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30th Anniversary Banquet
Save the date for our 30th anniversary banquet, happening Saturday April 9, 2016 at 7pm in Tallahassee.  We would love for our student members and the FSU administration to see the dedication you have for the Program as alumni.  Updated information about the banquet will be posted at
Fundraising Campaign Needs Your Help
WAP hopes to raise an additional $100,000 for its endowment by April 2016.  WAP’s goal is to achieve this milestone in time for its annual banquet and 30th-year anniversary celebration on April 9, 2016.  “While this goal may be ambitious, it is a very achievable one for our strong network of WAP Alumni and friends,” stated Robert Johnson (‘90), WAP founding Director (1986-87).  Johnson is leading the campaign to raise these funds with the help of other WAP Alumni.
WAP has distinguished itself from other FSU organizations by raising significant funds early in its 30-year existence.  To date, nearly $150,000 has been raised, which is an endowment that generates spendable dollars covering about 18% of WAP’s annual budget.  Most of this money funds WAP students as they travel to conferences to compete on FSU’s behalf.
Alumni, students, parents, friends, and corporations interested in participating in WAP’s fundraising campaign can make a tax-deductible gift or a pledge that can be structured over up to a five-year period.  For additional information and to participate in this campaign, contact Robert Johnson, or (303) 330-8848.
Fall Conferences Update from the Students
WAP has had a lot of success this fall semester at BarMUN and NCSC.  The team took Outstanding Small Delegation at BarMUN, netting three Best Delegates, three Outstanding Delegates, and two verbals.  For those who are not familiar with the conference, BarMUN is the Boston Area Regional Model United Nations conference hosted by Boston University.  It is a highly competitive northeastern conference, attended by local colleges and Ivies alike. 
     At National Collegiate Security Conference (NCSC) in Washington, DC, the team took one best delegate, one honorable mention, and three verbals.  Additionally, the team had a chance to meet many DC alumni at Tyber Bierhaus for dinner.  We had a very healthy turnout, and our delegates were very excited to meet our successful alumni in the area.  A special thanks should be given to Robert Johnson (‘90) and David Thurmond (‘03, ‘04) for generously paying for dinner.
2nd WAP Career Day in DC a Great Success
Following NCSC this past October, the DC WAP alumni hosted junior- and senior-level students for the second annual WAP career day.  Ten students heard from panels of WAP alumni and friends about their experiences and potential opportunities in the legal, national security, and international development fields.
On the first panel, organized by Jordan Raupp (‘11, ‘12) with assistance from the FSU College of Law, students heard from attorneys working in fields ranging from litigation to sports law. WAP alum Maggie Spicer (‘11, ‘14) spoke about her experiences as a recent FSU law school graduate. The panel took place at the NFL Players Association, an exciting venue for sports fans in the group.
The national security panel tool place inside the Pentagon, giving students the unique experience of passing through many layers of security as visitors. The students heard from Navy and Air Force intelligence officers, including WAP alum Kathryn Fitzgerald (‘01), about military careers and daily work in intelligence. This included stories from intel officers serving at the famous Top Gun air combat school. Students also heard from WAP alum Victoria McColm (‘01) about her wide ranging experience working with NGOs, at the U.S. Institute for Peace, as a DoD civilian in Iraq and Afghanistan, and most recently as the owner of a startup consulting firm.
The international development panel focused on Africa and took place at the international development firm Chemonics. Angela Lozano (‘93), a WAP alum, and Bobby Pittman spoke about their varied experiences working at USAID, the State Department, the African Development Bank, Treasury, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the CIA, the White House, NGOs, and in equity investment in Africa.
Alumni support for the career event from WAP and beyond has been outstanding. These contributions help students learn practical lessons about paths to follow and to smooth the transition from school to career. This event is particularly valuable for students looking at internationally focused careers that exist mainly outside of Florida. Alumni who are interested in participating in next year’s career event can contact Eric Reading (‘92, ‘93),
International Volunteering in Tallahassee
WAP has been giving back to the Tallahassee community from a global perspective.   The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is an organization to works to resettle refugees from all parts of the globe. They have a branch in Tallahassee that works to resettle refugees, particularly from Africa and the Middle East. 
WAP has worked with the IRC on several recent events, including purchasing basic necessities for a Congolese family and sponsoring a Thanksgiving for an Afghani family of six living in town.  It has been a truly humbling experience for the Program, as we have grown to realize that we are not just an insular program in an isolated city, but a globally connected program with the ability to help the citizens of this global community during times of need.
Interview with Daniel Rossman (‘05, ‘08), now at the Wilderness Society
Q: What you are up to these days? 

A: I work for a conservation nonprofit called the Wilderness Society that protects wilderness and aims to inspire Americans to care for our wild places. I live in Pasadena, California with my wife Yarma and two kids, Jonathan age four and Anaya who is almost two.

Q: Tell us about a significant career project or accomplishment.
A: I chaired a diverse coalition over six years to advocate for protection of the San Gabriel Mountains. This work ultimately led to President Obama to designate approximately 350,000 acres as the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument on October 10, 2014. It was an incredible moment to stand behind the President alongside members of Congress and community leaders that helped champion this effort. I was given a pen used to sign the proclamation that I keep on a bookshelf in my home. 
Rossman (far right) was WAP Director 2005-06.
Q: What did you gain most from your World Affairs Program experience? 
A: The experience in Model United Nations is directly applicable to my work today. Working to build coalitions is how much is done in the nonprofit world. Understanding the motivations of others and clearly communicating common goals helps spur collective action. When you’re getting a hundred people representing diverse interests to support a MUN resolution you’re practicing these skills.
Q: What was your favorite WAP moment?
A: This is tough because I have a lot of fond memories of WAP. Perhaps Worlds in Germany. We were slated to represent, I believe, Djibuti, and were asked to change countries and represent the USA, because another school was dropping out at the last minute. We had about a week to prepare and I was never more ready for a competition, yet I don’t think I was ever better prepared for any other competition.

Q: What advice would you offer to current students looking to get into nonprofit work? 
A: The great thing about the nonprofit sector is you’ll be required to be a jack of all trades. There simply are not enough resources to higher specialists; you will be developing multiple skills and many of them on the job. This is incredibly rewarding. But you need to be a doer. Start now. I worked summers in college and after graduating jumped into a political campaign (an experience I recommend to everyone). When I’m hiring people, I look for individuals who have demonstrated work ethic. Don’t wait until graduation. 

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