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It can be quite confronting to hear that your child is not 'keeping up' with other learners. Often we have a hunch that things are not progressing smoothly. I trust you found the '7 Things You May Not Know About Your Child's Struggle With Reading' useful!!

Reader levels are often viewed as an indicator of progress. As parents we don't really see any other 'data' to help us track where things are at. At the core of reading and spelling issues are gaps in foundational skills. If these gaps are ignored, they will simply continue to widen. If they are addressed, progress will get back 'on track'. Early intervention is the key.

I have walked the walk and I have found solutions to help my son 'crack the code'. I would love to be able to guide you to help your child to freedom and academic competence.

Knowledge builds empowerment and leads to great outcomes for our children.

I would love to be able to offer you a FREE 15 minute phone chat about your child's individual journey and talk more about what a BOOST Literacy Transformation will look like.

Following this....

The first next step in a BOOST Literacy Transformation, involves a 2 hour 1:1 Kickstarter session. During this time I bring new perspectives to help you understand why there is a struggle with reading and spelling in the first place (don't worry- its not anything you have or haven't done!!!).

Would you believe that 35%-40% of children are born with inefficient wiring for traditional, teaching of reading and spelling to make sense.

The exciting part is that the brain is maliable and we can retrain the neural pathways for efficient processing of 'words' (reading and spelling).

The Kickstarter session has a second component. Practical activities to DIY and help your child at home. We cover the foundational issue that is the common thread between all strugglers and you learn how to build and strengthen effective pathways with your child.

The result is that you feel empowered and know WHERE and HOW to start.

Two 'follow up' 30 min phone conversations including feedback on your child and extra help in moving forward are included in this price.

Thats 2 hours of 1:1 face to face and 1 hour follow up by phone.

The cost for this Kickstarter Session is $150 for the first 5 people to book their session and $249 after that.

Read what others have said about their experience of working with me...

“Very soon after starting to work with us, Ali transformed what would have otherwise been a very worrying situation into one of hope and possibility”.        
                                                 Mum of Freddie (5yrs)
“Gracie now happily reads to us and has shown a renewed interest in story time. We knew there was definitely a problem when she flatly refused to let us read to her let alone her reluctance to try to read herself.”
                                                Mum of Gracie (6 yrs)

“We have noticed vast changes in our daughter, specifically in her learning, but also in her confidence, social relationships and how she engages with her environment”.
                                               Mum of Bella (5 yrs)

“Daniel has grown in confidence since we started working with Ali. He is also starting to notice signs and words that he sees around when we are out and about. This never happened before.”                    Mum of Daniel (5 yrs)
“Ali has a particular gift for using her intuition in communication, being able to understand where children and parents are at in both the process and content of their learning and pitching her intervention at just the right level”.                                      Mum of Jordy (5yrs)

I would really love to work with you to ensure your child develops strong literacy skills for a hope filled future.

Please feel free to message me via facebook 
or call me (Ali)       0430 548 608 
for a FREE 15 minute chat about your child's circumstances and to learn more about what a BOOST Literacy Transformation could look like for your child.

I'm already feeling excited about the impact that enhanced skills will have on your child's self confidence.

If you haven't already, please check out my website to find extra information, blogs and links to facebook posts.

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