"...I can see that this is going to be a film like no other..."  
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"And even though it's a time of danger, maybe we are about to be free.”
--Gloria Steinem
Dear Friends,
It has been a while since we have had a chance to update you on the progress of our current film on Andrea Dworkin. As 2016 comes to an end we have incredibly exciting news to share, with more coming in 2017. Read On!
Fury & Tenderness is now
My Name Is Andrea

We have changed the name of the film to My Name Is Andrea. The new name speaks directly to the unique structure & creative vision of the film.
In our quest to explore who Andrea Dworkin was, the film exposes the ongoing violence inflicted on women’s bodies and spirits across the globe. That's why the film features five diverse actresses — each one evoking a different aspect, experience & decade of Andrea Dworkin's life.
You Did It!

We are so happy to announce that with your support we raised the finance we needed to shoot and edit the first 12 minutes of the film! 
This, as you know, is something of a minor miracle.
As women of color indie filmmakers who make politically challenging work, securing funding is the biggest challenge we face. Especially when we’re doing something that crosses multiple genres.

A profound gratitude to so many of you— including a group of wonderful women who came together & organized a fundraising house party in Berkeley this fall. Without your support we would not have made the immense progress we have.
Pratibha on set with actress and activist Amandla Stenberg who plays young Andrea.
The first 12 minutes of the film has had a profound impact on everyone who has seen it.

Gloria Steinem said "...I can see that this is going to be a film like no other -- lyrical, poetic, referential, journalistic, placed in time, deep, complicated....   And it was so moving to me to see what I assume truly is Andrea as a little girl. Nobody but you could take her on as a human being, thinker, rebel and writer and unique force in the world -- and I'm proud to be there with Andrea as a raging prophet."

And we did it because of you—our community of politically engaged, courageous and generous feminists!
Little did we know when we started this project that the US would elect a president who normalises violence against women. In fact, as we write this, the Trump team has just ominously asked the U.S. State Department for a list of every program and job that promotes gender equality.

We are in uncharted territory.
But we must forge ahead, and heeding the words of Gloria Steinem, proceed as if we are about to be free.

Wait...there's more!

We are excited to share with you even more:

  • Gloria Steinem, an iconic figure who needs no introduction, has joined the project as one of the Executive Producers. Gloria has been a guiding light to many during these times of “reckoning & rebellion.” 
  • The wonderful Julie Parker Benello (Co-founder of Chicken & Egg Pictures ) has also joined as Executive Producer. Julie has helped bring numerous award-winning and acclaimed independent films to the screen, and is committed to supporting women storytellers who work at the cutting edge of social change.
  • We continue to enjoy working with the British Film Institute (one of our funders) who were deeply moved by the 12 minute work in progress with Amandla Stenberg (who you would recognize as Rue from the Hunger Games or more recently, from Beyonce’s Lemonade).  We are grateful for this film industry support.

We will share more exciting news about the stellar cast that has joined the film in the New Year.  We promise, you’ll be wowed.
On this Winter Solstice, a time of endings and new beginnings, please join with us and support our intention to finish our film in 2017. 
We close with a quote from the singer and poet Leonard Cohen who we lost this year. He beautifully describes the surprising power of Andrea Dworkin’s work.

“…the whole range of arguments in that book is quite radical and complex and beautiful. It’s the first book [Intercourse by Andrea Dworkin] I’ve read by an author, masculine or feminine, that has a defiance of the situation, which is deeply subversive in the holy sense – it’s other-worldly. She says that this world is stained by human misconception, that men and women have wrong ideas – even if they are ten million years old and come from the mouth of god, they are still wrong! The position in that book is so defiant and passionate that she creates another reality and just might be able to manifest it. It’s from that kind of appetite, with the way things are that new worlds arise, so I have deep admiration for Andrea Dworkin.” 
-- Leonard Cohen, from Read Leonard Cohen’s exclusive interview with Hot Press from 1988 by Joe Jackson (Hot Press: 11 Nov 2016)
With gratitude and love, and hopes for inspired resistance and renewal.

Pratibha and Shaheen,
San Francisco Bay Area | London
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