Turning Leaf’s CARF Accredited Day Treatment & Community Integration Programs Focus on Skill Development and Pre-Vocational Skills

Turning Leaf is proud to support our residents in transitioning to more independent living arrangements. An essential part of preparing to transition is the development of life skills, social skills, mental health education, home care skills and community integration. These skills range from maintaining good sleep practices and taking medications to setting a weekly budget and shopping in the community. Other important skills that our programs target are pre-vocational skills: applying and interviewing for a job, maintaining steady employment in a supported and supervised setting; filling out a timesheet and being paid regularly. Turning Leaf Work Program jobs vary by location but can range from janitorial, office support, grounds crew or Turning Leaf store management.

Through engagement in Turning Leaf’s work program; our clinical teams can determine readiness for the next steps: another job opportunity within the program, a referral to Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS) or a direct community job search! In every case, the opportunity to engage and feel productive + be paid is an added component of what makes Turning Leaf’s programs unique.

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