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February 2016


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Why Clearford One P4P was the right choice for Fetherston Park and North Grenville

Residents of the Fetherston Mobile Home Park are breathing easier now that a new Clearford One™ wastewater collection and treatment system is fully operational after replacing the community’s failing septic tanks. The Clearford One system was officially commissioned on Feb. 19, 2016 and marks an end to years of odours, leaks and public health concerns caused by the deteriorating septic system, which was installed in the early ‘70s. But most importantly, residents no longer face eviction due to unsafe living conditions. 

Because the park is privately owned and not served by municipal infrastructure, residents were not able to access public funds to repair the ailing septic system—estimated at more than $750,000. But close cooperation between residents, the Township of North Grenville, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) helped the community become the first in Canada to install the Clearford One Pay-for-Performance water and wastewater treatment system.

The solution is a win-win outcome for all involved and will provide decades of reliable water and wastewater service to the community. 

Why was Clearford One P4P the right choice for Fetherston? 

Maurice Dumoulin, President of the Fetherston Motor Park Corporation, and Karen Dunlop, Director of Public Works for North Grenville explain. 

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Township of North Grenville:
New technology that preserves the community and the environment

Back in 2013, the Township of North Grenville told Fetherston residents that it couldn’t afford to pay the $750,000 needed to fix their failing wastewater system. Doing so, would have resulted in a residential tax increase of 10 to 12% and would be tough to justify since the private system wasn’t considered a municipal asset. At the time, eviction seemed like the only option to protect residents from the health risks posed by the leaking septic system. 

But after working for months with the Township, Clearford and MOECC, residents were ready to present council with a new option to remove and replace the septic system with a Clearford One wastewater collection and treatment system—a solution that could happen without any capital funding or operational support from the Township. 

The project proposal for the Clearford One P4P was accepted by council and marked a major turning point for Fetherston residents in their battle to save their homes. “The Township worked closely with Clearford to make sure that residents were getting a reliable system that met current standards,” says Karen Dunlop, North Grenville Director of Public Works. Once the plans were finalized, the Township was able to issue the appropriate construction permits and also sign the MOECC-issued Environmental Compliance Approval for the new wastewater plant. 

“This was a learning experience for everyone,” Dunlop says. She notes also that the decentralized wastewater treatment plant at Fetherston is the first of its kind in North Grenville and will play an important role in showcasing the capabilities of this approach to the region. “Most people in North Grenville live rurally,” she says, “There are many small hamlets that are serviced by holding tanks and septic systems.” Currently none are experiencing any operational issues, but when repairs or upgrades are needed, Dunlop says that these small clusters of homes are ideal for technologies such as Clearford One. 

The P4P financing and delivery model means that new infrastructure could be added for the homes without any risk, capital investment or operational support by the Township. 

For Fetherston, Dunlop says, “This is the outcome we all wanted. We get to keep Fetherston as part of the community, residents get to keep their homes and the environmental impact of the wastewater is minimized.” 

Learn more about the benefits of Clearford One P4P to deliver new wastewater infrastructure without risk or capital investment. 

Contact us to discuss your community’s eligibility and how to get started. 

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Fetherston Mobile Park:
An affordable solution that saved their homes 

Fetherston’s septic system needed more than just repairs, according to Maurice Dumoulin, President of the Fetherston Motor Park Corporation. Much of the original system was not properly installed—pipes were not deep enough and were prone to freezing, tanks were not in the correct locations, and the system did not comply with MOECC regulations. The septic system was also costly to operate, requiring monthly pump outs that were adding up to nearly $10,000 per year. 

“We had a lot of contractors offer to repair the septic system, but the proposed fixes wouldn’t address all the problems that we had,” Dumoulin says. “Some contractors also wanted a share of the park, which we were not prepared to do. We had to find an affordable solution that would let our residents stay in their homes.” 

After learning about the Clearford One P4P, Fetherston residents agreed that replacing, not fixing, the water and sewer system offered the best way to get a reliable wastewater treatment system, comply with MOECC regulations and finally eliminate the risk of eviction. The project is fully financed by Clearford, which means that residents did not have to raise money for capital costs or operating securities. Also, monthly service fees were not billed to residents until Clearford took full responsibility for the operation of the water supply and wastewater management systems at the Park. The monthly fees are part of a 30-year deal that includes installation, operation and maintenance of the Clearford One wastewater treatment system and the community’s water treatment system. 

“We pay one price and Clearford takes care of everything,” Dumoulin says about the Clearford One P4P. “We have a state-of-the-art computerized treatment system that we know will handle our needs.” 

All 41 homes in the park are now served by the Clearford One system. With the wastewater issue behind them, Dumoulin says the community is now able to focus on plans to add up to 90 more homes to the park over the next five years. “We are very happy that we saved our homes and that we have our own destiny in our hands,” Dumoulin says. 

Learn more about the benefits of Clearford One P4P to deliver new wastewater infrastructure without risk or capital investment. 

Contact us to discuss your community’s eligibility and how to get started. 

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