80 years - same dreams - same rivers - new and old paddlers
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SPLASH - November 2015
Monthly magazine of the River Canoe Club
Who Are We: The River Canoe Club is the oldest and most diverse kayaking club in NSW. Drawing members from across NSW, the club is a community of paddlers committed to the pursuit of pleasure through the path of the paddle. White water, flat water, open water, marathon, canoe polo, social, ecological and fitness paddles -  all in one club.  The interests of our members defy categorisation.  This is the strength of the club, and why we have survived past our 80th birthday - the club is simply the sum of the interest and energy of members.
Short Message from the President

Somewhere between last month's Hawkesbury Classic and tomorrow's WomDomNom, there has been lots of activity within the club - white water & flat water trips, social paddles and events, canoe polo - the list goes on and on.  The beginners program started with a large number of new members, supported by an equally large number of club members willing to teach and assist.  

Its very interesting to watch new members commence their paddling journey - not much skill or knowledge, but so full of enthusiasm. Already most have two sessions under their belt.  I wonder where they will be in 12 months time.  Will they be tucked up safe in their beds, or will they preparing for their first WomDomNom. Will they be sitting in a cafe telling their friends of their adventures on the Spring Safari, or how they conquered both the Hawkesbury and the night. And that is the really exciting thing about paddling, the ramp up from novice to expert is largely determined by the time and effort a paddler is willing to put in. At the pointy end of the sport, in a large rapid, or an open sea, experience is a must, but before we get there, fun is aplenty.

Looking back at this year, the best thing I did was commit to the Hawkesbury. It gave me a goal, forced me to learn new skills, bonded me with my club member training partners.  In many ways this was my gold class event. It sits alongside the Easter and Spring Safaris and the WomDomNom as other gold class events - requiring commitment, aspiration, and upon completion, the paddler is never quite the same - their skills are enhanced, their knowledge built, and their endurance extended - with each gold class event a new plateau is reached, and the next challenge becomes a possibility.

So if our new members are to be successful in their transition to being obsessed with paddling, one of their first hurdles is to break out of bronze, to build their self sufficiency, and be ready, able and willing to paddle in more challenging events. And really there are no excuses - can't store a kayak at home, there's plenty of room in the club house - can't afford a kayak, thats what credit cards are for - can't find the time, dump your old friends and bond with some new paddling buddies. 

When someone joins the club and learns a new sport, they are attempting a personal change process. Like change processes at work, the majority will fail. Most personal transformations fail because, despite initial intentions, there is a failure to launch, failure to make enough progress to see the full benefits, and because the inertia of the status quo is so strong. Its quote sobering, most of our new paddlers will fail to make the transition to self sufficient, safe competent paddlers.

But don't get me wrong, this is a terrible outcome, but the most likely one to occur. So how can we help?  Our experienced members can plan some more silver level paddles - challenging and achievable. But at the end of the day, the responsibility for change sits with the individual. As a club, there is a whole cohort of paddlers waiting for you on the other side, at the bottom of main wave at Penrith, at the campsite, and at the finish line at Mooney Mooney. As  Rob say, we'll be there to help put your kayak on the car roof, but you have to paddle yourself.

I would like to welcome all new members to the club.  Don't be daunted by the transformation before you - be ambitious, commit to a goal, become obsessed - don't short sell your paddling dreams, the destination is worth the journey.

And speaking of destinations, don't forget our weekend at bernie's xmas party at Maianbar.

Regards ...  Andy 
Trip Reports
Click on the photo to view the galley of photos from the recent Tallowa Dam trip
Club members paddled the Turon River - fate unknown
Upcoming Events
Thurs 25th – Sun 29th Nov 2015 - WomDomNom
Ten Rivers paddlers are taking part this year, paddling for 4 days from Wellington to Narromine on the Macquarie River and raising funds for the Black Dog Institute.
Contact - Andy Singh  0414 922 979

Sun 29th Nov 2015 - Recreational Flat Water - Nepean Gorge

This is a day trip up the Nepean Gorge passing through Erskine Creek State Forest & the Blue Mountains National Park.  Depending on the group the aim is to paddle around 10 kms into the gorge, have lunch & return.  Grade SO1 so suitable for fit novices & touring kayaks of 4 meters. Bring lunch, snacks & enough water for the day.  Meet at the boat ramp in Tench Reserve ( at 9.00 am. 
NSW Waterways Guide - Nepean Gorge
Contact - Tracy Hudson  0411 024 088

Sat 5th – Sun 6th Dec 2015 - Recreational White Water - Introductory Weekend, Deua or Shoalhaven Rivers near Braidwood

