CIArb Irish Branch July 2016 Newsletter
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Welcome to the CIArb Irish Branch July 2016 Newsletter. The purpose of this newsletter is to update, on the current and future events planned by the branch and to request feedback and comments in respect to any aspect of your branch's operations. As PRO, I look forward to receipt of any comments from members in respect to any aspect of the Branch communication. Please do not hesitate to submit items for review for inclusion in future newsletters.
Keith Kelliher, PRO CIArb Irish Branch

CIArb Irish Branch Chairmans Message

Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
(Irish Branch)
Chairman’s Message July 2016
In recent weeks our Branch Committee have been very active on a number of fronts.  A working group has been established to consider how best to renew and update our Branch website to make it fit for purpose for both our members and the wider community who may be seeking advice on a training and education course or on how to make a request for the appointment of a dispute resolver.

I am happy to report that formal requests for nominations for appointment of arbitrators, mediators and conciliators continue to be received by the Branch both where we are listed as a nominating body in a particular contract or on an ad-hoc basis. We continue to engage with representatives of our existing schemes by way of continuous improvement and I feel that it is important for the Branch to maintain its position in the business and legal community as the premier body which should be listed for nominations for contract disputes or as a body which is best placed to make an ad-hoc nomination in the absence of same..........
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Gerard Monaghan,
CIArb Irish Branch Chair


CIArb Irish Branch Adjudication Panel

The CIArb Irish Branch are delighted to announce that the CIArb Irish Branch Adjudication Panel and dedicated Adjudication website ( will be Launched on the evening of 25th July 2016 in Dublin.
The event will take place at the Pearse Street Library in Dublin from 6:30pm to 8pm. The event will mark the commencement of the Construction Contracts Act 2013 whilst also launching the CIArb Irish Branch dedicated Adjudication website and Panel. The CIArb are committed to supporting the education and training of Adjudicators and those working in Adjudication generally and this event will further highlight this commitment.
The Branch is delighted to have Mr Justice Brian McGovern, head of the commercial court and the designated arbitration judge for Ireland, on hand to launch the event and say a few words.

The branch has also produced a short brochure for adjudication a copy of which is available to download here
We cordially invite all members and non members to this event and kindly ask that you register for the event by sending an email here 

Members may also be aware that the code of practice for adjudication was recently issued and a copy is available here

The department has also released details of an information campaign that they intend to commence  and Mr Loughlin Quinn, Director of the Construction Contracts Adjudication Service has released an article in respect to same. The information campaign notice is located here.

CIArb Irish Branch Annual Dinner 2016

The CIArb Irish Branch annual dinner is taking place on Friday the 11th November 2016 at the Marker Hotel in Dublin's Docklands. Following on from the success of our Centenary Dinner, at the same venue, we look forward to what promises to be a wonderful evening.

Booking information for the event is available on our website here

A Sponsorship opportunity is available and anyone interested in supporting the event can contact Terence O'Keeffe here for further details. 

Education and Training

Upcoming Courses (confirmed)

Click for further Details & Booking

Upcoming Courses (not yet confirmed)

The following courses are currently under development and expressions of interest in participating in any of the courses are welcome (click to register your interest):

CIArb Trustee Election for Ireland

CIArb in London have announced the following:

Trustee Elections 2016

You are invited to nominate eligible members as candidates for Trustee of the Institute for your region.

Eligible members for election are either Fellows or Members (FCIArb or MCIArb) of the Institute whose principle place of residence is in the region for which they wish to stand.  

Elections are due to be held this year for six positions on the Board of Trustees. The elected Trustees will serve from 1st January 2017 for a term of four years.  The five regions involved in the elections are:

Americas – one vacancy;

Australasia – one vacancy;
Great Britain – two vacancies;
Europe – one vacancy; and
Ireland – one vacancy.

Please click here to access a Nomination Form which must be completed and returned to CIArb no later than 17.00 BST Sunday 31st July 2016 by either:

1.    email to
2.    or by post to 12 Bloomsbury Square, London WC1A 2LP
3.    or by fax to 0044 (0)20 7404 4023

Instructions as to how to complete the nomination are set out on the form.

