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Special AGM Edition
River Canoe Club
2016 Annual General Meeting
Saturday 30th July 2016
Location: River Canoe Club - Richardson Avenue, Tempe
Theme: Historias junto a la hoguera (Tales by the campfire)
Dinner:  Roast
2pm Pre-AGM Paddle - Botany Bay (15kms Club house out into Botany Bay - contact Andy if interested)
6pm Spit Watching, Drinks, Nibbles and chatting to Basil
6.30pm AGM - see agenda below
7pm Close of AGM
7.01pm Dinner, Drinks (Beer $2) and Socialising (Pulled Pork Tortillas and vegetarian options $10 per head)
7.45pm Special Guest - Richard Barnes
8.15pm Members stories by the fireplace
10pm Fire out, clean up and home to bed

Please note: The post-AGM paddle is postponed
Richard Barnes is a legend in the paddling community - he is the epitome of the adventure paddling - PNSW 2013-14 Masters Paddler of the Year - more than 30 Hawkesbury Classics, 14 Murray Marathons, multiple Bass Strait crossings, 53 day circumnavigation of Tasmania and known to complete crosswords during the WomDomNom - be inspired to learn more about adventure paddling
RSVP: Please RSVP Dee at so we can cater appropriately.  Vegetarian options are available.
AGM Agenda
6.30pm Commencement
President's opening and welcome
Acceptance of 2015 AGM minutes
Committee Member reports
Adoption of 2015-16 Financial Report
2015-16 Committee Stand Down
Election of Returning Officer by members present
Election of members for the 2016-17 Committee
7pm Close of Meeting
PROXY: If you are unable to attend the AGM, a proxy form is attached which enables you to offer your vote to another member.  The proxy forms must be sent ( or handed to the Secretary no later than 24 hours prior to the start of the AGM.

For the use of the River Canoe Club member who is unable to attend the Annual General Meeting of the River Canoe Club of New South Wales Incorporated.

I, ..............................................
Print Name (a financial member of he River Canoe Club of NSW for more than one year)

of .............................................
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hereby appoint:

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who is a financial member of the River Canoe Club as my proxy to vote on my behalf at the Annual General Meeting of the RCC to be held on 30th July 2016 and any adjournment of that meeting.

Signed................................................   Date: .......................
Signature of member appointing proxy

Email replies will be deemed signed by the sender

This form must be received by the Executive Committee 24 hours prior to the scheduled commencement of the meeting.

Any one River Canoe Club member may hold no more than 5 proxies.
President's Report:  All organisations are under pressure. Our communities are changing, technology is having an impact, and no one owes this club a future.  The committee this year has set about the task on building on its long history to ensure it is relevant, accessible and enjoyable to new and old members.  We celebrated our 80th birthday, and we welcomed the new. Our new beginners program saw the end of the highly inefficient 'come and try' days and enable the flood of new members into the club.  Trips brimmed with eager new members keen for fitness, adventure and new friendships.  We stripped the club house of equipment long left behind. We have a plan to restock our boats, paddles and accessories. We have a new trailer on order.

Club membership is one indicator of organisational health - on this score it has been a successful year.

Club finances are another indicator - but finances need to serve a purpose, so committee members are actively considering options to spend money responsibly to create better member services.

Club participation is another indicator - here the club has been very successful - a wonderful mix of old and new members getting out in most weather, in bizarre locations across the state, to participate in sedate and crazy trips alike. For the eight club members who gorged themselves on fish and chips at Patonga - you know what I mean.

As President, I am extremely grateful for all the efforts of all our volunteers.  We simple would be nothing without volunteers.
Andy Singh road tests new Mexican Santa hat at the 2015 Xmas post party paddle. After a big night, and an early morning paddle, we watched our kayaks drift away on the high tide as we enjoyed our bacon and eggs.  Once kayaks were recovered, silly hats prevailed on the final paddle to the end of Cabbage Tree Basin.
Vice President's Report:  Our Vice President is rarely lost for words, she has opinions and will let you know all about them.  Good thing she is pretty much always right.  Rarely will she put words to paper, especially to detail her own efforts.  So let me write her report.  As the club vice president, Lynn has done a fantastic job in her liaison with PNSW, representing our interests, and all paddlers, on the PaddleNSW Board.  She has done a fantastic job in mentoring younger and older paddlers and committee members. She was pivotal in bringing back so many older members for the 80th anniversary.  She pours a mean beer on a long afternoon overlooking Roseville Chase.  She is unflappable in the face of stupid questioning at the NSW Boat Show.  She is a patient and knowledgable instructor at the beginning sessions.  She is a supportive and constructive member of the committee.  She has be recognised over and over again for her long efforts as a volunteer in paddling, and yet again she put in great effort.
Lynn Parker (in her matching Subaru jacket) being awarded the Order of Merit by the NSWOC Executive for 2015.
Secretary's Report:  

