hope and impossible effort and relentless design.
This volume is easily the most comprehensive presentation of their work, and their genius.
HOW TO : Use Graphic Design, Revised & Expanded 
2021, Michael Bierut, Pentagram NY, cloth, $60.

Michael Bierut loves lovely ties and getting things correct. How To has returned, in a new edition, and now it sits, as it should, with the best of books on graphic design, right there at the best. It is a lovely edition and lovely addition and a treat for the shop. Projects and examples and test cases and suppositions, all in the shuffle and mix of pursuing the best solutions.
(Original Edition is back in stock, Revised & Expanded is on its way!)
A recipe before we go...
There is a lovely, simple pasta that you can make in these early days of fall. You will need a dozen plum tomatoes, three cloves of garlic, a small shallot, fresh parsley, and 12-16 of the new chanterelles. A half glass of a dry white wine, a tablespoon of cold butter, fresh grated parmesan, some olive oil and a good dry pasta, a penne or orecchiette or such.

Blanch the plum tomatoes in boiling water for a minute, and let them cool in a strainer. Gently squeeze their skin off and squeeze the pulp to release the water and seeds. Lay the pulp in a small bowl, adding some salt.

Chop the parsley. Then peel and chop the shallot and the garlic. Set a pot of cold water on for the pasta and, when it boils, add a good handful of salt to it. The mushrooms will take about six minutes, the tomatoes about six more. Add the pasta so it will be ready when the tomatoes are ready.

Set a saute pan on the stove to medium - add a little olive oil and the butter. When it foams, add the chopped shallot. Cut the mushrooms into thumb size pieces. If the chanterelles are dry ( the rains have not come), rinse them for a moment in cold water, shake them and add to the pan. Toss, they should sizzle.. Some salt and fresh pepper, some of the parsley, and toss more. Add 1/3 of the chopped garlic, stir to mix and add the dry white wine. Turn the heat down a bit and cover the pan. You want the mushrooms to draw in the wine, the garlic and the onion to their taste. 

Cook, covered, for two minutes. If the mushrooms are dry, add a tablespoon of the pasta water and stir. You are softening the mushrooms, absorbing liquid and releasing it. Take the cover off, stir and add the tomatoes - they will cook on the base of the mushrooms and shallot. Add the rest of the garlic to cook with the tomatoes and set the heat so the sauce bubbles softly.

The mushrooms will finish cooking in the sauce, the tomatoes will slightly thicken and merge. Cook for four more minutes and then add the pasta to the sauce, directly from cooking so it is still slightly wet. Toss and turn, add some salt and pepper, the grated parmesan and the parsley, and it is ready. Make sure the pasta bowls are warm, lay the pasta in and show the chanterelles on top. Finish with the last of the parsley and a drizzle of olive oil.

Let the tomatoes and mushrooms be in the lead - the pasta should be a quiet, third factor.

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