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Global Data Strategy Newsletter 
January 2017

Welcome to the Global Data Strategy newsletter.  This quarterly newsletter will provide you with updates on data management topics, trends, and insights from around the globe.  

Data Modeling Driving Business Transformation

Enabling business transformation through data is a critical part of what we do at Global Data Strategy.  Increasingly, data models are playing a key role in this transformation as organizations use them to align business goals with the technologies that underpin them to deliver profitability and growth.  As part of a podcast series with Enterprise Management 360 magazine, we collaborated with several experts in the field of data modeling to discuss the trend. 
Podcast: Business Transformation through Data Modeling Listen

Lessons in Data Modeling Webinar Series with DATAVERSITY

We are proud to partner with DATAVERSITY for a monthly webinar series on data modeling and how it applies to a diverse array of areas across today's enterprise.  These webinars are free and full of valuable education, so please join us throughout the year as we explore the topics listed below:

January 26  How Data Modeling Fits Into an Overall Enterprise Architecture

February 23 Data Modeling & Business Intelligence

March 23  Conceptual Data Modeling - How to Get the Attention of Business Users 

April 27 The Evolving Role of the Data Architect - What does it mean for your Career?  

May 25 Data Modeling & Metadata Management

June 22 Self-Service Data Analysis, Data Wrangling, Data Munging, and Data Modeling - How do they Fit Together

July 27 Data Modeling & Metadata for Graph Databases

August 24 Data Modeling & Data Integration

September 28 Data Modeling & MDM

October 26  Agile & Data Modeling - How Can They Work Together?

December 5 Data Modeling, Data Quality & Data Governance

The Importance of Business Process in Data Management

The following is an excerpt from a recent TDAN article from the column "The Business of Data". The full article can be found online here

The concept of linking business processes with data is not new . But, as with many core architectural components, it seems to be seeing a resurgence and is as important as ever in relation to many of the hot topics in data management today. In working with a number of clients in various industries with quite different data management projects underway, it occurred to me that a similarity across all of them was the importance of linking to business priorities and the business processes that support them. Following are some examples of how business process came into play in several different scenarios: Master Data Management, Data Governance, Data Quality, and Big Data Analytics.

Master Data Management

Master Data Management (MDM) is the discipline that strives to achieve a ‘single version of the truth’ for core business elements – customer, product, supplier, etc. However, like the famous story of the blind men and the elephant, a ‘single version of the truth’ is made up of various perspectives on that truth. For those of you not familiar with the story of the blind men and the elephant, it is a classic tale of a group of blind men who each touch the elephant to discover what it is like. One man touches the trunk, another the tusk, another the tail, and another the hide and all, of course, have a different definition of what it means to be an elephant. All are correct in their own way, but the true ‘single version of the truth’ is a superset of all of their experiences. Master Data Management poses a similar scenario.

Take a common master data domain such as Product. While there is a comprehensive view of a ‘Product’ with a superset of attributes that supports multiple user groups across the organization, each user group has its own view of what ‘Product’ information entails and what the usage of that data is. Each group along the supply chain may view, create, edit, or delete certain pieces of the information that makes up the concept of ‘Product’. To make MDM successful, it is important to identify each of these stakeholder groups, and work with them to understand their usage and requirements around the data domain in question.

One helpful tool is a process model mapped to data elements. Figure 1 shows a subset of a sample business process for product development. Using a swimlane-style BMPN diagram, it shows the stakeholders along the left-hand column, with their key activities shown within their swimlane. In this small subset, we show a hypothetical product development lifecycle from product development, to product costing and pricing, to market testing.

Figure 1 Mapping Business Process to Product Data
Figure 1 – Mapping Business Process to Product Data

In this example, certain aspects of Product data are clearly ‘owned’ by a certain stakeholder group. For example, the product development team is responsible for defining the product components and assembly instructions. When it comes to product pricing, however, you’ll see that while supply chain accounting determines the initial price, this price may be modified by marketing during the market test phase. Marketing is responsible for product naming and the description that appears in the catalogue.

To keep track of the usage and lifecycle of data elements,... read more online


Online Metadata Management Training
We are pleased to announce our first online training course available as part of the DATAVERSITY Training Center.  We've seen a lot of demand for metadata management, and this course provides a good introduction to metadata in a series of 6 online modules that can be done at your own pace from the comfort of your computer.  Online modules include:

  • What is Metadata?
  • The Business Value of Metadata
  • Sources of Metadata
  • Metamodels & Metadata Standards
  • Metadata Architecture, Integration and Storage
  • Metadata Strategy & Implementation

The course is available for $399 USD, or individual modules can be purchased for $79 each.
Use discount code "GDS" for a 20% discount.  Click here for more information.

Please visit our website at or email us at

Upcoming Webinars 

 Jan 25:  Building Actionable Data Governance with Data Models & Metadata, Enterprise Data Governance Online Conference

 Jan 26:  How Data Modeling Fits Into an Overall Enterprise Architecture, DATAVERSITY webinar 

 Feb 15:  Partner Webinar:  The Business Value of Metadata for Data Governance  
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 Data Modeling & Metadata Management, DATAVERSITY webinar

 Data Modeling for Big Data, DATAVERSITY webinar

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  How to Get Your CRM Data Right – the Law of 80/20, DAMA UK webcast, with Nigel Turner

  The Business Value of Data Modeling for Data Governancewebcast sponsored by ERwin, with Donna Burbank
Upcoming In-Person Events 

 Jan 26 Creating Lines of Sight: How to Ensure that Data Governance & Data Quality align with Business Strategy, Bank@Risk Conference, with Nigel Turner, Frankfurt, Germany

 April 3, 2017 Practical Steps in Implementing a Metadata Strategy, Enterprise Data World 2017, with Donna Burbank, Atlanta, GA

 May 17, 2017 Navigating Data Governance in an Era of Global Uncertainty, Interop ITX, with Donna Burbank, Los Vegas, NV
Online Training
 Metadata Management Online Training - $399 , 20% discount with code "GDS"
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