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April 2016 | Issue 2016.2

Welcome to Brammer Broadcast. Brammer Engineering, Inc. is a full service contract operating, property management and consulting firm founded in 1968 in Shreveport, Louisiana. Thanks for taking a moment to let us share with you some news and information about our industry and our company...a longtime outsourcing resource for the oil and gas industry.
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Benefits of Outsourcing
Brammer Engineering completed its first horizontal Cotton Valley well in late 2007. This was the time in which many operators were beginning to experiment with horizontal fracturing treatments in conventional and unconventional reservoirs. Our initial completion parameters for this East Texas well included the following: 2,700' lateral, 500' spacing between fracturing treatments (6 stages), 360,000#s proppant per stage, and the Baker open-hole packer ball drop system. This well had a 30 day IP of 8,000 MCFD. Since 2007, Brammer Engineering has completed over 225 horizontal wells and adjusted our completion techniques significantly, but it is important to establish where we started in the beginning before developing our current processes. Our goal in this article is to provide general details on Brammer's current Cotton Valley completion practices. These procedures have been developed over time, through experience, to target more effective reservoir stimulation, drive cost savings, and deliver safe operations that significantly reduce risk. Read More
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The oil and gas industry is characterized by large investments that expose owners and operators to substantial financial, operational, environmental and safety risks.  Due diligence is essential when investing in or acquiring properties.  The acquirer needs to know exactly what is being sold, its condition, and the financial, environmental, safety and technical risks involved.  The Brammer team provides professional due diligence services for clients who are evaluating a potential oil and gas investment.  Our analysis can help you better understand your risks so that you can make investment decisions with confidence. 
Our due diligence services typically include all or any combination of the following:
  • Land - thorough verification of land and leasehold records, as well as net revenue interests, check for liens/encumbrances, confirm obligation calendar, review existing payout statements, joint operating and other participation agreements. 
  • Health, Safety & Environment - perform Phase 1 environmental site assessments, review regulatory records and permits, perform site assessments to evaluate environmental condition and safety standards.
  • Accounting - review all accounting processes and severance tax filings, review and manage pre-effective and post-effective transactions, verify working and revenue interests in accounting decks, review and confirm suspense funds.
  • Operations - overall review of operating procedures and historical lease operating statements, perform site audits and assessments, verify current production rates, inventory all equipment and stock on hand and review ad valorem tax filings.
  • Regulatory - research state regulatory agencies to determine well status, reported production, fees and fines. Review previous operator’s state reporting.  Prepare all forms and filings for new operator setup.
  • Energy Marketing - review current purchaser contracts and related agreements, as well as purchaser revenue check details.  Confirm any gas imbalances with owners and/or pipelines.
  • Human Resources - identify key seller employees and independent contractors.  Interview and assess potential employee hires associated with the acquisition.
Brammer has a comprehensive model to assist our clients in transitioning their new properties from acquisition to operations as smoothly as possible.
Please contact us to further discuss our Acquisition to Operating services.


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