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The summer was in full swing this month with soaring temperatures although, in true British style, we're now back to rain for the remainder of the week! Nothing that music won't cheer up though.

The Harbeth sound has been wow-ing audio fans, this time at the LA Audio Show, USA, where our American distributor, Fidelis AV, and dealer, Venice Audio, demoed the SHL5plus anniversary model and M30.1.
Audio Dream also presented us at a busy Multipak show in Croatia.

This month, Grammy award winning engineer, Alan Branch, shares his Harbeth experience with us and we excitedly announce details of our original music competition. Read on to find out more.

"Best of British" monitors

sound "alive" at LA Audio Show

Our American distributor, Fidelis AV, and dealer, Venice Audio, presented Harbeth at a busy LA Audio Show at the beginning of the month. The SHL5plus 40th anniversary model thrilled visitors, which also had Sterophile reviewer, Jana Dagdagan, lusting over Harbeth speakers. Travelling from New York to LA for the show, Jana stated - "All right, LA Audio Show. You have me convinced: the next pair of speakers I buy will be Harbeths." Well worth the trip then!

SHL5plus 40th anniversary models at the LA Audio Show
Photo by Dave Clark of Stereophile

In a review of her second day at the show, Jana also praised the M30.1 recalling that - "Gene Rubin (of Gene Rubin Audio) played "God Bless the Child" on the album The Bridge by the Sonny Rollins Quartet. The honest realism of Sonny's dry, airy tone was refreshing. Systems—at hifi shows and otherwise—often make Sonny's—and many other saxophonist's tone sound more lustrous and liquid than he really is—and I can't stand when they do that. Hearing the 30.1s manage this so freely is what made me fall in love at first listen with Harbeth."

Visitors enjoying the SHL5plus anniversary model at the LA Audio ShowGene Rubin of Gene Rubin Audio with the M30.1s

(L-R) Visitors enjoying the SHL5plus anniversary model and Gene Rubin of Gene Rubin Audio with the M30.1s

Online hi-fi blog, The Audio Beatnik, also shared their love for the Harbeth sound saying -
"The Harbeth Super HL5 Plus (anniversary model) to me represents the best of what I think of when I think of British Monitors, but they also have an alive sound," whilst when referring to the M30.1 said - "two things shock me; first how small they are and second how big they sound!"

 Award winning engineer and
 producer, Alan Branch

shares his Harbeth story

Many thanks to Alan Branch for sharing his Harbeth experience with us this month. Alan is a Grammy Award winning Engineer, Producer, Writer and Musician based in London. He has worked with an array of talented artists including U2, Jeff Beck, Beverly Knight, Sinead O'Connor, Nine Inch Nails, Boy George, Primal Scream, Sade, The Cure amongst many others.

"I started using Harbeth speakers a long time ago, as an audio engineer working in recording studios all over London. I had received a set of Harbeth DPM1pro Xpression speakers from The Mix magazine (a pro audio mag) for a review, I’d spent years using different near field monitors in studios, however once I heard the Harbeths they became my main working set of speakers. I still use them today in my switchable stereo/5.1 surround setup with a Harbeth sub, as well as a pair of Active DPM1pro Xpressions. It’s a superb sounding system and one that has helped achieve award-winning mixes. I was struck by Alan Shaw’s commitment and dedication to speaker design and sonic clarity, even with the fact at the time it was a low cost studio speaker and a brand new design and market for Harbeth.

Producer, Alan Branch in his studio with the Harbeth DPM1pro Xpression speakers
                                   Alan Branch in the studio

Studio speakers are designed differently to a home system. As a mix engineer I need a critical frequency response from a speaker as it’s my reference for adjusting EQ and dynamics, but studio speakers also need to represent what people might hear at home, on TV, on earphones, headphones etc. What Harbeth achieved extremely well was a speaker that could give a near perfect flat response and great stereo image but a sound that creates an accurate picture of what's going on in a mix. It means I can trust the sound and the proof of that is consistent mixes that sound good on other systems. After all these years of working with the Harbeth Xpressions I haven’t heard any other speaker that's tempted me away and I still get asked to this day where people can buy them : )

Harbeth celebrate a summer of music!

with original composition competition

Calling all music creators! Are you or do you know a young, talented and enthusiastic music-maker who would love the chance of owning a pair of Harbeth speakers? We are running a competition to win a pair of our speakers this summer.

Entrants must submit an orignal piece of music, in any genre, that showcases a wide frequency and dynamic range and incorporates interesting and unusual sounds. Entrants must also document their process on social media using Twitter and/or Instagram using #HarbethSummerofSound.

1st prize - One pair of SHL5plus speakers
2nd prize - One pair of M30.1 speakers
3rd prize - One pair of P3ESR speakers

To enter, email your name, age, details of your Twitter and/or Instagram handle/s plus a brief bio about yourself to Your final audio file and a brief description about what inspired you should be sent via WeTransfer to the same email address above. Closing date - 27th August 2017. The winner will be announced on Tuesday 5th September 2017.

Entrants must be aged between 16-19 and those under 18 years of age must have the permission of a parent or guardian to enter. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter feeds as well as our website for more details.

Harbeth in the press

Super AV magazine, China, review M40.2 anniversary model

"The best choice"

China's popular hi-fi magazine, Super AV, reviewed the M40.2 40th anniversary model this month. Our Chinese distributor, Garner Co., has kindly translated some of the highlights for us -

"The M40.2 anniversary model features a special Walnut veneer which is very beautiful...the thin-wall design and the RADIAL woofer of Harbeth can produce the real sound of any recording especially the vocal, violin, piano and orchestra.

If the end-user likes the British sound, Harbeth's 40th anniversary limited edition products are the best choice for them."

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