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You Are The Perfect Age To Get Smart About Money — April 18, 2017
Whether you are eight or 28 or 88, if you aren't in control of your money, now is the perfect age to start. Sure there are ideals, but that ship has sailed. Don't waste time looking back. Take control. Be proactive. Learn what you need to learn and make smarter decisions. Move forward. You are the perfect age to make better financial decisions today than you did yesterday. (And so are your kids!) It all starts with you starting. 
Your Kids Need A Budget Sooner Than You Think | Whiteboard Wednesday: Episode 114

The Perfect Age To Start Budgeting With Your Kids  

Your kids need a budget sooner than you think. We've landed on eight. Eight is the perfect age to start budgeting with your kids. They are old enough to understand, to learn from their mistakes, and to benefit from good choices. But young enough to accept your rules—ours include giving ten percent, and then saving half of the remaining balance. So, start a new budget for your kids and work with them on it. Don't you wish someone taught you to budget when you were eight? Exactly. 

Money Lessons I Wish I Had Learned When I Was 25

Money Lessons I Wish I Had Learned When I Was 25

Mariah, 25, works for a museum and Chris, 26, is a motion graphics designer, and they are just completely ordinary twenty-somethings. Except not at all because they are debt-free and annoyingly smart with their money. If only we were all like Mariah and Chris in our twenties,.. actually let's not think about it. It's too depressing. Oh, you know, just a few little nuggets like this one: "If you are thinking you don’t need a budget I can say that I was with you, I never thought I needed to stress myself with tracking every little thing but the amount of money I am saving simply by being aware is crazy. If you want to feel peace around your finances and spend your valuable time focusing on other things, try YNAB. Like anything, it requires you to put in some effort but the return on your investment is beyond worth it.”

5 Teenage Decisions That Helped Make Me Rich

5 Teenage Decisions That Helped Make Me Rich 

On the Make Smarter Decisions blog—we can't help but love the name—there's a great post about decisions you can make when you are young that contribute to your financial health, perspective and earning power as an adult. We thought it was good solid thinking for all the ages, especially because it starts here: "I’ll side with author Harvey Mackay, that “Being rich isn’t about money. Being rich is a state of mind.” And I think having a rich state of mind comes a lot easier when you’ve made a few smart decisions. It’ll likely lead you to the kind of rich that everyone else thinks of too…"

But How Old Should Your Money Be?

But How Old Should Your Money Be? 

First of all, Age of Money, is just one metric. It isn't intended to be the end-all, be-all of your financial health. It isn't the only number or the most important number even. It is just one more way to measure how you are doing. Age of Money tells you, on average, how many days you let your dollars sit before having to spend them, and put them to work doing the jobs they’ve been assigned. That is all. You want to see your Age Of Money stay above 30. It makes things so much easier. You can budget less frequently, set your bills on autopay (no timing paychecks to bills!), and your stress levels will plummet. Older is great, of course, but we think 30 days is the sweet spot. 


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