There is Form 502B to be completed for the Government, there are records that have to kept in case they decide to audit us and then of course there are the peculiarities of the Aust. Canoeing Membership System to be dealt with.  Not glamourous but one of the many activities needed to keep our Club going forward as we enter our 81st year.
And looking back what a year we had!  We had our 80th birthday celebrations at Yarramundi on the Hawkesbury River, four members attempted and completed the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic and seven members paddled the WomNomDom, raising funds for the Black Dog Institute.  Plus of course the Spring and Autumn Safaris and the many trips organised on everything from whitewater to outside the heads.  But probably most important was the huge effort put in by Rob, and other members on-water, to organise and run three Beginners Programs.  These were highly successful, attracting 45 new members to Rivers, and helped boost membership to 130.
Lastly, on the back of the Beginners Program, we successfully applied for a grant of $4,500 from the NSW Government Local Sport Grant Program to purchase a kayak trailer capable of carrying up to 12 kayaks.
Simon and Tracy accepting the Trailer Grant from Jo Haylen, State Member for Summer Hill.
Treasurer's Report:  Hats off to our Treasurer Scott Button who moved to Adelaide during the year, and continued on with his commitment.  It was an effort above and beyond the call of duty.  Financial statement is included below. 
White Water Convener's Report:  

My first year on the RCC committee as whitewater convenor and unfortunately I have to retire from the role prematurely with work taking me off to Thailand for a year. It has been a pleasure working with the committee and I’d especially like to thank Lynn Parker for her help and guidance (even though she guilty of roping me into the role in the first place!).
The Spring Safari was a success with a range of members coming together to paddle the snow melt in Canberra, the Snowies and Victoria. Unfortunately the Easter Safari had to be cancelled earlier this year due to a lack of rain anywhere in the state. It was a very dry Autumn but things have definitely improved over Winter and it is good to see members getting together to take advantage of all the recent rain!
We had a number of whitewater introductory weekends over the last year at Barrington, Childowlah and Penrith. We had very good attendance at all events, mostly thanks to Robert Walker’s excellent recruitment through the flatwater programme. It was great to see so many new paddlers giving it a go and I’m sure we’ll see many of them out on the water for future club events. A big thank you to the many club members who volunteered their time to help out with organisation, instruction, car shuttles and fetching swimmers and their equipment!
Good luck to the new whitewater convenor. Hopefully we can continue to grow this part of the club and I look forward to taking part in more club events when I return to Australia.
Flatwater Convenors's Report:  2015-16 Paddling Year was dominated by the introduction of a new Flatwater Beginners Program implemented to attract new members and provide opportunities for new members to improve their skills in a structured manner. The program consisted of three separate days over consecutive weekends with a Day 1 being introductions to the equipment and the club house with a short paddle from the club. Day 2 was a skills session with introduction to the paddle strokes as well as assisted rescues. Day 3 was a 15km paddle including a lunch stop to pull all the skills together and keep paddling for 15km.

The first program was held in November with 15 new members taking part a second session was held in February and due to the popularity morning and afternoon sessions were held to accommodate 30 people. This activity introduced 45 new financial members to the club and more importantly some keen and active members, who have gone on to do weekend trips and white water and sea kayak beginners courses.

Other than the Beginners Program the club also had at least one flatwater trip each month, mainly day trips around Sydney plus an overnight trip on Shoalhaven Gorge, Dunns Swamp and the 80th Birthday 25 Miler.

The Flatwater Convenor was well supported by experienced club members assisting with running trips through the year. It is important that the Convenor do not run all of the trips as other experienced member should be supported to run club trips.

Other initiatives to support the Flatwater development in the club include purchase of a new trailer which was lead by Tracy the club Secretary. Tracy managed to secure a government grant to pay for more than 90% of the new trailer which can carry 10+ sea kayaks. This will support future beginners programs and flatwater trips away from the club house be provided to members before AGM.
Open Water Convenor's Report:  Selfishly it was all about racing this year - the Myall Classic, the Hawkesbury Classic, a couple of marathon races - lots of training with other club members on the Woronora and Hawkesbury Rivers.  In between we had fun down at Maianbar playing in the surf, or heading out to sea to Malabar.  Plans are afoot for some more adventurous paddling next year.  There are 21 members signed up to the WomDomNom.  Kevin's going to organise a coastal run down to Stanwell Park.  The Sydney Circle in December has captured the imagination of many club members, and interest is stirring for a crossing of the Bass Strait in 2018.
Last minute face pulling before Dee Taylor, Andy Singh, Michael Dearing and Ian Teather set out for their night training paddle down the Hawkesbury.
Social Coordinator's Report:  

