From a Place of Love

As a faith leader you have witnessed firsthand the devastating impact and cumulative toll of the COVID-19 pandemic. Members of your community have been through so much these past few years – food and housing insecurities, families and businesses suffering great losses, not to mention the crushing effects of isolation and loneliness. You may have even lost members of your congregation.

Now there is hope.

We invite you to show your love for your neighbor by taking care of yourselves and others by getting vaccinated and feeling confident in discussing COVID-19 with your community.

Challenging Misinformation

COVID vaccines have not only brought a sense of hope, but also many questions. It is crucial to dispel misinformation and encourage people to get vaccinated. Providing accurate, scientifically vetted information is essential. We also know that COVID-19 has disproportionately affected our most vulnerable communities. We understand that there can be a lack of trust in the medical system, and, at times, it is easy to listen to misinformation that is colored by the lens of fear of the unknown.

With your help, we can overcome this.

Our “We Walk By Faith” Pastor’s Toolkit has been developed to help faith leaders, like you, dispel misinformation and encourage people to get vaccinated.

Our pastor’s toolkit includes a free, online orientation session. This special event features a panel of leading health professionals from our own communities that will share the latest developments in COVID-19, Monkeypox, treatment, and prevention. Experts will answer your questions and provide caring guidance. Beyond the orientation, our toolkit is filled with the most current resources so you can be confident in helping support the needs of your congregation to the best of your ability.

Your Trusted Voice

Faith leaders, like you, have the capacity, unlike any other community organization to reach the very people who need help the most. The trust your community gives you and the intimate connection you have play a vital role in how a community responds to public health messaging – like COVID-19 vaccinations.

Show your community how much you love them by caring for them.

There is Still Work to Be Done

This is an important moment – a calling to help. Please join us for this lifesaving, FREE orientation event. Help us change the trajectory on COVID-19 for your place of worship. You can play an important role not only in the prevention of COVID but in the very fabric of community healing.

Join us as “we walk by faith” with you through this informative toolkit and current resources to help meet the needs of your congregation.