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New Zealand Salers Society
2016 First Newsletter


Firstly-International news…with the International Tour taking place in the USA, I can report on the Executive for the next few years - Ron Coomber, Australia, is Chairman; this is great for us, as Ron is a great communicator, and has been most helpful to our Society. Other officers-

President - French-Lionel Duffayet, France.
President - English Richard Fortune, Ireland.
Vice President - Jesper Hildebrandt, Denmark
Treasurer - Bruno Faure, France.

New memberships have been accepted for Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland and Australia, with new Associate members from Croatia and Austria - all positive for the International Salers Federation.

We were lucky to be represented on the Tour by Beverley Gregory and Gwen Walker, who gave out some of our Salers hats and shirts to hosts - these proved very popular! Thanks to Bev for photos and report-

“We are home hail and hearty, slightly exhausted but totally overloaded with experiences.  The Salers ranches were phenomenal from the soft watered lands of the south to the harsh, scrubby, magnificent mountains of Colorado.

I know you will get minutes from the AGM with technical notes, so I will just pass on personal messages. Mike and Cushla were fondly remembered by the people who came to the New Zealand tour. Mike especially for getting people on to the bus with the phrase "boots and saddles"(apologies if that's incorrect some of the reminiscences went a long way back). Jo and Suzy Colmore, Fran and Bob Neben and all our Irish colleagues send their regards to Ken Bains, very sorry to not have him on the tour.  Hope to see everyone in France in three years.

Our American Salers host were very hospitable and we did the hay rides around the farms in searing sun and pouring rain regardless of comfort.  Everything was big the ranches, the barns etc. including meals. Typical of our Salers tours we went from meals to meals everyone wanted to feed us their American fare lots of beef, buns, tortia's, enchilada's, and corn chips.

We were delighted to start the tour at Jo and Suzy Colmores in the South. It was raining and very green, lots of ponds and walnut trees and the Momma cows, as they were referred to, were poled with a lot of black animals coming in.  Our European friends were not impressed with this progress. However the animals were in very good health and good numbers.

The huge barn when we arrived back was decorated for their Fall harvest, pumpkins and sunflowers decorated tables in the huge barn. Jo and Suzy's family hosted and entertained us. Homemade sourdough buns, mince, ranch salads, cookies, fruit and the ubiquitous corn chips. Wine or coffee or both. A miniature pig called Belle was also in attendance she had very good manners.

We finished our ranch tours at the Ranch of Gail and Gary Volk it honestly could have been Cowboy land.  Gary and Gail have been with on all our Salers tours and we were excited to meet their family again.  Their daughter Rhonda and granddaughter Cheyenne picked us up from the hotel to drive us up into the mountains to meet up with our tour. We were able to catch up and get a private tour of the area in which Rhonda had grown up so interesting.  We meet up with the group and continued up into the farm on the trailer and hay bales. This farm is vast thousands of acres. Lots of sage brush and scrub that is called forage.  The occasional flat area that is used for hay. A lot of ditches dug for irrigation. The stock were very calm and Gary says that's the way they like to have them. We then went to the homestead where they had a covered wagon, coffee on the camp fire and povateatsa, a type of handmade filo pastry, filled with crushed almonds which was bought over from Europe by Gary's grandmother delicious.

All in all it was amazing I still have to digest all my information but thought I should get in touch now we are back.  By the way our thank you gifts were very well received and I have to say the caps we gave out were the best caps on the tour.”

Kind regards
Bev Gregory


The next International Tour

will be in OCTOBER 2018 in FRANCE

With the major Sommet de l’Elevage show as a focal point...while our Spring is the hardest time to take a break from farming - give some long term planning serious thought to attending, this will be a great opportunity to see Salers cattle in their home environment, both for those who attended the previous French tour, and for those of us who missed out, last time!

Back home, the usual mixture of weather patterns has seen most of us in the North Island, so far dodging the El Nino bullet… so far… with regular rainfall and great grass growth, after a cool overcast windy spring…attached, some of our mob appreciating some summer feed(this was assisted by a topdressing of poultry manure in late October).
The Woolley and McCracken team have been showing through spring, and we hope to catch up with them at the Franklin A&P, mid-February. Michaela has reported a great season so far-showing in the College section, Michelles’ Salerx Hereford calf, plus Salersx Angus yearling, have been bringing home Supreme Champion ribbons at Wellsford and Whangarei; already in 2016,the Saler x Hereford calf has won Supreme Champion calf.

From the South, John and Tricia at Nenthorn, north Otago, can finally report a couple of decent rainfalls, after a prolonged dry.

AGM and TOUR…. We are hoping to see everyone at Queenstown, a great destination for a few days’ change of scenery and great company…. well worth booking an extra night or two if you can spare it - there is heaps to do down there…. We have booked:

Scenic Suites for the nights of 2, 3, 4 May.

Bus trips for 3May (Routeburn Station/Glenorchy), and 4 May (Cromwell)

AGM time/day-To be confirmed.
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