ACJU Online Newsletter: Vol. 1 Issue No. 04                                     28 Ramadhaan 1436 / 16 July 2015
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Zakaathul Fitr
Allahu Ta'ala's all commandments have to be glorified as duties and fulfilled methodically. There may be mistakes during the Month of Ramadhaan, Allah has shown how to overcome such mistakes.

Like 'Sajadah Sahwu' in prayers, 'Dham' in Hajj performance, there are ways shown in overcoming the errors or shortcomings in the Month of Ramadhaan, in which, fasting is blessed to the Ummah to realize the hunger of poor.

The Holy Prophet () made the Zakaathul Fitr as obligatory to provide food to poor and to purify the shortcomings in fasting in speech and action. Whoever gives this before the Festival Salaah, it is accepted as Zakaathul Fitr.

Hazrath Ibnu Abbas (Radhiyallahu Anhu) narrates, "if any one gives this after Festival Salah he has given Sadaqah." (Meaning not considered as Zakaathul Fitr) (Abu Dawood, 1609)

Further, it is similar to 'Sajada Sahwu' for Salah. Zakaathul Fitr is blessed for the Month of Ramadhaan. Waqee' Ibnul Jarrah (Rahmathullahi Alaihi) says” How Sajada Sahwu is fulfilling the shortcomings in Salah, Zakaathul Fitr fulfills the shortcomings of Fasting.”

Ibnu Omar (Radhiyallahu Anhu)  narrated, "On this Festival day make the poor not wanted of asking from others". (Sunan Al Darqutani 67)

Therefore, in the forthcoming Zakaathul Fitr season we should get the knowledge of  Zakaathul  Fitr and should fulfill without any shortcomings.

What is Zakaathul Fitr?
Zakaathul Fitr is also called Sadakathul Fitr. 'Fitr' gives the similar meaning like 'Ifthar', which means breaking fast. This has come from the root word 'Fatoor'. This means breakfast - the morning meal. In the Islamic tradition Zakaathul Fitr is Sadaqah given by the end of the Month of Ramadhaan. Sadakathul Fitr is Waajib - obligatory on every Muslim irrespective of male, female, young and old.

What is the importance of this?
Zakaath plays an important role in the wealth being distributed to all in a Islamic society. Zakaathul Fitr is also doing the similar service. In Zakaathul Fitr every one distributes for oneself and others in one’s obligation, calculating how much to be given, and submit to those suitable to receive. 


Weekly Hadith

Narrated by Ibn Umar (Radhiyallahu Anhu) that the Holy Prophet () ordered the people to pay Zakaathul Fitr before going to the Eid prayer.
Sahih al-Bukhari 585

Fiqh  Q & A
What are the conditions for Zakaathul Fitr to be Compulsory?
If the following 3 conditions are reached it is compulsory to fulfill the Zakaathul Fitr,
  • To be a Muslim.
  • Sighting the crescent in the Month of Shawwaal
  • When one has a surplus of food clothing and shelter (on the Night and Day of Eid) one must provide oneself and one’s dependent 
On behalf of whom it is compulsory to be given?
It is compulsory to be given on behalf of oneself and those under his obligation. 
Zakaathul Fitr is to be given on behalf of a married woman or a new born baby if it was before the sunset of the last day of Ramadhaan and a deceased if it was after the sunset of the last day of Ramadhaan.

When should Zakaathul Fitr to be given?
Zakaathul Fitr can be given from the time of sighting the crescent in Ramadhaan till the E’id Salah Starts. It is Sunnah to give in the morning of E’id day. Delaying till the evening of E’id day is Makrooh (disliked in Sharî‘ah). It is a sin to delay even after the E’id prayer if it done so one has to repent (Thauba) and make Qadha (making it up).

From what Zakaathul Fitr to be given?
It should be given from the staple food of that country/area that you live. Rice is the staple food of Sri Lanka, and, therefore, it is compulsory to give rice for Zakaathul Fitr, and it is better to give good quality rice.

How much Zakthul fitr to be given?
It is one صاع  (Sa’a) which was calculated at the present day as approximately 2500 grams of rice per person, One Sa’a was practiced at the time of Rasoolullah ().

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