"I was hungry, and you fed me." -- Matthew 25:35
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Swinging Harder

You may be noticing that Cul2vate is more than just vegetables. If you have been following our journey this past year, you have begun to see a subtle trail of people and how their lives have been changed by Cul2vate. Relationships are the essence of Cul2vate.

In similar fashion, when analyzing the Gospels, there is transformation in lives once a relationship with Christ is built. This month we highlight Sonny Terrill, president of the board of directors for Cul2vate. His transformation is a genuine testament to the spiritual hunger we all feel inside.
      "I’ve always been jealous of those testimonies where lightning struck and lives were instantly transformed. Maybe lightening did strike in my life at some point, and I was too dense to see it. Or was it because I was swinging too hard at other things in my life that I couldn’t even recognize God showing up? 

      I was born in a small town in Louisiana and had a fairly normal childhood until I was eight. It was then that my parents divorced, and my life turned upside down. Just like in many divorced families, I was shuffled back and forth between my parents, we moved a lot, and money was tight. Because of those things (and because I was small for my age), I got picked on – A LOT!  So I was angry – A LOT!  And I fought – A LOT!  Swinging harder had literally become one of my means of survival. I wouldn’t say those were particularly happy times for me, but I have come to realize that some of the survival skills I learned back then are some of the same ones that have made me successful today. Tenacity, stubbornness, hard work, perseverance, and yes, swinging harder have all served me well.

      At an early age, God gave me a love of baseball and a gift for hitting so I began to channel all of that aggression and anger into the game. By the time I got to high school, people who didn’t even have kids in school would come to games just to see how far I was going to hit it that day. As a result of swinging hard, I won many awards and set multiple records (some of which still stand today). Because of swinging hard, I was also offered a full scholarship to play college baseball. And the awards continued. And what did I learn from all of that? If you swing hard, success will follow."

Read Sonny's full story.

Sow the Seeds of Life

Our first Cul2vator is hard at work! Chris is learning to farm from some serious expert volunteers. Now we have our eyes on future Cul2vators! Partner with us and help bridge our funding gap by taking ownership in feeding the hungry. Sow the seeds and give now. 
Partner with us. Give now.
Ellington Agricultural Center
1,200 linear feet of fending - done!
Tunnels starting next week!

Vegetables in the Ground

Cul2vate volunteers, lead by Dr. Charlie Coffey, have been B-U-S-Y. We have three sites with vegetables in the ground: Brentwood Baptist Missions Garden (BBMG), Harlinsdale Farm, and Ellington Agricultural Center (EAC). At BBMG, 150 pounds of potatoes, 210 cabbage plants, 11 rows of onion sets, and 20 rows of greens and kale are nestled in the soil. At Harlinsdale, we have five raised beds filled with onions, arugula, kale, and mixed lettuce. And at EAC, we are about to plant onions, cabbage, bok choi, and 150 pounds of potatoes. Yum! 
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Get Dirty With Us.  Here's your chance to make a difference in someone else's life. Volunteer with us! Our first volunteer opportunity at Ellington Agricultural Center is Wednesday, March 23 planting potatoes, cabbage, onions, and greens. 
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