This year we started to concentrate on incorporating the social aspect of club life in with our paddles instead of mainly at the clubhouse.  Paddling to and from cafes for that mid-morning coffee, brunch or lunch: fish & chips at La Perouse and Patonga, coffee overlooking the beaches at Botany Bay or the tranquil waters at The Boatshed At Woronora.  On appropriate trips an esky full of cold drinks, tea/coffee making facilities and snacks has been in the back of a car for that after paddle refreshment.  We often get back from the paddle a little later than thought and the post paddle get together doesn’t always come together!
We have had several big events in 2015/16:  the resurrection of the 25 Miler on the Nepean in September to celebrate the club’s 80th birthday, a fabulous two day paddling event with an overnight camp and spit roast dinner which brought together old and new faces; and the paddling, food & drink extravaganza Christmas Party weekend in Maianbar.  We also had a couple of BBQs at the clubhouse including the Beginner’s Day in February and at the highly successful working bee in May. 
A big THANK YOU to all of you who have contributed your time and effort to all the socials and to those of you who came along to socialise.

Gathered around the Maianbar fireplace, club members recall feats of fun and daring during the 2015 xmas party
Webmaster's Report:   The website was redeveloped with new features including;
1. New calendar functionality was added that allows RCC events to be added directly to the club website. Repeating events and events with an attached map can now be added to promote club events. In addition, fridge lists and event lists can now be generated directly by the website rather than being manually generated by the Secretary.
2. Social media links were added to allow events and web site pages to be directly promoted via facebook and other social media. 

Despite some peaks around the time of beginners events, there has been a significant decrease in the number of visitors to the web site over the past year. From approx 1200/month in mid 2015 to approx 650/month for the corresponding months this year. I suspect this could be due to increasing use of facebook for posting trip photos. However facebook doesn't provide figures that could confirm this. Splash is no longer being archived on the site so that could also have had some impact.  

It's encouraging to see increasing interaction between members on facebook, but the web site is the likely first point of contact for the club. I suspect we need to ensure it remains fresh and has content to continue to draw visitors.
Communication Coordinator's Report:  Splash moved over the to the Mail Chimp format.  Many months passed before we worked out how we can post it onto the website.  Many thanks to Deb's early work.
House Coordinator's Report:  A successful working bee was held in May 2016 which had a great turn out of about 20 club members. Many housekeeping jobs were achieved and a great deal of old furniture and equipment (3 trailer loads) were carted off for reuse or disposal. Gutters were cleaned, walls scrubbed, cabinets & doors repaired and everyone enjoyed a sausage sizzle and curry prepared by Dee Taylor. 
Work is under way to prepare a grant application to the Building Stronger Communities fund to carry out a kitchen and bathroom renovation as well as obtain new carpet for the upstairs room for the Club House.
Basil shows off his box canoe design to other club members at the big cleanup in May.
Annual Accounts for the Year Ended 30 June 2016
  2015/2016 2014/2015
Memberships $7,032 $3,640
Boat storage $1,125 $700
Boat hire $2,240 $1,300
Club hire $880 $3,040
Flatwater tours $1,003 $608
Donations   $100
Council grant    
Bank interest $574 $421
Equipment sales   $2,340
Club key deposits $25 $50
Paddle NSW payable   $50
Misc. income   $89
Beginners weekend surplus $654  
Catering income $376  
Grant $4,504  
Total Income $18,414 $12,338
Bank fees $380 $275
Boat purchases $350 $1,650
Club maintenance $67 $345
Boat maintenance   $103
Affiliation fees Paddle NSW $330  
Power $1,062 $902
Water $670 $963
Postage   $7
Regulatory $54 $53
Goods for resale   $1,345
Catering/meetings $494 $526
Internet   $254
Insurance $408 $411
Misc. expenses $234 $595
Council grant expenses $229 $176
Marrickville Council $889  
Purchases (other)    
Total Expenses $5,169 $7,604
Surplus for Year Ended 30/06/2016 $13,246 $4,733
Cheque Account 30/06/2016 $33,729 $20,494
Term Deposits $18,488 $18,468
Petty Cash $42 $51
TOTAL FUNDS HELD 30 JUNE 2016 $52,259 $39,014

Annual General Meeting
Saturday 18th July 2015
1) President’s Opening and Welcome
2) Roll call of Attendees and Apologies
3) Acceptance of 2014 AGM Minutes
4) Committee Member Reports
5) Adoption of 2014- 2015 Financial Report.
6) Current Committee Stand Down.
7) Election of a Returning Officer by members present.
8) Election of Members to the Committee for 2015-16
9) Close of Meeting.
Meeting opened at 7.20pm.
1) President's Opening and Welcome: Tracy welcomed all to the 80th AGM, reminded all that we would be having our 80th Birthday Party 29th August 2015 as we officially opened on 28th August 1935.   Tracy thanked all who contributed to the AGM, and to those who have helped him being President over the last 2 years.

