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Food and Agriculture Cloud Technology - FACT, Ltd expands its reach beyond borders of Serbia

Food and Agriculture Cloud Technology – FACT, Ltd. is proud to announce that it expanded its reach beyond borders of Serbia and signed an agreement on cooperation and beta-testing with Healthy Logic (Zdrava Logika) – a distributer of organically grown food from Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Belgrade, Serbia
Banja Luka, Republika Srpska - BiH
June 20, 2016

According to agreement on cooperation and beta-testing signed between the FACT Ltd. and Healthy Logic (Zdrava Logika – – a distributor of organically grown food from Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegovina beta-testing of FACT SmartAgriFood solution will be performed on some of greenhouses of 28 producers that cooperate with Healthy Logic.
FACT and Healthy Logic executives after signing agreement on cooperation.
[Right to left: Mr. Dragomir D. Dimitrijevic, Ph.D, Founder and CTO of FACT, Ms. Jasmina Bacic, Ph.D, Co-Founder and Plant protection & Food Safety Advisor of FACT, Ms. Stela Pavlovic, Business Development Manager of Healthy Logic, Ms. Maja Miljevic, Founder and Managing Director of Healthy Logic and Mr. Amit Vujic, Co-Founder and IoT Advisor of FACT
The first test deployment of FACTUAL (Food and Agriculture Cloud Technology Universal Application Layer) in the field of organic food production will be on the 540m2 brand new greenhouse built by Pejic family on their property in Aleksici a village 28km from city of Banja Luka.

For starter, the installation will include the paperless field diary required by EU food safety regulation to insure production traceability especially in case of organic production as well as xCube IoT based sensors/actuators to control physical/chemical properties in the glasshouse and to support irrigation. Besides the traditional content, the field diary includes tracking of multi-currency production expenses.

On this occasion, Ms. Dunja Pejic, owner of the first glasshouse stated: “It is exciting to participate in development of new technology. I am glad that, unlike before, I will be able to stay remotely in touch with my crops via mobile phone, even in the evening while doing something else. In such a way, I will be able to avoid deadly combination of, for example moisture and temperature that can destroy crop in just one day''
Dunja is a passionate producer of organic food. She treats their crops with seaweed extract but also with music therapy which is why if you listen carefully, you'll hear very often that wonderful jazz quietly spread among plants in her greenhouse
Following the announcement, Ms. Maja Miljevic, the founder and managing director of Healthy Logic stated: “Organic food production is necessary and profitable but it is also difficult, especially in case of greenhouses. We hope that, once this new technology is fully deployed, we will easier comply with strict EU rules on food production.”
Maja is a young entrepreneur, founder of Healthy Logic a successful startup, whose business idea become now a joint team initiative of more than 16 households with agricultural farms and more than 25 certified organic food greenhouses.

Maja and her team of young creative people gather individual organic food producers and use the main resources that Bosnia and Herzegovina has - fertile land and plenty of water.  Simultaneously they provide the organic food producers with expert advices, know-how, best practices, and help them to certificate production. Support of producers pertains not just to controlled production and distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables on the market but also to  final food products based on traditional recipes of our grandmothers.

Dr. Dragomir D. Dimitrijevic, CTO and founder of FACT, commented this new partnership: “We in FACT are all excited with this new partnership. We expect that with feedback from our new friends and partners from Healthy Logic and their producers, we will be able to advance functionality and usability of FACTUAL at the benefit of our future customers”


FACTUAL technological solution that will be applied in Healthy Logic business is funded by FRACTALS (Future Internet Enabled Agricultural Applications, FP7 project No. 632874), under the funding framework of the European Commission.

The purpose of FRACTALS is to support the community of innovative ICT SMEs and Web Entrepreneurs to harvest the benefits of Future Internet Public Private Partnership initiative, by developing applications with high market potential, addressing the needs of the agricultural sector. This support is going to be multi-dimensional in the sense that it aims to span beyond grant assistance to also include: (1) the technical capacity building of ICT SMEs and Web entrepreneurs with respect to developing applications based on FI-PPP infrastructures (2) the testing and validation of applications in an open innovation context (by involving end-users in the testing/validation assignment through a Living Labs environment) and (3) clustering and mentoring services related to entrepreneurship and venture capital finance.

About FACT

Food and Agriculture Cloud Technology - FACT is a high-tech startup SME whose principals jointly combine a unique diverse experience and proven track record in the areas of agriculture, ICT/IoT, business and product development, marketing, and corporate social responsibility necessary to tap into multi-disciplinary niche target market. Broad and diverse practical and theoretical experience that will enable principals to build a successful company from ground up includes hands-on experience in the field and in the laboratory on the agricultural side, and rapid software development and deployment in start-ups with tight resources on the ICT side. The company is developing a system that will apply ICT/IoT, Big Data, and Cloud computing to facilitate end-to-end processing of food safety and agricultural protocols defined by EPPO, EUPHRESCO, and other relevant EU, regional and national bodies. The system will collect data in a centralized way while allowing all participants to access relevant information and global analysis of vast amount of data collected over long period of time, thus allowing for example tracking spread of diseases. More at:
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