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Although February is a short month it's certainly been a busy one - with our speakers demoed at no less than SIX hi-fi shows and events worldwide, including Norddeutsche HiFi-Tage, Germany, and of course Sound & Vision in Bristol, UK, which Alan returned from on Monday.

We're also delighted to unveil the first video in our Harbeth Live series, featuring pianist David Rees-Williams, as well as the return of our Harbeth owners feature - In your words.
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Harbeth on demo

at hi-fi shows worldwide

Our dealers have been busy showcasing Harbeth to thrilled audiences worldwide this month, in particular our series of 40th anniversary models. 

Events in the Netherlands and Germany kicked off February, with Input Audio presenting the M30.2 at Norddeutsche HiFi-Tage in Germany where "the show was well visited and the M30.2 40th anniversary model received a lot of attention."

M30.2 on demo at Norddeutsche HiFi-Tage
 M30.2 40th anniversary model on demo at Norddeutsche HiFi-Tage, February 2018

Over in the Netherlands, Beter, Beeld & Geluid ran an event at Audioclub Velsen where they demoed three of our 40th anniversary models - the M40.2, SHL5plus and M30.2. Attendees were enthusiastic about the sound of each model, with several saying they were "truly amazed" at the M40.2 40th anniversary speaker which was paired with the new Luxman L-509X integrated amplifier.

A visitor to the event shared their feedback the very next day - "I think I can speak for all if I say that we have really enjoyed the demo evening with you. You really know how to create a real musical experience!"

40th anniversary roadshow event at Audioclub Velsen, Netherlands
40th anniversary event at Audioclub Velsen, Netherlands presented by Beter, Beeld and Geluid, February 2018

The month continued with Harbeth models demoed at High End Mässan in Sweden, Hi-Fi Convention, Germany and Soundsociety, Denmark.

Sound & Vision, Bristol

"Riveting" anniversary models

Last weekend we were on the road again as we journeyed to Bristol for the Sound & Vision show, 23rd-25th February. Luckily we avoided the current snow the UK is experiencing and set up our two demo rooms on the Thursday evening, complete with two of our 40th anniversary models - the SHL5plus in walnut and our latest release - the P3ESR in olive wood. This year we chose to use a Marantz CD5005 as our music source alongside Hegel and Yamaha A-8701 amps, proving that our speakers sound good with whatever equipment you choose.

P3ESR 40th anniversary model on demo at Sound & Vision Bristol show, February 2018P3ESR 40th anniversary model


P3ESR 40th anniversary model in olive wood on demo at Sound & Vision, Bristol, February 2018

We were unique in the fact that, in our SHL5plus room, we chose to play not only a mixture of pop, jazz and classical but also introduced some speech. Yes that's right, speech, with an exert from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy proving particularly popular and an excellent demonstration of a quality audio recording.

SHL5plus 40th anniversary model on demo at Sound & Vision, Bristol
SHL5plus 40th anniversary model in walnut on demo at Sound & Vision, Bristol, February 2018
Some great feedback was received during and after the show and if you were there, we'd love to hear from you too!

"The sound in your room with the SHL5plus speakers was extraordinarily involving. Subtle, understated, but riveting."

"Having just returned from the Bristol Sound & Vision show I have to say that the most impressive sounding stand was that of Harbeth Loudspeakers. Without exception, for me it was the best sound there."

"It was the first time I had heard Harbeth P3ESR and they were excellent."

"(Harbeth speakers) are acoustical craftmanship at it's best and timeless. I love them."

featuring David Rees-Williams

We're delighted to announce the release of the first video in our NEW Harbeth Live video music series, featuring pianist David Rees-Williams.

Produced by Kent-based audio and video production company, Duet Media Technologies, the series will include three videos released throughout 2018 featuring British music artists.

Recorded in David's own home music room, the video features a multi-track piece with not one but two pianos played by the same time - it has to be seen to be believed! Famed for his improvisation, David says this is a "key element to keeping the excitement" in his music and is a "challenging but worthwhile way of playing."

When it came to the recording, the aim was to make the reproduction of the sound as faithful to the original live performance as possible, with the audio then mastered in Duet's editing suite on our flagship M40.2 model.

Watch the full-length version of the performance here. There is also a short edit available to view here.

In your words
Harbeth owners speak

In this month's In your words, we hear from Harbeth owner, Massimo.

"I've known the Harbeth brand for many years but have never owned their speakers. About a month ago I purchased my first Harbeths - the HLP3s. I love English sound and have owned ProAc, Spendor and Audio Monitor, but these Harbeths are fantastic. The sense of music, harmonics, and much more are returned with great naturalness. The voices are really true, live! Two small speakers with great sound.

Today I drive with DAC Grandinote Volta Grandinote, which has a unique sound, natural sound that I love. The Volta dac has been preferred to many dac / cd of many hi-end brands, AudioGD amplification, pre 28.38 and Precision3 amp, balanced cables Kubala & Sosna Anticipation and Purist Audio Musaeus. This small hifi system gives me hours of great music

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