"I was hungry, and you fed me." -- Matthew 25:35
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Meet Chris

For the last six months, we have focused on milestones that have continued to propel Cul2vate to the creation of our first farm. Land is secure. Permits are in place. Seedlings are propagating. Partnerships are developing. Now we are shifting our focus to the people we will be helping. Each month, we will introduce you to a life that is being changed by Cul2vate: a volunteer, a mentor, a board member, a Cul2vator. This month, we want you to meet Chris, a volunteer who hasn't said no to any of our requests yet. These are his words - his story.

            "I was born in Colorado in 1986. My dad was in the military and met my mother while stationed there. Things didn’t work out between them, and while I was still a young baby, they divorced and my dad brought me back to Arkansas to live with him. Western Arkansas was where I was raised. We lived in a small town called Van Buren, right near Fort Smith. Like most small country towns there’s not much to do. People go to church, watch/play sports, hunt. That’s just what you do. And no different than today, people passionately support their views on any or all of those. I fell into the sports category. My family didn’t go to church, and they didn’t hunt. I was a bigger boy; so of course, I played football, and for all of my adolescent and young teenage years, that was my identity.
            My first stepmother was abusive. I took the punishment for all the mess that her three children made and blamed on me. Despite a period of time early in my life when my first stepmother was physically abusive to me, I was like most kids. I loved sports, playing outside with friends, getting dirty.
           At about the age of 14 or 15, my teenage curiosity got the best of me, and I tried marijuana. I thought I was so cool. Hanging out with the older kids, living dangerously, I was on top of the world! By the time I was 17, I had turned a teenage curiosity into a full-grown adult addiction to Methamphetamine. It took over my life. Meth was my world! It became my identity!"

Read Chris's full story.

Sow the Seeds of Life

Spring is quickly approaching. We are now ready to hire Cul2vators, turn the soil, build greenhouses, and change lives. We need your help to bridge our funding gap by taking ownership in feeding the hungry. Sow the seeds and give now. 
Partner with us. Give now.

Franklin Property Staked

Look! There's Chris volunteering to stake out the outdoor gardens at our Franklin location. He and Dr. Charlie Coffey have already staked the plots at Ellington in Nashville. Guess how many seeds are currently on order? 700 cabbage seedlings, 60 lbs of white onion sets, and 600 lbs of seed potatoes.

Our Next Urgent Need

A tractor with a breaking plow and disc! We are on the hunt for a tractor so that our outdoor gardens (approximately one acre) can be planted. Contact us if you can help.

Elijah Stopped the Rain for 3 Years. We Only Need 7 Days!

The State Forestry Department has agreed to build our road and parking area at Ellington Agricultural Center. However, the land has to be dry enough for their machinery to get in and commence with work! We need a week of dry weather so that the State can put our road and parking in; therefore, we are asking you to join us in prayer and to specifically ask for the heavens to dry up for 7 straight days. God hears the prayers of His saints!

"The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective." -- James 5:16
Get Dirty With Us.  Here's your chance to make a difference in someone else's life. Volunteer with us! Transplant cabbage, white onions, potatoes, and bok choy from pots to the outdoor gardens March 10-15. 
Belmont University is partnering with us on two different projects: (1) 4 MBA students in The Entrepreneurial Challenge are working one-on-one with us to find workable solutions for our challenging areas and (2) the undergraduate business group Enactus is creating a communications platform to build and elevate Cul2vate's brand and exposure.
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