Jeff Cottrell was presented with an Honorary Membership to RCC for all his conservation and Waterways Guide work.  Jeff gave a brief presentation of how he started with his conservation work and Willow Warriors.
2) Present: Scott Button, Jeff Cottrell, Deborah Doherty, Paul Donohoe, Lubi Fiedlerova, Nell Graham, Tracy Hudson, Luke Knight, John Larsen, Teck Loi, Julie O’Connor, Alex Palm, Lynn Parker, Andy Singh, Basil Slaughter, Krisnani Suhartono, Dave Taylor, Dee Taylor, Robert Walker, Eke Woldring, Linda Milne.
Apologies: Pauline Bleach, Bruce Chisholm (proxy), Wendy Chisholm (proxy), George Cowen, Deb Cunneen (proxy), Colin Jones (proxy), Miriam Kolker, Damien Rose, Mark Wheeler (proxy), Zvia Zilber (proxy), Will Stone, Johannes Hendriks, Peter Tate
3) The 2014 AGM Minutes were confirmed, moved by Lynn Parker, seconded by Rob Walker.
4) The Committee member reports in the Special Edition of Splash were accepted as a true record of activities during the year, moved by Nell Graham, seconded John Larson.
5) The 2014 Financial Report as published in the Special Edition of Splash was accepted as true.  Moved by Andy Singh, seconded by David Taylor.  
6) The current committee stood down and Basil Slaughter was welcomed as the Returning Officer.
7) Basil thanked the outgoing committee for keeping the club going when others are closing  due to a lack of interest, that we should be proud that we are the oldest kayaking club in NSW. 
8) Election of Members to the Committee for 2015-16
President: Andy Singh nominated by Tracy Hudson, seconded by Nell Graham
Vice President: Lynn Parker nominated by Tracy Hudson, seconded by John Larsen.
Secretary: Tracy Hudson nominated by Dee Taylor, seconded by Deborah Doherty.
Treasurer: Scott Button nominated by Nell Graham, seconded by Alex Palmer
Web Master: John Larson nominated by Lynn Parker, seconded by  Dee Taylor.
Social Secretary: Dee Taylor nominated by Tracy Hudson, seconded by Deborah Doherty
Splash Editor: Deborah Doherty nominated by Dave Taylor, seconded by John Larsen.
House Officer: Nell Graham nominated by Dave Taylor, seconded by Alex Palm.
Safety & Training Officer: Johannes Hendriks nominated by Lynn Parker, seconded by Paul Donohoe
Whitewater  Convenor: Will Stone nominated by Lynn Parker, seconded by Rob Walker.
Flatwater  Convenor: Rob Walker nominated by Lynn Parker, seconded by John Larson  .
Openwater  Convenor: Andy Singh nominated by Nell Graham, seconded by Dee Taylor          
Basil announced that he is retiring as Returning Officer and asked Jeff Cottrell if he would be interested in the role.    Jeff Cottrell accepted.  Basil will still fulfill the role of Patron and Shuttle Bunny!
Basil introduced the new President Andy Singh.
Andy acknowledged Tracy as the parting president, and to the committee members who are leaving – George Cowen, Deborah Cunneen, Gary Luke, Alex Palm and KrisnanI Surhartono. He also acknowledged Basil’s instrumental contribution to the club over the years.

Andy agreed with Basil that clubs have a lot of challenges that the RCC needs to try to find a way to provide value for money to club members.  Andy also reported having spoken to club members who were unable to be at the AGM and that they were still very supportive of the club and of its training environment.
9) Close of Meeting 7.50 pm

POST AGM Paddle - Due to inclusion of the Pre-AGM paddle, the  post-AGM Sydney Harbour Coffee Run will be postponed to another date. 
Club Information
2015-16 Club Committee
President - Andy Singh 0414922979
Vice President - Lynn Parker - 0406428331
Secretary - Tracy Hudson - 0411024088
Treasurer - Scott Button - 0412392839
Flat Water Convener - Rob Walker 0408446017
Social - Dee Taylor - 0423831497
Splash Editor - Deborah Doherty - 0418243527
House Officer - Nell Graham - 0402267246
Deputy Treasurer - Simon Wilkes 0423779631
White Water Convenor - Will Stone 0468745736

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