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WELCOME to the latest edition of the Give Us Wings quarterly  newsletter

Please take a few moments to learn about some of the important work you make possible as well as ways you can help Give Us Wings to keep moving forward. There is much to be proud of, and much more work to be done!
In this issue:
  • Results from our 19th Annual Celebration! 
  • Family to Family: Josephine Speaks
  • Upcoming Volunteer Trips to Uganda
  • Meet new Give Us Wings staff in Uganda
  • St. John's Kayoro Health Centre II
  • Remembering Fatuma
  • Upcoming Events
19th Annual Celebration was a Huge Success!
Your support made the Celebration an amazing success. Together we raised over $184,000! Your support and generosity makes it possible for Give Us Wings to offer high quality, effective programs that help our partners raise themselves out of deep poverty and create a sustainable future for themselves and their communities.
Thank you again for your enthusiastic support of Give Us Wings.

We look forward to seeing you on April 13, 2019 when we will celebrate our 20 year anniversary!
Family to Family: Josephine Speaks
The focus of the most recent Children's Forum (May 2018), was on career guidance and counseling. Led by a facilitator and Give Us Wings Uganda staff, the children discussed career goals, and the various challenges and solutions to achieve academic, social and emotional development. Some of the older students shared what it's meant for them to be part of Give Us Wings' Family to Family Sponsorship Program. Here is what Josephine Anyango (pictured here in the red shirt) had to say:

"We were two, my big sister and I, and we were living with my father and stepmother. She hated us so much and mistreated us. After my sister took her Senior Four examinations, she escaped and joined our mother in Moroto a district in North Eastern Uganda and she has never appeared. I was younger I did not have any contacts for our mother and therefore I was unable to join her and my sister. I attempted twice to escape from my father's home to go to the city with my friends to find house-keeping jobs but I did not know where to go. So I was taken to police station where my father was called to come and pick me in a nearby district to Kampala city called Mukono. My father...

picked me from there with my friend and brought us back to Tororo.  When Auntie Christine and Aunt Sarah heard about this they called me to GUWU office, they discussed with me and asked why I had attempted to escape from home and I told them that my stepmother did not like me. She gave me a lot of difficult work such as fetching eight jerrycans of twenty liters of water every time when I was back from school in the evening, plus other household chores, she beat me often and abused me. Aunt Christine and Aunt Sarah called my dad they told him the problems that I was facing at home. They also got for me psychological counselor who counseled me and I started looking at education positively. My stepmother was also trained in positive parenting during Parents Forum training and her bad attitude about me has changed. My father paid for my boarding fee at Prime View and I had enough time to read and pass my Primary Leaving examinations.

Today am in Senior One at Dabani Girls school. I pledge to complete my studies and in future I want to be a Bank Manager. Also my stepmother now loves me and during this holiday she got for me a teacher to coach me. I give thanks to Give Us Wings who have helped to give me a bright future.”

[Ed. Note: "Auntie Christine” and “Aunt Sarah” are Christine Anyango, Family to Family Program Officer and Sarah Muzaki, Africa Program Director.]

Learn more about Give Us Wings' Family to Family Sponsorship Program!
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Two Upcoming Volunteer Trips to Uganda

We're planning two volunteer trips to Uganda!  March and August 2019.

This could be the opportunity you've been waiting for!

Interested? Learn more about this exciting opportunity of a lifetime. 
Meet New Give Us Wings Uganda Staff
Give Us Wings staff in Uganda is comprised of Sarah Muzaki, Africa Program Director, and many others. Together they manage and implement the various programs related to health care, education and economic development. Please join us in welcoming four of the newest members of the GUWU team --  Moses Obenen, Winnie Mukimba, Olive Nanjala, and Beatrice Asinde.

Moses Obenen, GUWU Program Coordinator

Moses has a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture plus a number of post graduate qualifications in Local Economic Development, Project Planning and Management, and Communication. He has 11 years of working experience. He has work with a number of international organizations including Mercy Corps. He is self-driven with a strong desire to make a difference.

Winnie Mukimba, Livelihoods Program Officer

Winnie has a degree in Development Studies. She has other qualifications in Local Economic Development, Agribusiness Development, Project Planning and Management. She has a rich experience working with community groups. She is a team player and an organized person.

Olive Nanjala, Credit Assistant

Olive holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and a Diploma in Business Studies. She has one year of working experience and is rich in knowledge of business development. She is a very energetic and ambitious person.

Beatrice Asinde, Administrative Assistant

Beatrice has a diploma in Secretarial Studies and has five years of working experience. Beatrice and long time Administrative Assistant, Eunice Tibwaga, alternate their time between the GUWU office and SJKHCII. She is a very welcoming person and enjoys learning new things.

St. John's Kayoro Health Center II 

Staff at SJKHCII happily report that community members are becoming increasingly aware of the need to know their health status through routine testing before seeking treatment. Moreover, communities are confident with the services provided at SJKHCII and are slowly moving away from harmful and unreliable traditional practices. St. John's Kayoro Health Centre regularly receives accolades from local government officials and is held as an example of a high quality health center! 


St. John's Kayoro Health Center...

-teams up with strategic partners including: Tororo local district government, Health Partners, The Aids Support Organization (TASO), Hospice Tororo, Population Services International (PSI), Tororo General Hospital, and Joint Medical Stores.

-recently received new life-saving equipment: Infant warmers, autoclave drums, and a new refrigerator! Thanks to generous members of St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church in Saint Paul.

-provides regular health services to thousands of people in underserved areas through community outreaches. Services include Hep B testing and vaccinations, HPV vaccinations, distributing reading glasses, cervical cancer screening, and reproductive health education.

-provides pregnant women with comprehensive antenatal services including laboratory tests, Mama Kits, supplies like Ferrous Sulphate Acid tablets, and testing for HIV/AIDS, malaria, syphilis. 

-provides vital family planning services. Sadly, there is still a lot of misinformation in the community about family planning. Some men (and women) fear that family planning methods can cause deformities. Some women risk abuse from husbands. Despite these challenges, 458 women received family planning services at SJKHCII in 2017, up from 233 in 2016.

-has a full maternity ward and labor suite with a 6-bed capacity and 2 baby cribs. The labor suite is fully furnished with delivery bed and equipment. 

-is constructing staff housing so that the health center can have staff on site who will be available 24 hours a day. We have recently sent funds so that they can install a
 septic tank, glass work, and internal wood shuttering. There will also be some more work on the verandas. Construction continues as funds are made available!

-administers immunizations for diphtheria, tetanus,  measles and polio. In 2017 they vaccinated almost 2,000 children.

-treated about 15,000 patients in 2017!

Remembering Fatuma
We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of Fatuma Achieng. The Mari community will deeply miss her, and those of us who were lucky enough to have met her on our volunteer visits are sad to know we will never smile alongside her again. 

Give Us Wings co-founder, Mary Steiner, reflected:
Fatuma Achieng was buried today. A woman of strength, humor, smarts, a caring heart that must have filled most of her little body. Hands and feet gnarled by leprosy she used her true affection for people to beg in the ragtag streets of Tororo, Uganda. Fatuma had no children of her own but managed to give the scores of children who flocked around her mud home a little something to eat. She was the soul of the Give Us Wings Mari group for people with disabilities. She taught me the value of quiet patience and humorous practicality, the light of kindness, and most of all that love crosses barriers of all kinds. We knew that the day in this photo would be the last time we would see each other. "I am so happy now. I can die because I saw you another time," she said. True to form she laughed and loved for several more years. I love you dear friend. Goodbye.

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20th Annual Celebration
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