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Asparagus and Morel
Here, a recipe that I wait each year for.

The fresh asparagus has come, and the morel mushrooms. They are both expensive, so pick carefully. For a wonderful pasta, for 2 or 3 people, you will only need 1/2 lb of the newest asparagus, and $10 worth of morels. The spring onions are here, and you will need two small ones.

Cut the asparagus ends, and trim the last couple inches of each stalk and then soak them for five minutes in cold water. The hydrating will help them cook more rapidly. ( Five minutes, only, or they will get too wet.). 

Put a pan on for pasta water. Choose a pasta that has some length, a skinny spaghettini or perhaps the strozzepreti, that softens. Add plenty of salt.

Heat the saute pan with a couple inches of water, bring to boil, add salt and the asparagus and let bubble for a minute or two, until the asparagus just starts to soften. Pull them out and let the asparagus cool on a paper towel, on a cold plate.
Slice the two small spring onions and cut the morels in half, vertically. Dry and heat the saute pan on medium, add olive oil and some butter, and when foaming, add the onions, some salt and then the mushrooms and stir. You want it to mix together, with a little heat. Let that bubble for a minute and then add a thin sliced garlic clove, stir and add two tablespoons of dry white wine, or prosecco. Stir again, and turn the heat down and cover the pan.

Cut the asparagus, diagonally, keeping the tips separate. Add the pasta to the boiling water - use less pasta than you might, this is not a pasta dish, this is asparagus reunited with the morels and the onions and the garlic, for spring.

Take the lid off the morels, stir and if too dry, add a tablespoon of the pasta water. Add the asparagus pieces, the body first and then the tips 30 seconds later and some cracked pepper. Stir and stir to mix, some salt, a new tablespoon of cold butter and a minute or so later, it should all be done. The asparagus and morels should both be soft but not limp, strong and pleased. Strain the pasta and add, while it is still soaking wet and let it cook with the crew for a moment to mix. The dish is ready, and ready to be finished.

Grate some pecorino atop, it has a little sharpness and will also melt a little. Some chopped parsley or basil, a little pepper and a line of good olive oil. Check for salt, the two lead singers both love a little salt.

(Morels can be difficult to find. You can use, instead, fava beans, or spring peas, or prosciutto, or a mix of. But try the best to find where you can buy or pick morels).
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