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Skilling India for the future requires smart technology and infinite scale

More than one million young Indians reach job-market entry every month, yet many don't have the requisite work skills and can't connect with the right jobs. Transforming workforce skill development across the value chain is therefore a key national priority for India and the ambition behind its National Skill Development Corporation.

Knack CEO Guy Halfteck is speaking tomorrow at the Livelihoods Asia Summit in Delhi on the critical role Knack aims to play in powering skill development and job matching in India.

Knack revolutionizes the skill-development-to-gainful-employment value chain by reshaping each of its structural elements:

  • Massive reach
  • Inclusive access
  • Infinite throughput
  • Personalized matching to skilling and jobs
  • Lowest ever unit cost
  • Predictable outcomes
  • Speed, and
  • Standardization
Guy will join skill development and technology leaders, including Mahesh Venkateswaran of India's National Skill Development Corporation; Rahil Rangwala, Director of the Family Economic Stability team at the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation in India; and Sean Blagsvedt, CEO of Babajob.

Skilling India is a formidable challenge. The expected personal, social and economic payoff is incredible. Best of all, technology makes it not only possible, but achievable.
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