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15% off 16L Legacy Wine Kits 

Wine Facts

One of the things that you can tell by looking at the color of wine, is the region and climate where the grape vine is located.  Darker shades of wine, namely the darkest reds and yellow whites come from warmer climates.  Lighter colors come from cooler climates and taste lighter and less lush.

Useless Wine Facts

The Chinese drank their way to a record 155 million 9-litre cases of red wine in 2013, thereby surpassing the French whose consumption decreased by 18% to 150 million cases.  The increasing popularity of red in China is largely due to the fact that red is considered to be a lucky color.  This symbolic importance combined with the health improving virtues of the drink, encourage Chinese to grab a bottle from the supermarket shelf more and more often.

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Spring Fever Sale

Kenridge White Zinfandel.  15% off Brew On Premise.  10% off retail.  *Our most popular selling wine kit.

White Zinfandel

Sweetness:  2 Alcohol:  12% Oak:  None Body:  Light

A fresh and fruity rose wine with a strawberry, melon and a touch of spice on the nose. A crisp and refreshing wine to be enjoyed well chilled. This wine is a perfect compliment to summer salads with vinaigrette dressings and lightly spiced roast chicken sandwiches.

Wine making definitions

 "Setting" - Starting to make your wine by adding water, bentonite and yeast.

"Racking" - Transfering your wine from one container to another.

"Additives" - Clearing agents and anti spoilage agents that are added to your wine kit.

"Did you Know?".  Global wines offers filtered water for your wine kit as well as a water re-fill depot conveniently located at our front door.

Price list:  

18.9L water jug $14.99 (1st fill free)  Re-fills $2.99
                11.9 water jug $11.99 (1st fill free)
                Re-fills $1.99
                4 L jugs - $1.99

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