Essential Lighting for Emergency Operations

Nighttime visibility is vital to emergency response operations. Airstar Safety Lighting can help save lives in all types of situations including:

  • Police Checkpoints and Site Security
  • Field Hospitals and Tent Lighting
  • Base Camps and Forward Operations Centers
  • First Response, Rescue, and Emergency Management

Airstar lighting is registered on the FEMA Cache List. Our products are glare-free, provide 360-degree coverage, and are engineered with the latest LED technology to reduce power consumption and run for thousands of hours.

We proudly manufacture and stock products in the USA. If you have questions or would like more information, contact us today.

Battery-Operated: Sirocco LED 12,300 lm

Our self-contained battery lighting kit makes it easy to have light in any situation. Highly functional light when and where you need it most!


Coverage: 3,425 ft²
Max power: 125 W
Voltage: 48 VDC
Lumens: 12,300 lm
Battery Life: Up to 8 hr

60 W and 240 W versions also available!
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Wide Area Coverage: Sirocco LED 75,000 lm

Airstar's Sirocco LED 75,000 lumens is the perfect combination of output and portability. Power two to three units on a 2000 W generator!


Coverage: 20,100 ft²
Max power: 600 W
Voltage: 110-220 V AC
Amps: 5.8 AC amps
Lumens: 75,000 lm

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Highly Portable: Sirocco LED 50,000 lm

Airstar's Sirocco LED 50,000 lumens is lightweight and very portable and is our best value lighting! On demand lighting that won't overtax your generator!


Coverage: 12,450 ft²
Max power: 400 W LED
Voltage: 110-220 V AC
Amps: 5.4 AC / 19 DC
Lumens: 50,000 lm

Available in 24 V DC!
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Download Our Safety Lighting Catalog

Check out our latest catalog to view our full range of Safety Lighting!
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A Note About COVID-19

The United States of America is suffering greatly as a result of COVID-19 and Airstar is committed to delivering powerful light to guide our emergency response teams through this time of darkness. 

At this time, we are still fully operational. We have taken a number of steps to keep our people and facilities safe and plan on continuing to serve our community until the crisis is over.

Airstar America - Safety Division Team

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