ACJU Online Newsletter: Vol. 1 Issue No. 07                                         20 Shawwaal 1436 / 06 August 2015
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Guidelines of ACJU pertaining to the General Elections

The All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama requests all Sri Lankan Muslims in the country to follow the guidelines given below in regard to the forthcoming General Elections, Insha Allah:

1. As we believe that everything is happening according to the will of Allah, we should similarly believe the decision of the General Elections also to happens according to the will of Allah.

2. As we believe that the success of this world and the Hereafter lies in following the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad
(), we should bear the same in our minds even during the times of elections and act accordingly. Our biggest weapon is Dua (Invocation). Therefore excessive prayers should be made for peace and harmony of the country. We should also engage in good deeds that would bring the help of Allah.

3. Many different political Parties may compete in an election in a Democratic country. It is the right of an individual to support any candidate of his choice. We Muslims should use the voting rights in a beneficial manner, and should not be careless at the time of voting.

4. Muslims should keep away from all kinds of deeds that will hurt and disturb other people. Unnecessary debates, quarrels, conflicts, violence, spreading rumors are acts that would damage the Faith of a Mu’min (Believer). Further, it is important for the Muslims, including the politicians, to secure the lives, belongings, honor and respect of the Muslim brothers and also  to make sure  that no harm is caused  to  the brothers of the other religions in any way.

5. It is a known fact that ACJU is a non-political organization and has been functioning for over 9 decades without being biased to any political party. The ACJU neither acts in support of nor against any political party. And, therefore, requests the name All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama should not be used in any form of political campaigning.

6. Muslims being a minority in this country, the Muslim Politicians should act cooperatively and wisely to secure the Muslims’ rights and the welfare. Those who representing the Muslim community in the political aspect, should reform themselves as exemplary role models who the possess the qualities of high caliber such as Thaqwa, safeguarding  Amaanath and a clear vision. At a time when many evil elements are propagating against Islam and the Muslims, the ACJU kindly requests all Muslim politicians to unite, forget the selfish motives, stop verbal abuse of one another, set aside all political differences, work for common targets and find solutions to common issues.

7. Religious Scholars while avoiding any political related matters in Sermons, should guide the common public in following the above mentioned guidelines. Furthermore, the Masjids should not be used for any sort of election campaigns nor any related activities.

8. It is a duty to act in a tolerant manner, upon the completion of the Elections. The Muslim community should always act in an exemplary manner with regard to unity and co-existence with other communities.

The All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama requests all Ulama, Masjid Trustees, and intellectuals, in general, and the ACJU District and Divisional Branches specially, to take note of the above instructions and to guide the common public accordingly.

Ash-Sheikh M.M.A. Mubarak
General Secretary
All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama

Weekly Hadeeth

Abu Ad-Darda  (Radhiyallahu Anhu) reported that the Holy Prophet (ﷺ)  said:
“Whoever is given his portion of kindness has been given his portion of goodness, and whoever is deprived of his portion of kindness has been deprived of his portion of goodness.”
- Sunan At-Tirmidhi 2013

Fiqh Q & A 

What is the Fatwa of ACJU on Smoking?

Ref No. 023/ACJU/F/2006

All praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ), his family and companions.

A firm research-based decision on the risks in the use of tobacco is not to be seen during the period of the respectable Imams; but, they have mostly stopped at deciding it as "Makrooh", without leaving a firm decision on smoking.
However, the researches through modern science and technology, it was found that tobacco, being the raw material of smoking product like cigarettes, has more than 3,800 chemicals, and hence, even after removing most of the chemicals at the cigarette production process, it was confirmed of the continuation of 40.1% Nicotine, 20.2% Carbohydrate, 13.1% Protein, 17.5% Organic Acid, 1.5 Volatile Oils and the existence of extremely serious poison like Pyrolidine, MathylPyrotine and the existence of the poisonous substances like Tar, Carbon Monoxide, Arsenic and Butane. Out of these, consumption of 1 mg of Nicotine is enough to kill the consumer. Also causes following:

• Cancer
• Damaging the lungs
• Abortion of pregnant mothers 
• Respiratory tract inflammation
• Heart diseases
• Blood coagulation in blood vessels
• Bladder inflammation
• Heart attack
• Decreased libido
• Decomposition and Contraction in blood vessels
• High blood pressure
• Waste of money
• The occurrence of nuisance to others through the odor of mouth

The following Qura'an Ayahs and Ahadeeth strictly prohibit all elements that create the above harmful matters. It is also noted there are many more narrative effects identified. 

• “O ye who believe! Eat not up your property among yourselves in vanities: But let there be amongst you Traffic and trade by mutual good-will: Nor kill (or destroy) yourselves: for verily Allah hath been to you Most Merciful” (Surah 04 Verse 29)

• “And spend of your substance in the cause of Allah, and make not your own hands contribute to (your) destruction; but do good; for Allah loveth those who do good.”(
Surah 02 Verse 195)

• “Verily spendthrifts are brothers of the Evil Ones; and the Evil One is to his Lord (himself) ungrateful.” (
Surah 17 Verse 27)

• Prophet
(ﷺ) said : “Angels also suffer from all the sufferings of mankind” (Sahih al-Bukhari, Sahih al-Muslim)

• Ummu Salama (
Radhiyallahu Anhu) informs that Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) has prohibited all that make fainting and disgusting” (Sunan Abi Dawud)

• From the light of the above
Qura'an Ayahs and Ahadeeth many Islamic Scholars from Makkah, Madina, Egypt, Turkey, Yemen, and Syria have issued fatwa as “Smoking is Haraam”. (Al-FawakihulAtheethah, Part: 02, Page: 80-88)

• Imam An-Nawavi (Rahmathullahi Alaihi) has remarked that it is Haraam to consume harmful things like poison, glass and stone. (RawlatutTalibeen)

It is conformed that smoking is worse and more harmful than consuming thins like poison, glass and stone, and therefore smoking and dealing with smoking items are also Haraam according to the above opinion of Imam An-Nawavi (
Rahmathullahi Alaihi) as remarked by certain other Ulama.

Allah is all known.

Latest News & Events 

Guidelines of All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama pertaining to the General Elections.

- Tamil

Posters for Masjids on "The resolutions made by the ACJU during the Special Convention that took place on the 20th of May 2015" are being distributed out throughout the country, on a district wise basis. 

A special Guidance Program on the Pilgrimage of Haj to Haj Travel Groups and Guide Ulama would be held on Sunday,  9th of August 2015, at 8.30 am at the Kollupity Jumuah Masjid.

Ash Sheikh Fazil Farook, Media Secretary of ACJU participated at a Media Conference on the forthcoming General Elections organized by the Congress of Religions was held on 05th of August 2015. 
The video clip of the Conference has been uploaded on the ACJU Media Facebook Page.
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