Congratulations to our director on his professorship!

Congratulations to our director Petr Kratochvíl, who has been awarded with a professorship. Becoming a professor was the last but not the least of the recent achievements of the director of the Institute of International Relations Prague. Among his other recent successes was, for example, his election to the board of TEPSA - the Trans European Policy Studies Association, the oldest trans-national research network focused on European  Studies, in November 2016. 

An interview with Ty Solomon

Ty Solomon, the new member of New Perspectives’ Editorial Board, spoke to NP’s deputy editor-in-chief Jakub Eberle. The interview was conducted on the occasion of Ty’s lecture on ‘Affect and the Arab Spring’ at the Institute of International Relations, Prague.

EU Enlargement to the Western Balkans

In a piece published in the journal Sui Generis, the IIR’s Associate Researcher Anes Makul analyzed the readiness of the EU to welcome the Western Balkans in spite of both the internal crisis the Union is currently facing and the citizens’ so-called ‘enlargement fatigue’. Mr. Makul based his analysis on rationalist and constructivist theory, arguing that the former can provide a better explanation as to why the EU is willing to extend its membership to the Western Balkans. The main reason for granting inclusion to them, he believes, is to increase security and stability in the region. Read more.
New Perspectives Issue 2/2016 is here!
We are delighted to present issue 02/2016 of New Perspectives journal which is full of interesting pieces.
Europe and China’s New Silk Roads
The new report prepared by the European Think-tank Network on China (ETNC) is out with a chapter from our researcher Rudolf Fürst. The Institute of International Relations Prague is proud to be a contributor to ETNC´s joint publications.
Heavy Metal Diplomacy
The new report "Heavy Metal Diplomacy: Russia’s Political Use of its Military in Europe Since 2014" was written by Mark Galeotti and published by the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR).

Migration: A Crisis Europe Can’t Keep Out

Migration: A Crisis Europe Can’t Keep Out "This policy paper challenges conventional framing and argues that the migration crisis is one of Europe’s own making – and one which must be addressed, primarily, at home," writes Benjamin Tallis in his new policy paper on migration.

The New ILR is here - A World without nuclear weapons?

Can the necessary international legal framework to achieve a nuclear-weapon-free world be reached? The researcher Miroslav Tůma focused on this question in the new International Law Reflection

Divided We Stand? The Ad Hoc Tribunals and the CEE Region

Let us present Veronika Bílková's contribution to the on-line journal  AJIL Unbound - the American Society of International Law´s journal supplement. AJIL Unbound supplements AJIL’s print edition by publishing short, original essays and making them available on-line.

Hybrid War or Gibridnaya Voina?

Mark Galeotti's new book "Hybrid War or Gibridnaya Voina? Getting Russia’s Non-linear Military Challenge Right" explores the two parallel forms of 'non-linear warfare' and provides recommendations as to how the West can best respond to them.

International Law Reflection - The Referendum in Hungary

With the migration crisis stirring up debate and preoccupations inside the European Union, the Brexit referendum was only the first item of a list of potentially destabilizing referendums in Europe. In his new International Law Reflection, Mr. Tamás Lattmann, a member of the Centre for International Law of the IIR, analyses the referendum in Hungary regarding migration quotas, examining its possible future effects.

The Use of Force Against the Islamic State

On November 9 IIR Senior Researchers Veronika Bílková and Tammás Lattmann published their joint policy paper on “The Use of Force Against the Islamic State”.

Adopting a rather legal standpoint, they examined ISIS’s claim to statehood and its legal nature, the lawfulness of the use of force against it, the nature of the armed conflict it’s involved in and the crimes it has committed, including the possibility of criminally prosecuting their perpetrators.
IIR in the Media

IIR Researchers on the US President-Elect Donald Trump - Are you interested in...

...the US presidential elections and the EU member states? Then do not miss the outputs of the head of our institute Petr Kratochvíl.

The EU and the US: A Good Working Relationship?
Many politicians in Europe are now hoping that Donald Trump’s policy in office will differ from his election rhetoric. Given the change of tone following Trump’s election victory, what are the chances that the EU and the US will be able to maintain a good working relationship?

Die Zeiten von Clinton und Havel sind vorbei
The election of Donald Trump as American president led many in the Czech Republic to think of the state of the Czech-US relations. Do they exist, or is the Czech Republic, in American eyes, only one of the many Middle and East European countries? How have the relations developed since the Velvet Revolution? And what can we expect from them in the future?

Prague Hoping Trump's NATO Comments Are Just Campaign Rhetoric
How does the Czech foreign policy community view Mr. Trump's suggestion on the campaign trail that the US might not necessarily honour NATO's key Article 5 and come to the defence of another NATO member if it were attacked?

