Petr Kratochvíl awarded Book of the Year by leading academic association

Our director’s book The European Union and the Catholic Church: Political Theology of European Integration, co-authored by Tomáš Doležal, has been awarded the book of the year award in the category of ''Religion and International Relations'' by the International Studies Association.

60th anniversary of the Institute of International Relations

This year commemorates 60th anniversary of the Institute of International Relations! We will be hosting a series of special events related to our anniversary. Stay tuned and follow us on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.
Mark Galeotti becomes the coordinator of the Centre for European Security
Dr. Mark Galeotti, an IIR Senior Researcher as well as an internationally recognized expert on modern Russia, succeeded Benjamin Tallis in the post of the coordinator of the Centre for European Security. We wish him a lot of success in that position.
An interview with Akio Takahara - China's domestic politics
A closed roundtable about China's domestic politics of reform, governance and power struggle was held by the IIR on January 25, 2017. The main speaker, a Japanese expert in the field of China's foreign policy and economic relations, and our honourable guest, Professor Akio Takahara, kindly agreed to answer a few questions on camera after the even.
War, Peace and International Security: From Sarajevo to Crimea
We are proud to present our researcher Jan Eichler's new book ''War, Peace and International Security: From Sarajevo to Crimea''. The monography published by Routledge explores the opposites of war and peace in the historical period between the outbreak of the First World War and the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation in 2014.

Lukáš Tichý in Panorama of Global Security Environment

Lukáš Tichý contributed a chapter on "Security Policy of the Russian Federation and Its Interests in Syria" to the well-known publication Panorama of Global Security Environment, which has established itself as one of the most authoritative publications in Central Europe on international relations and security on a global scale.
New policy paper on the Czech-German Relations
The Czech-German Strategic Dialogue has been hailed as a significant upgrading of relations between the two countries. However, while it holds great potential, the dialogue mainly covers practical or tactical cooperation and is currently lacking in real strategic content. This deficit reflects a wider lack of strategic convergence between the partners and requires political, rather than bureaucratic action to address it. Doing so will require a larger shift in foreign policy thinking and action, particularly on the Czech side," writes Benjamin Tallis in his newest policy paper.
IIR in the Media
The Trump Era begins: Visions for future of the EU and NATO

At least security-wise, Trump’s presidency will consolidate the EU Just days before his inauguration, US President-elect Donald Trump has kicked up a storm in Europe with remarks about NATO and the EU that he made in a joint interview with The Times and the German newspaper Bild. Mr. Trump said that NATO had become “obsolete” and that the European Union was “a vehicle for Germany”, predicting that more EU member states would vote to leave the bloc as Britain did last June. Daniela Lazarová spoke to Petr Kratochvíl, the director of the IIR, for his take on the US president-elect’s words.

Will the populist wave wash away NATO and the European Union? According to Mark Galeotti's recent article in the NATO Review Magazine, "anti-establishment populism is undeniably on the rise across the West. From Donald Trump’s election pledge to “drain the swamp” in Washington, through Brexit, to the ascendancy of movements such as Italy’s Five Stars on the left and Germany’s Alternative für Deutschland on the right, rejections of old orthodoxies and political elites and institutions are proving to have a powerful appeal.

From the Central European Corner

A survey finds most Czechs unenthused about European Parliament Almost three-quarters of the Czech respondents to a survey said that they did not believe their voices were being heard by the EU, and only 17 percent of Czechs have a favourable view of the European Parliament. Jan Kovář was asked by Radio Prague what was according to him behind such low numbers.

Ideology and professionalism in SME. The third most-read newspaper in Slovakia seems to suffer from a bad case of ideological bias," writes Tomáš Profant in his comment for Political Critique.
Interested in the development of Washington-Moscow relations and in ''Russian affairs''? Then we highly recommend:

A New World Order? Mark Galeotti was among the guests of RFE/RL who were commenting on U.S.-Russian relations in the age of Trump and the future of the liberal international order.

A Trump-Putin summit? Bring it on. Will Trump abandon Ukraine in return for more cooperation in Syria? Will Putin use the opportunity to spring some new surprise and try to distance the USA from Europe? In a report for ECFR Mark Galeotti discusses the vision of the relations between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

The Trump Dossier: Dynamite or Disinformation? In the fierce information battle pertaining to Donald Trump a 35 page highly secret document by an unknown British intelligence officer was leaked. If true, it is devastating for the president-elect. But is it plausible? Our Senior Research Fellow Mark Galeotti is sceptical of its plausibility.


Russia’s Regional Challenge Needs More Than Gubernatorial Assessment. Putin's chief of staff Anton Vaino reformed regional management. The way its Directorate for Domestic Politics works with the regions and is being streamlined by Sergei Kiriyenko, the new first deputy head of the Presidential Administration. Mark Galeotti comments on the shifts in the Russian politics for BNE IntelliNews.

The Spies Who Love Putin
Mark Galeotti analyses for The Atlantic "How the FSB's loyalty to Russia's president made it the country's most powerful intelligence agency".

Past Events

Russia’s ‘Hybrid War’

Russia’s ‘Hybrid War’: What Does It Really Mean, and How Should the West Respond? The researcher Mark Galleotti focused on this question at the event with the same title that was held on the 10th of January 2017 on the premises of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

The pictures and videos from the event will be available soon on the website and the YouTube  channel of the IIR.
The Small State Facing Asymmetric Environment: A Reconsideration of the Identity? - The Slovenian Experience

The Institute of International Relations in Prague held a presentation of the book The Small State Facing Asymmetric Environment: A Reconsideration of the Identity? - The Slovenian Experience with one of the authors Rok Zupančič. The event took place at 17:00 on the 13th of February 2017 at the Institute of International Relations, Nerudova 3, Prague 1.

New Additions in our Library
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