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FracFocus Celebrates Its Fifth Anniversary

Five years ago, the Ground Water Protection Council and Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission partnered with a vision to provide the public a one-stop site to access information on chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing operations by location. The partners launched, the national hydraulic fracturing chemical disclosure registry on April 11, 2011.

As the site celebrates its fifth anniversary, what began as a voluntary reporting site with 37 participating companies, now has more than 1,000 companies reporting chemical data for nearly 110,000 hydraulic fracturing operations nationwide.  Additionally, because of its success, 23 states now either require or allow companies to disclose chemical data via FracFocus.
“We’re extremely proud of FracFocus and how it has revolutionized the standard for hydraulic fracturing chemical disclosure,” said Mike Paque, GWPC executive director. “We’re excited about the future as we continue to grow and evolve, allowing us to improve the user and reporting company experiences and to further improve public transparency.”

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Project Updates

State of Nebraska Class II UIC Peer Review Now Available

GWPC announces the publication of the second in its series of Class II UIC program peer reviews conducted under the revamped peer review process.  This process, a joint GWPC and States First initiative, is designed to assist states by evaluating their Class II UIC programs, recognizing the positive aspects of programs, and offering suggestions for improvement.  

This review of the State of Nebraska was finalized in April, 2016 by a team of Class II program managers from other state programs and overseen by the GWPC.  We would like to thank the State of Nebraska and the staff of the Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission for their assistance to the review team and we look forward to working with other states as we move forward with additional reviews.

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Natural Gas Storage Work Group Now Collecting Information

A national Natural Gas Storage Work Group led by states from across the country, the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC) and GWPC announced it has begun collecting pertinent information from participating states to proactively aid in progressing state natural gas storage programs and addressing regulatory challenges.

The work group, which was formed last month, is an example of states working together to address common issues.

The states will review the data collected in order to: proactively address natural gas storage facilities and state regulations, complement the differing databases to the greatest extent possible, and recognize aging infrastructure concerns, while identifying technological advancements and establishing proper and consistent operating procedures.

The work group will provide an update on data collected and the future direction of the group at the IOGCC Annual Business Meeting in Denver, Colo., this May. Those interested can view the agenda on the IOGCC Web site:

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Science & Technology

Trap and Neutralize: A New Way to Clean Contaminated Groundwater

(Science Daily)

A team of researchers from Washington University in St. Louis has helped discover a new chemical method to immobilize uranium in contaminated groundwater, which could lead to more precise and successful water remediation efforts at former nuclear sites.

Researchers in the lab of Daniel Giammar, the Walter E. Browne Professor of Environmental Engineering in the School of Engineering & Applied Science, ran a series of experiments in a laboratory setting using water containing uranium -- present in contaminated groundwater at various sites in the United States as a legacy of Cold War-era processing and waste disposal activities associated with nuclear materials production.

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Support the GWREF

The Ground Water Research & Education Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c) 3 corporation dedicated to promoting research and education related to the protection of groundwater. 

For more information on GWREF projects or on how your organization can provide support, contact Len Erikson at 405.516.4972,, or vist

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