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The Future Internet Ware through which you may chat directly with a farm field from which you eat, in Lukicevo town near City of Zrenjanin in Serbia becomes the FACT... and vice versa

  • Food and Agriculture Cloud Technology - FACT Ltd. a new European raising star on high-tech startup arena, today announced that it has signed the ''SmartAgriFood Internet of Things Living Lab'' Business Cooperation Agreement with Agricultural Cooperative ''Veljko Lukic - Kurjak'' from Lukicevo Township in the city of Zrenjanin municipality
  • Per this Business Cooperation Agreement nearly 500 hectares of agricultural land in Lukicevo will become one of the first Internet of Things [IoT] connected farms in the World with capabilities to communicate and interact on a really smart [sensitive, adaptive, lucrative...] way not only with each other but also with the humans, agricultural vehicles, irrigation system and other agricultural infrastructure in its vicinity.

Lukicevo, near city of Zrenjanin [Serbia], September 3, 2015

Food and Agriculture Cloud Technology - FACT Ltd. and Agricultural  Cooperative ''Veljko Lukic Kurjak'' from Lukicevo township in the city of Zrenjanin municipality are proud to announce that they have signed joint Business Cooperation Agreement under the FP7 funding framework of the European Commission, EU Future Internet Public-Private-Partnership programme and Fractals project for FACT Universal Application Layer [FACTUAL]. Funding for this project i awarded to FACT in fierce competition among 267 European ICT companies. Per this agreement Agricultural Cooperative will provide a Living Lab pilot test environment for FACTUAL innovative technological solution. The agreement is part of nine-month R&D project funded by Sub-Grant Agreement which FACT signed few months ago with Development Fund of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina who is Coordinator of FRACTALS project.
A view of Lukicevo agriculture land equiped with John Deer irrigration system
Nearly 500 hectares of land in Lukicevo, planted with cereals, legumes and vegetables, are irrigated with modern irrigation system manufactured by John Deere and ATB Sever. Per this agreement, this land will be digitized with xCube IoT SmartAgriFood hardware building blocks.  This IoT device include ultra modular FAST BUS Sensor/Actuator Arrays that are connected to FIWARE, which is an EU innovative, open cloud-based WEB infrastructure for cost-effective development and delivery of Future Internet applications and services, like FACTUAL. FACTUAL will be tested in live by FACT R&D team of agronomists, biologists, bio-technologists, ICT/IoT experts but also by all employees and members of Agricultural Cooperative
Following the announcement, Dr. Dragomir D. Dimitrijevic, Founder and CTO of FACT, said:

Dr. Dragomir DimitrijevicEU spends almost half of its budget on agriculture but EU and global agriculture business is still based on a lot of inefficient manual, error-prone administrative paperwork. We apply state-of-the-art ICT, big data and cloud computing techniques to develop FACTUAL, a system that will expedite execution of EU food and safety protocols. It is the cost-effective, efficient, user friendly end-to-end tool to certify your farm, agricultural land and agri-food products according to EU and EPPO food safety protocols just using yours Smartphone or tablet. Unlike others, we provide end-to-end Internet of Things and Big Data analytic solution, ie. all necessary hardware and software for managing the connected farm. FACTUAL solution includes also innovative plug-and-play IoT and  M2M [Machine-to-Machine] technology developed by xCube International Corp. which is our strategic partner. xCube controller is highly configurable and can meet customer's elastic needs to measure physical and chemical parameters of air, water, soil or light. In particular, we are already configuring several variations of xCube to satisfy needs of our friends and partners in Lukicevo. In order to satisfy farmer's evolving needs, at any time we may reconfigure xCube controllers and add or remove on a HOT-SWAP basis up to 250 sensors and/or actuators per each xCube IoT node and provide total monitoring of micro-ambient and micro-climate conditions, soil, crop, irrigation system, agricultural vehicles or all aspects of entire farm.

Explaining the nature and objectives of established cooperation, Dr. Dimitrijevic added:

''As cost of the testing is covered by FRACTALS funding, FACTUAL system will be provided free-of-charge to our partners in Lukicevo. This includes all necessary hardware, software and connectivity. In return, our partners in Lukicevo will provide us their farm as a Living Lab testing environment and their professional feedback that will help us improve our product and service. We are sure that this will be mutually beneficial and learning experience. We keep hearing on media that ICT and agriculture are Serbia's future. We in FACT and our friends and partners in Lukicevo are already in that future and hopefully others will follow our footsteps.''
During signing of this agreement, Mr. Cedomir Spasojevic, Director of Agricultural Cooperative said:

Cedomir Spasojevic, Director of Agricultural Cooperative in Lukicevotemporary concepts of agricultural production, state-of-art technology, latest equipment and mechanization, innovative and proactive farm management methods are not strangers to us in Agricultural Cooperative ''Veljko Lukic - Kurjak''. Year-on-year results of our team prove that. The cooperative is founded in 1946. Unlike many other cooperatives in the country that disappeared during painful years of transition, we are successfully transformed. Today 35 farmers profitably work on 560 hectares of land i.e., each farmer works on 15 hectares. Out of 560 hectares, 470 is irrigated using contemporary equipment which is remarkable by any European and world standard. Such infrastructure, application of state-of-art agricultural methods, and efficient and professional management devoted to successful advancement of production allows us intensive production of agricultural products for in advance know leading producers such as Frikom, Marbo product, and others. Besides this, the cooperative is achieving good results in seed production so we are recognized and accepted as a reliable partner of Institute ''NS Seme'', ''Chemical Agrosava'' and ''AS hybrids''.
Further commenting the signed agreement, Mr. Cedomir Spasojevic said: Economic benefits of effective execution of crop protection protocols are clear since they can make big difference in crop yield such as presence or absence of nematodes may mean difference between 5 and 50 tons of sugar beet per hectare. Our experience from the field confirm predictions that introduction of SmartAgriFood technologies such as precision agriculture may increase crop yield as much as 65% and cut food prices nearly 50% while having positive environmental impact on irrigated land due minimized intake of chemicals and water consumption. We believe our cooperation with FACT will provide exciting improvements in the way we now not only operate in our Agricultural Cooperative, but also in agriculture industry as a whole - said Mr. Spasojevic.

About FACT

Food and Agriculture Cloud Technology - FACT is a high-tech startup SME whose principals jointly combine a unique diverse experience and proven track record in the areas of agriculture, ICT/IoT, business and product development, marketing, and corporate social responsibility necessary to tap into multi-disciplinary niche target market. Broad and diverse practical and theoretical experience that will enable principals to build a successful company from ground up includes hands-on experience in the field and in the laboratory on the agricultural side, and rapid software development and deployment in start-ups with tight resources on the ICT side. The company is developing a system that will apply ICT/IoT, Big Data, and Cloud computing to facilitate end-to-end processing of food safety and agricultural protocols defined by EPPO, EUPHRESCO, and other relevant EU, regional and national bodies. The system will collect data in a centralized way while allowing all participants to access relevant information and global analysis of vast amount of data collected over long period of time, thus allowing for example tracking spread of diseases. More at:
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