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Contemporary Visions of Frantz Zéphirin: Haitian Mystic

Through April 16th

Image: The Visitors, Frantz Zéphirin
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Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Polasek Museum’s year-end campaign.  Because of your generous support, we received 158 gifts in 2016 totaling $55,594 as well as an estate gift of $117,194.  We are so thankful for your support of the Polasek and grateful to begin 2017 on solid ground to do even more to contribute to local arts, culture, and historic preservation.  Thank you!
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Polasek Receives $40,000 Grant for Winter Park Paint Out 2017
Thank you to Orange County Arts & Cultural Affairs for awarding the Polasek Museum a Cultural Tourism Grant for the fourth year in a row to support the Winter Park Paint Out. Cultural Tourism funding seeks to elevate the status of Central Florida’s arts and culture to that befitting a world-class community by enhancing the Orlando-area’s arts and cultural identity, present quality arts and culture experiences, and promote tourism. The Polasek is proud that its 9th Annual Winter Park Paint Out was chosen for this competitive grant award.
Summer of Love: Reflections on Pulse is a themed exhibition based around the concept of art transcending hate. Click here to apply.
Become a Patron of the Winter Park Paint Out!

The 9th Annual Winter Park Paint Out Patron Program is the best deal in town for art collectors. Patrons receive ticket(s) to all special events & their support amount go towards the price of a painting. CLICK HERE to support the Paint Out today!
The month of January is typically a month for making and breaking resolutions and post-holiday blues, but I thought it would be nice to take a moment a reflect on what the month of January meant to Albin Polasek. No doubt when Polasek pictured his childhood home during this month, he would conjure an image of an oil lamp burning near his carved Nativity scene and perhaps picture his little sister and mother nearby its soft glow.  The Nativity is the earliest piece we have in our collection from our artist, carved beginning circa 1892 and added to over the coming years.

This imperfectly perfect and sincere grouping was worked on sporadically, during off moments while he was at home in-between chores until the age of 15, and then later, he worked on carving extra figures in Vienna while he was an apprentice at the age of 16.  Young Polasek’s Nativity became a central part of his family’s Christmas celebrations, and the little lamp was dutifully lit through the month of January for the Epiphany, and snuffed on Candlemas at the beginning of February. For those not familiar with the Roman Catholic feast day of the Epiphany, it celebrates the visit of the three kings, wise men, or magi to the Christ Child.  The date of Epiphany is one of the oldest Christian feasts, and is typically celebrated January 6, on the 12th day after Christmas.  If the later phrase has just stirred your neurons, you may be jumping to the “Twelve Days of Christmas” classic English carol, wherein the tradition of lavish gift-giving culminates with twelves drummers drumming… or perhaps you’re thinking more along the lines of William Shakespeare’s “Twelve Night” comedy, in which all things are topsy-turvy?  A fascinating history if you care to delve deeper into the myriad of rituals for the holiday of the Epiphany, but for the present, let us simplify the chaos of the post-Christmas season and light a candle, and think of our loved ones, as young Albin and his family would have done. Next time you take a tour of Albin Polasek’s historic home, take a closer look at the Nativity, the prize work-in-progress and treasured family heirloom.

It’s the beginning of a new year, and that means a fresh start, new smiling faces, and the hope that this year will be a beautiful one! Here at the Albin Polasek Museum, we are going to strive to make this year the best one yet, but we know that we could not accomplish any of it without the help of our volunteers. The holiday season is always busy for everyone, so this time of year is when we rely most on our dedicated volunteers who generously give their time to us. One such volunteer that has given an exorbitant amount of hours to us is Chris Leary.

Chris started volunteering for the Polasek in 2015 and has since been such an incredible addition to our team. Within a year and a half, Chris has put in over 608 hours in our gardens! Originally hailing from New York, Chris is now a resident of Winter Park, FL. Chris first heard about our volunteer opportunity through a previous board member, and felt that he “wanted to contribute to something worthwhile in the community.” His favorite qualities about volunteering here include having the opportunity to work with other fantastic volunteers, being able to hone his knowledge and skills and use it towards a great cause, and being able to improve and support “such a gem of a place.” In his free time, Chris enjoys playing his guitar, carpentry, stock trading, and like so many other Floridians, golfing and landscaping. Chris is always a great person to talk to, and has a vast knowledge of all things; especially the museum.
We are very thankful to have Chris on our team of volunteers, and as our newest Board of Trustees Member! Thank you, Chris, for donating your time to Polasek Museum. We can’t wait to see what this new year brings for all of us!
If you are interested in becoming a part of the volunteer community here at the Polasek Museum, we would love to hear from you! Please contact our volunteer coordinators to discuss our volunteer opportunities.
Erin Carter/Erin Offenback, Volunteer Coordinators and Visitor Services Administrators
The Crown of Thorns is a woody succulent. The common name refers to legend that a crown of thorns was placed on Christ’s head at the crucifixion. It is also said that the number of flowers on a crown of thorns plant foretells the luck of the plant keeper.

Come visit our beautiful gardens and find the crown of thorns. Share your photos with us using @polasekmuseum or #polasekmuseum.
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