Turning Leaf Gets Creative to Maximize Employee Retention and Stand Out to New Hires

It’s no secret the backbone of Turning Leaf is our Direct Support Professionals, day in and day out they care for all of our residents needs and make Turning Leaf truly feel like home. In order for our company to succeed we need a strong workforce of DSP’s that are passionate in their role and strive to make sure our residents are cared for in line with the high standard we set.

The current workforce marketplace has made it challenging to recruit and retain these entry level new hires, so we’ve gotten creative to make sure the life force of Turning Leaf isn’t jeopardized. We revamped more traditional incentives such as benefits packages and sign-on bonuses, but we haven’t stopped there.

At Turning Leaf we believe that workplace culture is critical to employee satisfaction so we prioritized getting the unfiltered opinion of our staff to figure out in which areas we excel and which could be improved. Through a combination of surveys, refined exit interviews, polls and standing meetings for feedback we were able to pinpoint why our staff value their place at Turning Leaf and how we can build upon that moving forward.

In this economic climate there is no silver bullet to hiring and staffing challenges. Turning Leaf takes pride in striving to be the best workplace possible but being humble enough to recognize that it is something we constantly need to work on and give attention to.

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