Speaker maker Harbeth Audio Ltd. is set to capitalise on its position as the UK’s most successful wholly-British loudspeaker brand.

Harbeth’s owner and designer Alan Shaw has announced that Terry Miles is joining Harbeth’s engineering department in January 2021.

“Terry brings to us over forty years with a smaller competitor and our combined lifetime of product knowledge in this industry of some 75 years will accelerate our position as the premier supplier.” Alan added: “I have so many R&D projects calling on my time that need to be taken to production that Terry will have a lot on his plate here!”

Terry Miles said “Joining Harbeth is a natural progression for me. I’ll have the resources to turn our vision into reality and the backing of a team of open, like-minded, focused professionals. Experiencing Harbeth and its people and technical resources from the inside has been a revelation. I can’t wait to make a contribution using their state-of-the-art facilities.”

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