Body Composition Analysis
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You know that CrossFit is changing your body.  Your clothes fit better; you can tell by the data in your notebook; you’re getting stronger, leaner. But do you have actual numbers other than your weight?  

Information is power. A DEXA Scan will give you immediate information.  

Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) uses a low-dose x-ray to measure fat mass, lean mass and bone mineral content within your body. The scan takes just 6 minutes to complete, fully-clothed, and is the most comprehensive and least invasive body composition method out there. After your scan, the physiologist will review your analysis with you.  

The DEXA Scan will analyze:  
  • Fat mass, lean mass, and bone density
  • Regional lean vs fat mass in your arms, legs, trunk, android, and gynoid regions
  • Left vs Right side analysis to monitor for imbalances due to overuse or injury
  • Total bone density to assess osteoporosis risk  
Composition ID is bringing their ScanVan to Second Wind CrossFit next Tuesday, May 17th and again one month later on June 21st, so you can get a baseline DEXA Scan, then follow up with a second scan to show your changes.

Monday’s 6:30pm class will be a seminar held by HappyHealthyHuman nutritionist Samantha Attard who works with Composition ID.  She will talk about changes you can make to your diet during your 30 day personal challenge that will help you reach your goals to build lean muscle, lose fat, and improve bone health.  

The Composition ID physiologists will talk you through your analysis, and what it means personally for you and how to address your goals.  
Special for Second Wind CrossFit Members:

DEXA Scan On-Site at Second Wind
Tuesday, May 17, 3-9pm
Tuesday, June 21, 3-9pm
Both scans for $99

Scans must be performed in the ScanVan during scheduled times.  
(Scans performed at Composition ID offices are $129 each.)  

Monday, May 16, 6:30pm - Nutrition Seminar
No Workout (5:30 and 7:30 classes as usual)
Sign Up Here For First Scan on Tue. May 17
Questions?  Each of our coaches have had DEXA Scans in the past two weeks.  Ask them about the scan, the analysis and the experience.        

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