This weekend is planned as a follow-up from the Beginners Program of the 15 & 22 November.  That means you have kayak wet exit, self-rescue and basic flatwater skills.  This weekend will expand these skills to managing up to Grade 2 rapids in a river setting.  Please refer to the RCC website to check out Whitewater and the competencies that will be the focus.  You will need to be a self-sufficient camper but we can provide the whitewater boats and equipment if you confirm by Monday December 1 to Lynn Parker or 0406 428 331.  Boats and their transport will cost $50 for the two day weekend.  For a small $35 event charge, we welcome all PaddleNSW members to try out their whitewater skills.  Experienced RCC whitewater paddlers are urged to help with the weekend. It will be great training for guiding if you are not already qualified.
NSW Waterways Guide -
Contact: - Lynn Parker  0406.428.331
Wed 8th Dec 2015Recreational Flat Water - Mid-Week Paddle
Beginner - Suitable for first timers and those just wanting to get out on water at a leisurely pace. These paddles will generally go up stream on the Cooks River or Wolli Creek. Please arrive at 5.45 pm (latest) for 6.00 pm on the water.
Contact - Nell Graham  0402 267 246

Sat 12th - Sun 13th Dec 2015 - Enhance Your Social Life – RCC Christmas Party

A weekend of paddling and partying at Andy’s Maianbar retreat.  Full details to be posted soon.  So stay posted!
Contact - Dee Taylor  0423 831 497

Sat 12th Dec 2015 - Freestyle Competition - Penrith White Water 

Freestyle Kayak are holding their annual Christmas Throwdown Competition
Tues 5th Jan 2016 - Recreational Flat Water - Mid-Week Paddle
Beginner - Suitable for first timers and those just wanting to get out on water at a leisurely pace. These paddles will generally go up stream on the Cooks River or Wolli Creek. Please arrive at 5.45 pm (latest) for 6.00 pm on the water. 
Contact - Nell Graham  0402 267 246

Sat 16th Jan 2016 - Recreational Flat Water - Southwest Arm, Port Hacking

Paddle into one of the Royal National Park's tidal creeks and see if we can find the waterfall at the end.
NSW Waterways Guide - No trips recorded - Please contribute
Contact - Rob Walker  0408 446 017
Tues 19th Jan 2016 - Flat Water - Mid-Week Paddle
Fitness Paddle - for those who want to paddle hard and increase their fitness. These paddles will go out towards Botany Bay and are suitable for more experienced paddlers as they require a higher level of skill and fitness as it can get windy. Please arrive at 5.45 pm (latest) for 6.00 pm on the water.
Contact - Nell Graham  0402 267 246
Sat 23rd – Tues 26th Jan 2016 - Recreational Moving Water - Long Weekend
Potential for an extend Club Trip.  Possibly on the Tumut or Murrumbidgee Rivers – Tumut to Gundagai or Gundagai to Wagga Wagga.
NSW River Trails -
Learn to Kayak on your Lounge
Click on Steve Fisher and watch a group of the world's best kayakers team up to create a film package designed to help you run your dream line. 
Doug Ammons explains why bigger is better - Read more in Splash's Special Sealed Section
Club Information
2015-16 Club Committee
President - Andy Singh 0414922979
Vice President - Lynn Parker - 0406428331
Secretary - Tracy Hudson - 0411024088
Treasurer - Scott Button - 0412392839
Flat Water Convener - Rob Walker
Social - Dee Taylor - 0423831497
Splash Editor - Deborah Doherty - 0418243527
White Water Convener - Will Stone
Safety & Training - Jo Hendricks
House Officer - Nell Graham - 0402267246
Club Enquiries
New Member Contact
Andy Singh
0414 922 979
CLUB MEETINGS– held periodically at either the Clubhouse, situated at Richardsons Crescent Marrickville (opposite Tempe Railway Station and next to the Concordia Club), or depending on trips away by a river somewhere.  Check calendar for the dates & venue.
This Magazine is copyright to River Canoe Club. No part may be reproduced without permission. Non-profit canoeing clubs may reproduce any article without permission, as long as the source and copyright is acknowledged. 
Kayak Hire
Evening hire:            $5
Single day hire:        $30
Weekend hire:          $50
Hire price includes:
  • boat
  • PFD
  • spray deck
  • paddle
Helmets: Club policy requires all members to provide their own helmet that fits comfortably and meets relevant standards.  Helmets are required for whitewater and surf trips.
Kayaks Available
Necky Jive x 1
Dagger RPM x 2
Dagger GTX x 1
Nomads x 4
Bliss Stick mini
Pyranha Burn
Pyranha Fusion
Jackson Rogue
Feelfree – literally feel free
Eskimo Topo (Double) The Torvill/Dean of WW
Barker Nymph
Perception Minnow
Perception Spectrum
Australis Platypus x 2
Q-Kayak Tui x 2
Open Water
Wilderness Zypher 16
Q-Kayak Penguin
Winner Double

Kayak Hire Booking:
Discuss with trip leader well before the day of the trip.
Access to the club can be arranged through committee members (see contact list)
Marquee Hire:
Marquee Use (members only)
  • $30 per day
  • $50 per weekend
includes a $200 refundable deposit upon return

Payment Options
Cash to Trip Leader at commencement
Payment via Electronic Funds Transfer:
  • Account Name: River Canoe Club of NSW  
  • Bank: St George 
  • BSB:               112 879 
  • Account No: 017455888
Advise the trip leader if paying via EFT
Include surname and reason eg:‘marqueJones’ or ‘boatJones’ in the payment comment. 
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