...the US presidential elections in relation to Russia? Then we recommend to you three articles by Mark Galeotti: The Kremlin Had a Plan - Donald Trump Winning Wasn't Part of It””Surviving the Trumpocalypse: First Thoughts…” and “Brave New World - How Will the Election of Donald Trump Change the Geopolitical Equation in the Post-Soviet Space?".

Russia in focus - Are you interested in...

...possible responses of the West to the challenge posed by Russia? Then we recommend that you take a look at Mark Galeotti's outputs on the topic:
“Warsaw's Window on Western Fears about Russia” and Will The West Hack Back?”.

...Russia's perception of the conflict in Syria? Then do not miss Mark Galeotti's insightful article on the topic: “Aleppo Is Paying for Russia’s Imagined Global Threat”.

Central Europe Does Not Need Saving

Writing for the online newspaper Politico, IIR Researchers Benjamin Tallis and Jakub Eberle argue that Central Europe doesn’t need to be saved by outsiders, but rather needs those living in the region to assume responsibility.

Past Events

Russia’s ‘Hybrid War’

Russia’s ‘Hybrid War’: What Does It Really Mean, and How Should the West Respond? The researcher Mark Galleotti focused on this question at the event with the same title that was held on the 10th of November 2017 on the premises of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

The pictures and videos from the event will be available soon on the website and the YouTube  channel of the IIR.

Doing Historical International Relations

As an IR scholar you do history whether you like it or not - so why not do it better? Dr Halvard Leira, a Senior Researcher at NUPI, talked about how to do just that at a seminar titled "Doing Historical International Relations". The seminar took place on 9 December and was organized by the New Perspectives journal and the Institute of International Relations Prague.

The Prague Agenda 2016

Since President Obama’s 2009 announcement of his long-term nuclear disarmament vision in Prague and the following signing of the 2010 US-Russia START Treaty, Prague has established itself as a venue for discussion and taking stock of issues related to nuclear arms control, nuclear security, disarmament and non-proliferation. The 6th Prague Agenda Conference took place on December 1-2, 2016 in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, the Czernin Palace, Loretánské náměstí 5, Prague 1. At the conference a letter from the President of the United States, Barack Obama, in support of the Prague Agenda was also presented. 

The videos from the evenet will be available soon on the website and the YouTube  channel of the IIR.

The Referendum on the Refugee Quotas in Hungary

The Centre for International Law of the Institute of International Relations Prague held a public discussion on “The Referendum on the Refugee Quotas in Hungary - Questions and Possible Effects” on November 23.

The Use of Force Against the Islamic State

On November 15 Senior IIR Researchers Veronika Bílková and Tamás Lattmann presented their policy paper "The Use of Force Against the Islamic State". The presentation, which was also followed by a discussion, was held at the Institute of International Relations Prague in cooperation with the Czech Society of International Law.

Dr. Ty Solomon on “Affect and the Arab Spring”

On November 10 the IIR was delighted to host Dr. Ty Solomon, a Lecturer on IR at the University of Glasgow. Dr. Solomon delivered an interesting speech on “Affect and the Arab Spring”. Focusing on the Arab Spring from the perspective of ontological security and emotion, he argued that ‘mobilizations of affect’ were one of the key elements in the spread of the uprisings in the Middle East. A report from the event is available on the website.

Science Café

As part of the Week of Science and Technology organized by the Czech Academy of Sciences, the Institute of International Relations Prague opened its doors to the public on November 9. Throughout the day, the IIR offered a series of seminars on the most varied topics, ranging from migration and the future of the European Union to energy security and Russia, and relations with the Middle East.

In the morning, participants were also taken on a unique tour of the Institute’s library and storage facilities.

While most of the panels were in Czech, the final lectures of the day were held in English. You can watch the English part here.
News from the library – visit us!
Free Access to "China’s Comeback in Former Eastern Europe"

You can now freely access the book "China’s Comeback in Former Eastern Europe: No Longer Comrades, Not Yet Strategic Partners" which was co-edited by our researcher and specialist on China Rudolf Fürst.

New books available at the IIR Library:

ELLIOTT, Larry. Europe Isn't Working. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2016.

GARVER, John W. China's Quest: the History of the Foreign Relations of the People's Republic of China. New York: Oxford University Press, 2016.

BACEVICH, Andrew J. America's War for the Greater Middle East: a Military History. First Edition. New York: Random House, 2016.

TUGAL, Cihan. The Fall of the Turkish Model: How the Arab Uprisings Brought Down Islamic Liberalism. London: Verso, 2016.
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