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October 2015 | Issue 2015.3

Welcome to Brammer Broadcast. Brammer Engineering, Inc. is a full service contract operating, property management and consulting firm founded in 1968 in Shreveport, Louisiana. Thanks for taking a moment to let us share with you some news and information about our industry and our company...a longtime outsourcing resource for the oil and gas industry.
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Coiled Tubing FracsBrammer Engineering has recently completed a successful multistage horizontal frac using the NCS Casing Sleeve/Annular Frac System. The NCS system consists of multiple casing sleeves and a frac-isolation assembly. The sleeves are run and cemented as part of the production casing string inserted at planned frac points. The frac-isolation assembly is coil tubing conveyed and has three major functions: isolate the frac zone from the frac stage(s) below, mechanically shift the sliding sleeves open, and anchor the isolation assembly during stimulation operations. The frac stages are pumped down the coiled tubing-production casing annulus. 
The Indigo Minerals-Edwards 1H #1 well in Desoto Parish is among the first wells in the State of Louisiana to be successfully completed using the NCS coil frac technology. A total of 45 frac stages (5,325,000 lbs of sand placed with 111,000 bbls of fluid) were completed in 7 days resulting in 4,278' of completed lateral length. Stimulation optimization in certain applications can be one of the major advantages of the coil frac technology verses the plug&perf method. Plug&perf operations consist of multiple frac stages and multiple perforation clusters within each stage. When stimulating a multi-cluster design it is possible that a given perforation cluster may not be effectively stimulated resulting in portions of the lateral failing to contribute fully leaving reserves unrecovered.   The coil frac is designed to efficiently stimulate the lateral by replacing perforation clusters with frac sleeves. The sleeves are placed roughly where each cluster of perfs would have been in the plug&perf procedure. This allows for more direct and efficient placement of sand throughout the lateral and helps eliminate under or poorly stimulated portions of the lateral. Several pros and cons on the coil frac are listed below:

The cost of one method versus the other for like-sized jobs is roughly the same.
Completing an operation such as this took significant planning and proper engineering management coupled with excellent wellsite expertise and service industry performance. We look forward to continuing to apply new methods and technology for current and future clients.
Brammer utilizes GIS (Geographic Information System) as a tool for problem solving that integrates geographic information into how we understand and manage our work. It is designed to manage and present all types of geographically-referenced data in unique ways that reveal useful relationships, patterns and trends. It involves a combination of technology, people, and processes all working together.
From Well Planning, Field Operations, Asset Management, Pipeline Construction, and Environmental Management, to identifying and establishing Industry Standards for GIS mapping, GIS has many benefits for our industry, specifically:
  • GIS is being more widely used in well planning operations to plan well pad patterns and increase efficient drilling configurations.
  • It enables much more efficient planning and monitoring of field operations by integrating facility planning processes and GPS information for a complete and verifiable asset management database.
  • During pipeline construction, pipe-specific information is captured in the database at the time of purchase so that the information is complete and verified. GIS will perform analysis of terrain and distances to allow a variety of "what-if" scenarios to determine the optimal route.
  • GIS can integrate environmental management information to provide data for reporting environmental impact assessments, preparing disaster response regulations, and providing spill site remediation.
  • By utilizing a standardized operating database, GIS allows easy data viewing, data integration, and data exchange for our clients.
GIS mapping delivers a clear business benefit and is a valuable tool. It helps to ensure that quality data is maintained and delivered seamlessly to our clients. It is used to enhance decision making, cost savings, increased efficiency and communications.

Brammer Engineering offers a full range of GIS mapping services.  Please contact us for any of your mapping needs.
In the current economic climate of the oil and gas industry, now is a great time to consider the benefits of outsourcing in order to maximize valuable resources.  Some of those benefits include:
  • Clients have access to trained, experienced professionals and supporting platforms on short notice.  Outsourcing not only takes away the burden of hiring and training employees, but also of buying, installing and mastering software while at the same time providing clients with personnel and systems that can be deployed quickly.
  • There is no “one size fits all package”; clients get tailored services that are customized to their needs.  Outsourcing provides the ability to select what services would complete the client’s business objectives.
  • Outsourcing allows clients to focus on core competencies and strategic decisions since the day-to-day tasks are handled by a team of qualified professionals.
  • Clients get the benefit of years of experience and relationships in the oil and gas industry.
  • Clients enhance their ability to better manage fluctuating personnel needs. Outsourcing gives clients the flexibility to adjust quickly to changing business requirements. Outsourcing is generally activity driven so when rigs go away, so do the costs of outsourcing personnel and systems.
Brammer is proud of the quality and range of services it has offered to clients in the oil and gas industry since 1968. Please contact us to discuss how outsourcing can help streamline and add value to your operations.
Brammer Engineering, Inc. has the expertise necessary to guide clients during all regulatory processes throughout the entire life cycle of a well. Everything from the initial set up as an operator in any given state, to permitting to drill or permitting to plug, can be efficiently and cost-effectively handled by Brammer’s regulatory staff. Our long-standing relationship with various state agencies allows us to work closely with them to manage our clients’ regulatory needs. A few of the areas in which Brammer Engineering, Inc. can provide assistance are:
  • Annual Organization Reports
  • Drilling Permits
  • Completion Filings
  • SWD/Injection Wells – Permitting and Annual Reporting
  • All Production Reporting – Monthly, Semi-Annual, and Annual
  • Production Allocation
  • Cross Unit Filings – Permitting, Completion, & Monthly Production Reports
  • Commingling Applications
Brammer Engineering is uniquely suited to provide comprehensive regulatory services and process management to its clients.  From prospect to producer to P&A, Brammer Engineering can manage your regulatory business so that your time can be spent on your mission and your focus can stay on the horizon.
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