Sharing And Learning Group

"It is a fact that a significant number of our members who have accredited as mediators over time have had little or no opportunity to gain the experience required to keep their skills and knowledge up to date.”
By the same token, a lot of our members have had such opportunities and some have indicated a willingness to share their experience and knowledge with their fellow members.
In the light of this fact the Irish Branch of CIArb wish to invite interested Accredited Mediators from within its membership base to join a Mediation Sharing and Learning Group. This invitation also extends to those in our ranks who have accredited through the Mediators Institute of Ireland and who are also members of CIArb Irish Branch. Equally the invitation extends to our colleagues in the Norther Ireland Chapter of CIArb. 
In the light of the most recent announcements by the An Tanaiste and Minister for Justice regarding her commitment to publish the Mediation Bill in 2016, we believe it is important that all accredited mediators keep up to date in terms of knowledge, skills and experience gained. A willingness to commit to a voluntary participation in continuous professional development activities helps in this regard.
One positive method of doing this is by setting up a number of Sharing and Learning Groups nationwide.  However, to test the water and assess the interest in such an initiative we are starting with one group. This will be based and located at the Dublin Dispute Resolution Center. Other Sharing and Learning Groups may be set up depending on interest and take-up from this invitation.   
There are some guidelines required to put some structure and shape on the business of the Group, and they are as follows,

  1. Each Sharing and Learning Group must have at least one experienced Accredited Mediator of at least 3 years standing as a permanent member  of the Group
  2. An experienced Accredited Member of the Group must be present at all meetings of the Sharing and Learning Group
  3. Each member of the Group must be a member of CIArb and have their fees in order.
  4. Each Group should comprise of members from different background and categories
  5. Each Group should comprise of 12 to 15 members
  6. The Group should meet at intervals of 4 to 6 weeks, and they can be held at lunchtime, early morning or early evening, or by arrangement and should not take longer than 1.5hours
  7. The Group should agree to appoint a Chairperson (this can be for each meeting or for a period of time and a facilitator who will be responsible for convening meetings, recording minutes and certifying attendance including case presentations made to the Group.
  8. The Agenda for the meetings should be;
  • The agenda for the previous meeting
  • Minutes of the previous meeting which must be approved by those who attended the meeting and signed and dated by the Chair
  • Case/s presentations. They may include, case presentations, a review of an article or book or discussion on a matter of interest to the Group
  • A number of meeting dates should be agreed in advance along with the identification of who will present a case or presentation for that meeting.
  • Any other business
  • Briefing to members of the Group on issues being dealt with by CIArb
  • Date of Next meeting

Jim Halley has offered to be the Facilitator / Convener of the first Sharing and Learning Group and all interested applications for membership should be sent to him by clicking here
Further inquires and clarification from Jim Halley at 087 2604614

CIArb Project Mediation & Dispute Avoidance (PMDA) SIG

CIArb Project Mediation & Dispute Avoidance (PMDA)
Special Interest Group
 ‘Prevention is always better than Cure’
Differences will always occur on construction projects as well as projects in other sectors and parties require a dispute solving device. Project mediation and adjudication in some instances are now moving further up the construction process to the currency of the project, principally in the form of Dispute Boards, ‘a progressive dispute avoidance and resolution process’; this is a developing area for dispute avoidance and early resolution on medium to large projects. Good relationships are key to resolving problems as they arise on projects and investment in this area has proved to be a very wise one. Fundamentally, the different versions of progressive project mediation and dispute boards are the same, each providing early resolution based on the contractual bargain between the for full message

CIArb Peer interview for Fellowship

To apply for Peer Interview from Ireland (further details available on website here)

  1. Please complete the Peer Interview Application Form and return it to Member Services in London.
  2. Please send payment of £200 with your application form to CIArb in London
  3. Once you have been approved by CIArb London the Irish Branch will be notified and the Branch will make contact with you to arrange your peer interview. Peer Interviews are run a number of times per calander year.

Click on Information for Overseas Candidates Information for Overseas Candidates and the Overseas Peer Interview Registration Form Overseas Peer Interview Registration Form

Payment details for Peer Interview are available via the following link: 2013 Peer Interview Fees 2015 Peer Interview Fees

For enquiries to apply for Peer Interview, please contact Kamal Hussain in London

Get Connected with the Irish Branch

Stay in touch with the CIArb Irish Branch on social media in order to stay up to date with events, education and training news. 

CIArb Irish Branch Contacts

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Vice Chair                            Bill Holohan
Hon Secretary                     James O'Donoghue
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