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March, 2016
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It's no secret that "Food Safety" has been a hot topic and a serious concern to businesses in the food industry lately.  First, from a human condition standpoint, food safety is important because of its reach and potential impact on society.  According to recent estimates from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, tainted food sickens 48 million Americans a year, sends nearly 128,000 of them to the hospital, and leaves more than 3,000 dead.  Those numbers can’t be ignored.

Second, from a business standpoint, food safety is important because of its ability to negatively impact the bottom line. Case in point: The financial impact of Chipotle's recent food safety issues has been devastating.  As a result of the string of foodborne illness outbreaks that recently affected hundreds of people across the country, the financial repercussions for Chipotle include:

  • A 44% drop in net income in Q4, 2015.
  • The cost of being served with multiple civil suits from people seeking damages 
  • The cost of being the center of a criminal investigation by the Department of Justice
  • The cost of an increase in their insurance premiums
  • The cost of implementing a $50 million ad campaign to help drive business back to the food chain 

All of these repercussions have reduced Chipotle's revenue, increased expenses, and cut into stockholder profits.  Interestingly, during Chipotle's recent earnings call, financial analysts quizzed Chipotle executives about the chain’s new food safety procedures as much as they asked about future profits proving the threat remains real and the solutions are short coming.

In May of last year, the New York Times did a Retro Report on the "Action and Dysfunction in the U.S. Food-Safety Effort."  In it, they cited that significant measures to keep Americans from being sickened, and sometimes killed, by what they eat have tended to come only after calamity strikes. Poor food safety inspections, failed legislative efforts, the inability to mandate safety practices for overseas growers and processors, and other obstacles have left us with even greater food safety issues and concerns.  

Achieving food safety is a global issue with many touch points and moving parts, but what if one way to attack the problem in real time is to address it from the bottom up and not the top down? Literally?  

Here we give ode to the pallet, one of the most important but least considered players in food safety.  The question of whether wood pallets are 100% safe for transporting food continues to be raised... and a "no" answer from many is fairly substantiated given results from studies showing the ability for wood pallets to carry pathogens and offer the potential for cross contamination and spread of disease.  After all, a pallet that carries raw, bloody meat to a Point A and then is used to transport fruit to Point B could potentially result in foodborne illness.

According to an article written by the National Consumer League, the government, health groups, and the food industry are all working together to improve the safety of America's food supply, but our food transportation system needs a stronger look.  Wood pallets can carry pathogens and present the possibility for cross-contamination given the different loads they may carry from day to day.  Treating wood pallets helps minimize the threat, but other factors still prevent it from being a perfect science.  So, what other options are there?  

Corrugated pallets address the food safety issue by offering a 100% sterile option that removes the possibility of cross-contamination.

Green Ox pallets play a critical role in food, pharmaceutical, and other product safety because they are 100% sterile and bear no risk of product contamination from chemicals (chlorine, pesticides, or fertilizers), biohazards (feces or blood), or infection from e-coli, listeria, and other food-related diseases.  The possibility of cross-contamination from multiple uses is removed because the pallets were designed to use a "one and done" model.  In addition, because they are made from corrugated cardboard, they are ISPM-15 exempt (no heat or chemical treatment required for shipping).  

As proactive companies address the food safety issue head on, corrugated pallets offer a viable solution to a portion of the overall threat.  In addition to their food safety benefits, corrugated pallets also offer many other business benefits including savings on fuel and transportation costs, a reduction in product damage and employee injuries, and the ability to minimize their environmental footprint.

We invite you to learn more about how our feature-rich design delivers on food safety and provides a safer, cost-effective, viable alternative to wood pallets.   

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In the News
Recently, the Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC) agreed to participate in a pilot program that would require vendors to use corrugated cardboard pallets for in-bound freight.

Green Ox pallets were shown in one of the Oregon news articles about the new pilot program.  Check it out here.
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Watch the 2015 New York Times Retro Report:

"Action and Dysfunction in the U.S. Food-Safety Effort."  

Food Safety News is a daily news source for information about food recalls, foodborne illness outbreaks, food science, technology, food policy and more.  To subscribe, click here.
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