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Brammer Broadcast

February 2022 | Issue 2022.1

Welcome to Brammer Broadcast. Brammer Engineering, Inc. is a full service contract operating, property management and consulting firm founded in 1968 in Shreveport, Louisiana. Thanks for taking a moment to let us share some news and information about our industry and our company...a longtime outsourcing resource for the oil and gas industry.
Brammer Engineering has entered into an agreement with Louisiana Green Fuels, a wholly owned subsidiary of Strategic Biofuels LLC, to provide design and engineering services for three (3) Class VI Carbon Capture & Sequestration (CCS) Injection Wells in Caldwell Parish, Louisiana. These wells are currently awaiting permits from the EPA/LA DNR but current plans are to drill them in 2024. Currently there are no Class VI wells in the state of Louisiana and only a handful in the entire US.

Our special thanks go out to Bob Meredith, the Chief Operating Officer of Strategic Biofuels and Dr. Paul Schubert, the CEO of Strategic Biofuels, for this great opportunity to be of service creating renewable energy and eliminating the carbon footprint associated with it.
This will be the most deeply carbon-negative renewable liquid fuels plant in the world. Brammer Engineering is one of many world class project partners engaged in the development of this project. BEI is excited to help lead Louisiana into this new era of green, renewable and sustainable hydrocarbon production.

Brammer Engineering is slated to be Louisiana Green Fuels’ contract operator for the CCS injection wells and several monitoring wells. Brammer will drill and complete these injection and monitoring wells and then manage them once the plant is online, likely in late 2025.
The CCS wells are part of a much larger $2.5 billion project involving the construction of a renewable diesel refinery powered by a biomass-fired power plant. The fuel will be produced from forestry waste and the power will be produced primarily from sawmill waste. The plant is designed to produce about 34 million gallons per year of renewable diesel and renewable naphtha with a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 349% relative to fossil derived diesel fuel. The sequestration wells will inject and sequester approximately 1.25 million metric tons of carbon dioxide per year in the Upper Tuscaloosa formation.
To learn more about Louisiana Green Fuels and this project, please visit
Brammer Client Cocktail Party
Brennan's of Houston
February 9, 2022
Utilizing the Latest (((Echometer))) Technology,
Brammer Can Help You Answer This Question:

How, you ask?
  • By shooting fluid levels on wells with rod pump, flowing gas wells, gas lift operations, plunger lift, and ESP
  • By performing dynamometer tests on rod pumping wells
  • By estimating producing bottom hole pressure in flowing gas wells and determine PBHP in rod pumping wells
  • By determining static bottom hole pressure of shut-in wells
  • By determining if a flowing gas well is liquid loading or not
  • By fully evaluating and optimizing plunger operations by verifying operating pressures, cycle time, and determining the timing of the plunger sequence including when it hits fluid or hits bottom
  • By utilizing Dual shot technology to verify if there is a hole in the tubing or if there is a gas lift valve that is stuck open due to communication between the tubing and casing
  • By determining if a pumping unit is out of balance     
Contact Jim Watts at, (o)318-429-2390, or (c)318-453-3863 today to ask questions or schedule an analysis.

What is your position at Brammer?
Vice President Operations

What responsibilities does that include?
I am responsible for continually soliciting new business and insuring the needs of our current clients are met timely and professionally. In addition, I manage and direct all drilling, completion, construction, regulatory, and production operations.
How many years have you been at Brammer?

How many years in the energy industry?

What do you enjoy most about working at Brammer?
Most definitely the people! We casually talk about the BEI family quite frequently, but it truly is a place where everyone is cared for as a person or friend, not just as an employee or co-worker. It is rewarding to see young engineers and other professionals come to work and watch them grow and mature. We have some of the brightest engineers in the business. 

What do you think sets Brammer apart?
It is our Heritage... Bob Brammer founded BEI on honesty, integrity, and hard work. It is our mission to continue to build and grow the company on these same principles.

What is the most important thing you have learned since starting at Brammer?
To look at each and every challenge or problem as an opportunity to grow and become more knowledgeable of the oil and gas industry.

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Hall of Fame Coach and Presidential Medal of Freedom honoree Lou Holtz with Brammer president Keith Evans. Coach Holtz was in town last week to speak at a fundraiser for Mary’s House, a local pregnancy care center.


"I follow three rules: Do the right thing, do the best you can, and always show people you care."

- Lou Holtz


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